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Barbarians, man.

Fairly large party in an Egypt-like setting. We were just joined by a half-elf sorcerer who is a famous private investigator in the city. He owns a shop and doesn’t trust the rest of us. Granted, we’re dicks who refuse to believe that he’s famous.

Sorcerer: I slam the door in their faces and lock it.

Barbarian: I break down the door.

Sorcerer: I have, like, five locks on it.

DM: Roll for it.

Sorcerer: Seriously. Bunch of locks. It’s barred. You’re not getting–

Barbarian: *nat 20*

Sorcerer: –in.

DM: You ain’t got no door, man.

1. You don’t owe them anything. I start with this because it is the most important lesson you can ever learn. You do not have to be scared to fall in and out of love. To change your mind on a whim. They are not entitled to permanency from you for anything.

2. You deserve the same kind of outs you keep giving everyone else. If you know your own madness can be too much, they need to know that their sickness can overwhelm you too. You can walk away from anything that is damaging you at any point without giving more then a few short words as explanation. Or no explanation at all.

3. They are not entitled to you in anyway. Saying I love you does not mean you signed a contract to give them sex whenever they want. The opposite is also true. Just because you gave them sex doesn’t mean they are entitled to your love. They don’t get everything just because they ONCE did.They have no right to demand shit from you.

4. You can drop everything and walk away at any point in time. Say goodbye and slam the door. Bar it and lock it over and over if it makes you feel safer. You do not have to keep them in your life because they claim to ‘need’ you. Or want you. Or “have’ to have you. You are not responsible for keeping their heart beating.

5. You are not a therapist. Or a doctor. Or a healer. It is not your job to come in and wave a magic wand. To come in and fix all of their problems. To unpack and carry all of their baggage and damages and scars.  You’ve got enough of your own god damn problems without taking on all of theirs.

6. Their temper tantrums are not your problem. Their past abandonment are not things you need to be responsible for.  Do not let them use your own past and good heart to manipulate you. They will keep you trapped forever if you let them.They have other people to bandage their wounds. They have best friends to cry to. They can fuck off. Because you need to go to your best friend and let them calm your shaking.

—  6 things I wish I knew about relationships.

I chose to be a lesbian when I chose to stop ignoring the way being touched by men felt like self harm, I chose to be a lesbian when I chose to accept that and what it meant.

I could have chosen to keep pushing down that feeling of wrongness that would envelop me–like I was playacting a role I hadn’t studied well enough–when telling a man I loved him. And for a very long time, I did choose to ignore it, because it was easier.

Choosing to be a lesbian–even choosing to allow the possibility of being a lesbian!–was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and one that I made for myself.

You don’t have to feel like you chose anything yourself. If that doesn’t fit your narrative, that’s fine. But I made an autonomous decision, a self focused choice, and in doing so I set myself free. I did not suddenly realize that the cage had been open the whole time–I smashed the bars, I picked the lock.

Please stop romanticizing relationships that start when the girl is just a kid and the guy is already an adult and then once she’s older it becomes romantic/sexual

{PART 6} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; Jungkook finds out the extent of Yoongi’s damage, and gives a serious warning to the Montgomery’s in turn. Meanwhile, both you and Jungkook can’t seem to get each other out of your minds.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Heat of the Moment - Part 1: Rebound

Characters: Reader (Y/N Padalecki), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortesse (mentioned), A few nameless OCs

Pairing: Jensen x reader, Jared/sister!Reader

Warnings: Lots and lots of insults, talk of sex (very light), implied smut   

Word count: 1200ish

A/N: Andi aka @ellen-reincarnated1967 offered to write me another drabble for a series of hers I love, so I told her to pick one of five prompts but my overactive brain made a story of all five prompts. This is part one of a two part story.

2 out of 5 prompts are used in this one and they are bolded if you are curious.

Thanks a billion to @teenage-internet-recluse for betaing this for me on super short notice.


You weren’t entirely sure how you had ended up in this situation. Of course you knew you were going to see him. There was no way around it. He was your brother’s roommate, but you had come to hang out with your older brother because you missed him. Jared was only two years older than you and you had done everything together growing up.

You knew he lived with Jensen but you had thought you would only have to endure his best friend while you were at the apartment. You certainly hadn’t pictured yourself sitting in a bar filled with bimbos helping your brother pick out a rebound girl for his best friend, that was for sure. If you had thought that was how you would be spending your Saturday night you would have stayed in Austin.

You knew Jared wasn’t doing it on purpose, but it didn’t stop you wanting to kick his stupid face in every time he pointed in the direction of some blonde with her boobs hanging out.

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“A patient suffering from dementia has been robbed of proper functioning, of reasoning, of relationships with their loved ones, of everything. The disease has looted them of their ability to exist in this reality. Rather than pulling them back into your world, through a door that has been locked and barred by a merciless disease, step into theirs. Grant them that composure that their reality is valid, because it’s all they have left.”

Quotes from a social worker in the hospital.

Good Girl CH 1: Tequila and Bad Decisions

Chapter 2, CH 3CH 4, CH 5. CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9, CH 10, CH 11, CH 12 CH 13, CH 14, CH 15, CH 16, CH 17, CH 18, CH 19, CH 20, CH 21, CH 22, CH 23, CH 24, CH 25

I scan the crowd of both Asians and Americans but regardless of races I can say confidently that they are all pretty shady. My eyes go to my grinning friend Jihyo, who has somehow convinced me to come to a very nice club that just happens to be crawling with creeps. Some of her other friends had told her how amazing the club, EXO, was but seem to forget that you have to either look really slutty or really rich to get in. That is how I ended up having to take off my jacket and stockings and now have to stand in line in the freezing cold in nothing but a tight leather skirt and one of Jihyo’s crop tops that could pass for a bra. She is in a similar skimpy out fit, but she is actually wearing her only pair of shorts like that which meant I had to wear the skirt.

“How much longer?” I groan as I begin jogging in place, something I found easy in her five-inch heels.

She rolls her fake green eyes at me, “We haven’t been waiting that long.”

“It’s been an hour. What are they waiting for?” I glance down the line toward the closed doors.

“I thought you didn’t wanna come?” She teases with a confident grin.

I scoff at her, “I still don’t, it just happens to be better than freezing my ass off out here.”

“Maybe if you go shake it up there we can get in.” She gestures to the large bouncer standing outside the main door.

“Fuck that, I would much rather fuck Hoseok to get in,” Jihyo grins at the mention of her friend that works in the club and also happens to have a massive crush on me.

“Would you please? I offered but he didn’t believe me that you would follow threw.”

I glare at her, “You offered what?”

“Your precious virginity,” She grins at me evilly.

“Ugh don’t say stuff like that.”

She continues to tease me, “What, can’t handle the truth that you’re a 17 year old virgin?”

“Not all of us can be lucky enough to lose their virginity in a school bathroom when we were 14,” I snap back. She just grins at my mean words. “I can’t believe that you offered my virginity to some guy to get into a club,” I pause as I rethink my words, “That’s a lie, I expect nothing less from you.”

“I learned my bitchiness from you.”

“I’m giving this place five more minutes than I’m leaving, with or without you.”

She fakes hurt, “You would leave me to get drunk at a club by myself?”

“Yes, what will you do without someone to take care of your drunken self?” I pat the younger girl’s head.

Just then the doors to the club opened and the bouncer starts weeding through the people lined up in front of him. I’m not surprised when lots of the guys or undeniably less attractive girls start getting denied and pushed out of the line as others get to go inside. When it’s our turn to be checked out, again, I’m not surprised when the bouncer waves us in without as much of a glance at the fake IDs we worked hard to get, though I understand why. Jihyo is an undeniable beauty with her long raven locks and perfect doll like face. With the body of a fitness goddess and legs for miles, I have always envied her 5’6 height. Standing at a small 5 foot but thankfully 5’5 in heels, I’m still dwarfed next to the beautiful girl. Though I won’t admit it out loud I’m quiet a looker myself.

Being from a Korean father and a mother who is a mutt herself I was lucky enough to inherit some very good qualities from different races. The nice curves and wavy locks that I received from my dark skinned mom seem to fit my cat like eyes I got for my dad. Though I also got my short height from my dad’s side of the family too. My hair is a blend of them, giving me perfect loose, black waves that hang daintily against my back.

“Jooyoung!” Jihyo brings me out of my thoughts to have me gawk at the massive club with her. The bar is to the left; circle booths line two of the other walls while the huge DJ booth takes up most of the other wall. Lights flash as the music blares through the massive speakers making it hard to hear what Ji is trying to say to me. Realizing that I can’t hear a word she is saying she just nods her head in direction of the bar. I follow, our hands locked together to make sure we don’t loose each other in the thick crowd. Once we reach the bar Ji manages to find an empty stool that she quickly places me on. She stands close behind me, her hands resting on the bar, locking me in and all the others out. Even though I’m older Ji is taller and a little bit bigger than me, something that has made her a little over protective, though I don’t really need it in places like this. Even though she is always the one bringing me to them and the trouble along with her.

“Four shots of tequila!” She yells to the hot bartender, who grins at us. Farther down behind the bar we see none other than Hoseok busy mixing drinks and flirting with customers. So different from his normal cutesy self, he seems so much hotter with his hair pushed back and a sly smirk on his face.

“Damn,” I accidently say out loud. Ji follows my eyes and grins. That grin stays as the bartender places the four shots in front of us. Giving me two and keeping two for her self, Ji raises the first one and holds it up to me expectantly. I hold my little glass to hers’.

“To getting drunk!” She clinks our glasses and moves to drink but stops as I begin downing mine, “And to getting layed!” With that she does hers’ in one go like me. We both slam the shot glass back down on the counter, grimacing as the awful liquid burns its way down our throats. I glare at her little add in to our toast.

“I’ll sleep with someone when I want to!”

“Who said it was for you? I need some fun too, it’s been way to long.” She teases as she rests her head on my shoulder, grabbing her other shot and, again, holding it up to mine. “How about to you just doing something that will get you out of your funk and make you that happy go lucky girl I met in elementary?”

I give her a soft smile, clinking our glasses and down the shot. “Four more!”

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

“I’m so going to regret this in the morning.”

“Oh shut up, when was the last time you got actually drunk? You are the best person to be around when your drunk, you’re just so cute and friendly.”

“I turn into a child. That’s not how I want to be in a public area with creepy guys all over the place.”

“You’re a step a head of most since those killer instincts seem to keep working threw your buzz. I wouldn’t question anything if Freddy Kruger himself came up and offered me a ride home. But you, you can see threw the best con man after downing a bottle of tequila.”

“It’s a gift.”

“One of few,” She tease as she holds up a shot, “To me becoming a better judge of character and to you becoming more careless. I’m tired of being the only one walking up in a stranger’s bed.”

As more and more shots are downed and things wrong with my life are listed I have never been so grateful but so annoyed with this girl at the same time. She is the only person I share anything with, the only person who even somewhat knows what’s going on in the mess I call my head. But as she stands there telling me all the things I should be worried about or work on I get kind of angry. After having enough shots for now, I pull the tall girl to the dance floor with me, hoping to shut her pretty mouth up. We dance like there is no tomorrow, forgetting all that is troubling us; actually I seem to be the only one with troubles.

As hours fly by of dancing and more shots here and there my mind begins to fog. I stop caring about the unknown hands that grope me, too focused on my high and the music. My feet are numb and my legs feel like jello but I some how continue to stay on my feet. Jihyo is a grinning mess in front of me, twirling around and stumbling every few minutes. It has been along time since I’ve felt this good, this free, like nothing could ever hold me back. Jihyo would have usually abandoned me by this time and I would take that as an okay to find a way home but not tonight. I am no one’s babysitter tonight!

Suddenly the crowd starts moving toward the DJ stand, they all huddle, trying to see something that must be pretty interesting. Being the nosy girl she is, Ji tries to drag me along with the rest of the crowd to find out what is going on. I try to pull her away from the gawking people, knowing whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Running away isn’t a possibility with Ji trying to pull me the other way and the crowd pulling me as a whole. As my instincts scream at me to run, the sound of gunshots can heard above the music. The pull of the crowd towards the noise is gone as people try to avoid the bullets that are flying in every direction. My eyes scan the crowd, seeing at least a dozen people on the floor either crying out for help or already dead. Blood covers the almost empty dance floor. Without another thought I start dragging Jihyo to the bathroom as the rest of the crowd breaks out in a panic as they all drunkenly scramble to the front door. Some how through my very drunken state I’m able to maneuver Jihyo and myself through the small bathroom window, out into the empty alleyway. The cold nips at my cheeks as the wind blows it’s freezing air around us.

Jihyo lands on her butt, “Ya! That hurt!” She whines loudly.

“Shut up you idiot!” I scan the alley for anyone else who exited the club, finding a van waiting. On the other side of a massive garbage bin the back door to the club busts open. A long line of extremely attractive guys strut out, the last one, who is taller than the rest, has something large, and strangely human shaped, hanging over his shoulder. I slam Jihyo and myself up against the wall and pry that they don’t see us. To be completely honest, I couldn’t careless about my own safety but Jihyo has so much to live for, I don’t want to risk her life.

“Joo-ah!” She calls out drunkenly, drawing the attention of the last of the men.

God dammit you dumb bitch! I love you, but you dumb bitch! I scream in my head as I hear their footsteps coming our way. In a desperate moment I whisper an apology as I punch her across the face, knocking the drunk girl out easily. Quickly I throw the stray trash bags on top of her, hiding her from who ever is coming. I’m crouching down next to where I’m hiding her, behind the garbage bin when someone comes rushing down the alley way on my side. The person stops when he sees the group of men coming his way. I can easily see the terror on the poor man’s face as he reaches one of the over hanging lights just a few feet away from me.

My heart stops when another gunshot rings out in the alley. I watch as the man drops to his knees, clutching his stomach his eyes drift away from his killers to me. The anxiety building up in my chest almost bursts when the gun fires again, this time hitting the man’s forehead, making him collapse, his eyes never leaving mine. But as if my heart knows what is to come it pounds harder than I’ve ever felt it before, as the footsteps continue toward us.

The suspense of them finding me begins to annoy me. My chest is hurting from the tightness of my anxiety and my thighs don’t appreciate being stuck in a low wall sit for this long. But it finally happens. A man dressed in all black stands over the body for a minute before crouching down and going through his pockets. He pulls out the dead man’s wallet and flips it open, automatically finding something that makes him sigh.

“Poor bastard had a family. What a shame, should watch wear he wanders.” The man mumbles to himself, dropping the wallet on the man’s chest. I debate on whether I’m a horrible person or not for not busting out in tears at the fact an innocent man was just murdered in front of me and that I could possibly next. The low amount of empathy I normally have for people seems to have reached an all time low when I realize how I feel absolutely nothing for the dead man in front of me.

But instead I study the killer. He looks young, but from the way he carries himself I feel as if he must be older. In a nice suit, which was obviously made for him, he is extremely handsome. The uncaring expression on his child like face tells me this is something he has done many times before, something that should disturb me more than is does. Just as he is about to stand up he pauses, his eyes not really focused on anything. I resist the urge to scream as he tilts his head and his cat like eyes find me. “Hello there baby girl,” The cat man purrs with a threating yet attractive smile.

Y-You’re okay. (Bill Denbrough x reader)

Requested: No 

Warnings: Swearing, trigger warnings, panic attacks, fluff.

Summary: Y/N has a dream about Pennywise while sleeping over at Bill’s house and he hears her scream and runs to help.


“Y/N.” Someone said in a sing-song voice. It was dark and dingy where I was and I could barely see with the lack of light that the place had. It reeked of foul odors and copper. There seemed to be forgotten toys and trash everywhere that I looked. 

“H-hello?” I asked into the darkness that surrounded me. Looking around i could see that the only light source that was creating light was a large hole at the top of the building, or where ever I was. The light came down from a raised funnel shape in the ceiling that was blocked from where I stood. 

“Hi ya Y/N.” It said to me in the darkness. 

“Who are you?” I asked looking from left to right to see if anyone or anything was around me. 

“Well, I’m Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.” It said with it’s high pitched voice. 

“Oh, fuck.” I said looking around to try and find It. “Oh shit I have to find a way out.” I said to myself as I finally began to move away from my spot. Navigating things in the dark was just as hard as it seemed to be. All the garbage proved to be obstacles as I tripped and tumbled over the on my way to find an open door or sewer tunnel. 

“Not without a balloon.” It said, still nowhere to be seen. 

“Fuck your fucking balloon.” I said rattling on one the lock sewer bars that lead out. 

“Oh, but you won’t leave without Bill would you.” His voice suddenly became dark and sinister. I could here sign of scuffing and muffled shouts in the dark. 

“Bill?” I asked turning around to face the giant pile of trash that was towering in the center.

“Oh, yes. Why don’t we say hello, Bill?” It said back to it’s cheery voice again.

“Y/N, g-get out of here g-go-”

“Now, manner’s Bill. You wouldn’t leave without him. Would you?” It asked again, much closer than It had seemed before. 

“Please give him back.” I begged looking around in the darkness for any sort of figure of anything to tell me where they were but I saw nothing.

“I can’t just give him back, Y/N. Those aren’t the rules of the game.” It said in a sing- song voice again. I thought for a moment.

‘What would he want?’ I asked myself as tears began to well in my eyes. It struck me like lightning strikes a windmill. 

“Take me.” I said confidently. 

“Y-Y/N no! D-Don’t take h-her! Pl-P-Please take me!” Bill cried out helplessly. 

“Aw, Poor wittle Bill. Deals already been struck.” It said before throwing Bill out from the middle of junk that was piled in the middle of the room. “Now, I have you.” Arms grabbed the back of mine in bone crushing force and I heard a small snap and screamed out in pain. It was a numbing hot pain the traveled up my arm and into my shoulder. 

“And now you’re never leaving.” It said and another spike of pain shot up in my neck. It punctured my skin with his sharp teeth and blood ran from the stinging wound. 


“B-Bill. Run!” I screamed out but, I couldn’t see him. It was as if he disappeared  but his voice still lingered on, like a ghost. 

“Y/N! Wa-Wake up!” 


I shot up in a flash, kicking the covers off of Bill’s bed and crawling up to the headboard. The dull pain of both wounds were still hot on my body and fear settled itself deep in my tight chest. Bill’s worried face was covered in the shadows of the early morning as he stared at me. His parents were in the doorway, sleepily rubbing their eyes to try and get to full attention. 

“I-I’ve got th-this guys.” Bill stuttered out while turning to his mom and dad. They nodded slowly and looked at me one last time before heading off to bed again. Bill quickly got off the bed and went for the door, closing it quietly. 

The tightness in my chest was getting worse as I tried to pull in breaths. It felt like I was taking too much air, and not letting enough of it out. It was the panic of ‘I can’t breath’. Maybe, this is what Eddie felt like all the time. 

“Are y-you alright?” Bill asked slowly sitting on the bed again. That night we had had a sleepover for the last day of school and it had been a great night, up until this. 

My hands and knees were shaking as he climbed back onto the bed. The dream had been so real that at any moment I would’ve expected him to turn into Pennywise and kill me. He stretched out his hand to touch me and i flinched away from him immediately. He looked hurt and first but then he smiled at me lightly. 

“I-It’s okay t-to be scared Y-Y/N. B-But it’s me.” He said slowly reaching up again. My breathing had quickened and tears flowed heavily down my cheeks. My eyes were wide with fear as I stared at him for help. I couldn’t understand what was happening and it freaked me out. It was like all the panic that I had ever felt rolled into one giant ball and thrown directly at my face. 

“I…Can’t.” I began to speak but, I couldn’t get the rest of the words out. It felt like they all were stuck in my lungs and I couldn’t get them out. The crying wasn’t helping either but I couldn’t help it. The salty tears just kept streaming down my face. 

“Shhh. Y-Y/N I need y-you to re-relax. It’s o-okay. I’m here.” He said slowly putting his hands on mine, pulling them away from my knees. “I-I need you t-to calm d-down for me. C-C-Can you d-do that?” He asked while unfolding my knees from my tightened chest. I sat up with my hands and feet sprawled out on the bed with Bill kneeling in between both legs. If I wasn’t already gasping for breath I would’ve been if this was normal. 

Bill took my shoulders and pulled me closer, not holding me too tight but, holding me enough to let me know that he was here and it was alright. He ran his long slender fingers through my hair as he cooed soft stuttering words in my ear. He lightly rocked us back and forth as I began to finally settle down. 

“That’s b-better i-isn’t it?” Bill said awhile after my breathing returned to it’s normal pace. “I-I’ll be r-r-right back.” He said removing his hands and arms that were positioned around me. I watched his slender figure get up from the bed and grab the covers that were thrown askew in my efforts to escape Pennywise. Just thinking about him made a small thrum of pain go through my neck and I rubbed it gently to get rid of the terrible feeling. 

As he gathered up the blankets I noticed that he kept continuously looking in my direction. His eyes would sweep from the floor to my face and back again like it was some routine that he had already done before. If he would catch my eyes he would always smile and reach to grab another blanket. 

“Are you going back to bed after this?” I asked as he came over with all the blankets. 

“N-No. I-I’ll stay i-if you would w-want me to.” He said layering all the blankets on me. 

“Please stay.” I said lightly and he smiled. At first I thought he was going to laugh at me and say that’s weird but, he finished with the blankets and walked around to the other side of his small bed and began to climb in. He was hesitant at first like I was going to change my mind and tell him to go back to sleeping on the couch again but, when I didn’t protest he slid in all the way and tucked the blankets around him.

He held his arm open for me as he laid his head on the pillow, shifting until he was comfortable. I laid my head on his chest gently, not wanting to hurt him because my head was too bug or something and he laughed while pulling me closer. His smile never left his face as I settled in, wrapping my arms around his torso.

“Thank you, Billy.” I said squeezing him lightly to show some of my gratitude. 

“I-It’s no p-problem.” He said squeezing back. His hand found it’s way into my hair again and began to stroke lightly. He stopped when his hand hit a resistance and went to a different part of my head, not wanting to hurt my scalp. 

“I love you, Billy.” I said squeezing my eyes shut at my tiny confession. It was silent for a moment and I was afraid he would totally reject me and tell me to get the hell out of his bed, and call my parents to pick me up. Panic and sadness began to set in my chest again and I held my breath.

“I love you too, Y/N.” He said. I marveled at his stutter-less confession and hugged him tighter. 

Can I hold your hand? (Tom holland)

 You had decided last minute to go the county fair with your friends. The day was easily spent going on quick rides and playing a few to many fair games, winning one to many stuffed animals that where now shoved in the back seat of your friends car. It was reaching half past three when your friends decided to go to the roller coasters. You had never been a fan of roller coasters so you opted out and decided on going on the flying swings with one of your friends instead.

  Right as you got there, they where calling last calls before the ride started up.  Both of you ran towards the few spots open. You grabbed a seat right next to a boy just as the bar lowered in locking the two of you in place. Looking back at your friend you noticed she had grabbed a seat next to a cute blonde, to which you knew she would undoubtedly would flirt with. Quickly glancing over to check out your partner for the ride you noticed his curly brown hair right as the ride took off. You could feel the wind in your face growing stronger as you approached the high point of the ride. Mentally preparing yourself for the drop you closed your eyes only to be met with a screeching stop. Slowly opening your eyes, you realized the ride had stop on the highest point. It wasn’t anything new for the rides to spontaneously stop, you also weren’t afraid of heights so waiting it out wasn’t to much of a problem with you. You would usually just talk it you with (Y/F/N) but you guys hadn’t been seated next to each other this time.

 Quickly glancing back at your friend making sure she was okay, you watched as she made small talk with her seat partner. You let your eyes fall on your partner who looked paler than a sheet of paper. putting your hand on his shoulder,’’ Hey, you okay? you don’t look so good?” you asked him.

Slowly turning his head he looked at you, stuttering for words,’’ I uh-uh, I’m not good with heights.’’ You could hear his British accent coming out.

Raising an eyebrow at him,’’So you came on a ride… that was high up?”

‘’Uhh ya, i lost a bet with my best mate Haz, He’s the blonde back there, who-’’ the ride dropped a bit, and the boy suddenly became more pale,’’UH can I Hold your hand?’

‘’Ya sure’’ you replied grabbing his hand in your’s, noticing the ride slowly lowering. “So-’’

‘’Tom, Tom Holland.’’ he replied gripping your hand, looking towards you.

“So Tom, whats your favorite color?” trying to distract him, you realized he was kinda cute, almost in a puppy dog way, curl brown hair, soft brown eyes and some of the color returned to his face. Making small conversation till the ride landed steadily on the floor. Waving good bye you walked away trying to find your friend, whom you could only assume ran off with the blonde.

‘’Hey, (Y/N).’’ a voice said behind you. Turning around to see Tom, ‘’ Hey Tom!” 

‘’So uh my blonde friend kinda ran off with a girl-’’

‘’That was probably my friend.’’ you interrupted.

Laughing he continued,’’ Anyway i wanted to know if you wanted to spend the rest of the day together, cause uhh I kinda wanted to say thank you and kinda show you i wasn’t really a baby who couldn’t handle heights anyway its totally okay if you don’t want to or anything maybe another time or uh ill give you my number if you want it you don’t have to-’’

Cutting him off again,’’ I’d love to, Tom.’’ Grabbing his hand in yours, you both walked away.

 I really wanna do a part two to this, or make it a series, i also really wanna do this for Harrison. What do you think??

I’m too lazy to actually write this, but like, what if in second year, Lucius decided “fuck it I hate the Boy Who Lived a lot more than I hate Arthur Weasley,” so he slips the diary into Harry’s new DADA textbooks. Harry doesn’t have as much time to be a mopey preteen because he’s busy making up for lost time and hanging out with Ron, but he still starts writing in the diary. Maybe he’s under the impression that Tom is an interactive textbook, maybe he just needs somewhere to vent about things he can’t talk to Ron about (“I can’t wait for Ginny to start Hogwarts and fall madly with someone else anyone else please god and Merlin,” “I don’t think what the Dursleys are doing is okay but the twins told Mrs. Weasley about the bars and the locks and if Mrs. Weasley didn’t say anything against it then what am I supposed to say,” “I still think about the Mirror of Erised sometimes”).

Tom is a happily manipulative little shit. He’s still honest in a way, because the best manipulations are rooted in truth, but he plays up his own orphan status and the abuse he got after being sorted in Slytherin (before they learned better, Tom doesn’t say, but Harry realizes it anyway and doesn’t care, because he doesn’t like Slytherins anyway and the Slytherins were like Tom’s Dursleys, and Harry wouldn’t ever hurt his family but sometimes he thinks that if someone else were hurting them, he wouldn’t step in). Tom likes Harry, thinks he’s amusing, but he has no guilt about using Harry to free himself and wreak terror on the school.

Harry starts to feel something the longer he writes in Tom’s diary, a pressure on his skin, gentle and tingly and nice. He writes in the diary for an hour or so every day before going to bed, but he doesn’t neglect his living friends, either. He’s thrilled to tell Tom that Ginny is coming out of her shell and focusing more on her friend Luna than on Harry.

And Tom thinks any day now, any day. It’s going to happen. He just has to wait. A month into the school year, when he still can’t seem to get his hooks into Harry, he stops trying to be subtle. Harry grins and thanks him for giving him a hug. Tom begins to despair. He’s started to like the kid more than he should, since Harry’s just supposed to be a vessel for his evil plans, and feels a twinge of something like regret along with the irritation because for the love of all that is evil he can’t figure out why he can’t possess Harry.

And then, while Harry’s sleeping with his head resting against the open diary, the horcrux inside Harry’s head speaks to Tom for the first time.

having a breakdown

tony stark

an: of course i can do something for tony! honestly, i adore tony so much! hes such a softie, i cri requests are open bbs 

  • you and tony had been dating for awhile now
  • it worked
  • two broken people falling in love with each other and crossing their fingers in hopes that they would be able to mend each others broken hearts
  • and it worked
  • for the most part 
  • it wasn’t until the night of a predictable tony stark party that you realized you were still as broken and insecure as ever
  • you had made sure to dress lovely
  • the cutest outfit in your closet was now on your body
  • and your hair was styled to perfection
  • all you wanted was to have some fun
  • you wanted to dress ravishingly and have tony’s eyes on you the whole night
  • but that wasn’t the case
  • you had made your grand entrance
  • and everyone greeted you brightly
  • you were after all Tony Starks partner and the mind behind a lot of the avengers new and improved suits, besides tony’s at least
  • he still wanted to be the one to play around with his suit
  • you had spent the majority of the time talking to well known scientists and the great minds behind a lot of different fields of all different sorts..
  • but tony on the other hand
  • was sat on a bar stool
  • his eyes locked on the one and only pepper potts
  • you were in no position to get jealous and worried… but you were
  •  not only was pepper jaw dropping gorgeous
  • but her dress was also up in the ranks for if not the most stunning dress at the party then it was a close first
  • and something about the way she would touch tony
  • whisper in tony’s ear
  • everything she did made you feel tiny
  • she was tony’s first love
  • she meant the world to him
  • she did in the past and still did
  • at least thats what your conscious told you
  • you stayed until your heels and ankles ached from standing
  • and even when you slowly walked towards the elevator that would take you to the area where your shared room with tony & your old room was
  • he didn’t notice you
  • and even if he did
  • he made sure to not acknowledge it
  • so you quickly stepped into the elevator
  • making sure the doors closed before you undid the buttons and zippers on your clothes
  • you didn’t want to be in the clothes that you thought would catch tony’s eyes but in reality he didn’t even care to look at you
  • you were quick to sneak into your shared room with him
  • only grabbing your pajamas and toothbrush before slipping out the room in just your undergarments and making your way to your old room
  • you didn’t want to be near tony
  • bc all that would do is remind you of the constant tornado of thoughts that swirled in your head saying you weren’t good enough for his love
  • or more so anyones love
  • that is why your past lover left you, wasn’t it?
  • you stared at your reflection in the mirror as you brushed your teeth and washed your face
  • and you were quick to change into your pjs before scurrying into what was now a cold bed from it being abandoned for so long
  • once your head hit your pillow
  • the tears fell
  • and the sobs echoed in your old, dark, empty room
  • you felt worthless
  • you felt you didn’t deserve tony
  • boy were you wrong
  • tony was quick to dismiss himself from peppers embarrassing attempts to flirt with him when he noticed you were leaving
  • and if it wasn’t for all the people stopping him for interviews or small talk, he would have probably caught you so distraught & crying
  • it took him awhile to find you
  • with the help of friday
  • he opened the door to your bedroom
  • and his heart broke
  • you were shaking
  • you were crying to no end
  • and tony knew exactly why
  • and he felt so stupid for not realizing sooner and coming to your aid to reassure you that no girl would get in the way of his love for you
  • “baby..”
  • “baby please look at me..”
  • his voice would crack so much
  • and he would be so gentle, my heart
  • he would strip himself of his blazer
  • and sit next to you on the bed
  • with his back against the headboard
  • and he would be above the covers
  • incase you didn’t want him near you
  • then he would be slow
  • and rub your temple
  • and probably play with your hair
  • and once he saw that you weren’t pulling away, he would rest his chin on your head and move to rub your back
  • “tony.. im so sorry”
  • “im sorry im not enough for you”
  • “i get if you wanna leave me”
  • “im not much.. i know that”
  • “but i love you.. i really do..”
  • he would be d e a d
  • because not only did your voice sound so weak and unlike you
  • but the words that came out of your mouth twisted his heart bc when he asked you to be his two years ago, all he wanted was to make sure you were always happy and confident
  • but now you were crying next time him bc he failed to keep his promise
  • “no no no (y/n)”
  • “don’t say that baby..”
  • “you are perfect”
  • “way more than i deserve”
  • “please don’t cry”
  • “i love you, so so so much”
  • “please don’t doubt that..”
  • “you’re beautiful..”
  • he would probably end up crying with you
  • because when it came to you
  • he was a  s o f t i e
  • through and through
  • he would sit up again
  • and rest your head in his lap
  • and just trace his finger tips over your face gently
  • making sure to wipe away all the tears on your face
  • he’d pepper kisses with every small touch of his finger tips
  • and he’d repeat sweet nothing into your ear until you stopped crying and instead slowly started to fall asleep
  • and omg he would probably fall asleep sitting up bc he doesn’t have the heart to move you
  • you would look so peaceful and lovely to him, like usual

things that could happen in ‘dragon’s den’ 

  • ramses turns out to be juno’s father/grandfather/uncle/family friend/etc
  • ramses has juno do something that crosses a moral line and indicates that he’s gonna be the big bad by the end of the season
  • ramses’ worst enemy is named and set up as the big bad and the person behind the timing motif of the last two cases
  • we learn more about either 1) ben steel 2) juno’s mom 3) juno’s ex 4) juno’s old job at the HCPD (note: none of these are very likely, tho we might get another tiny tiny snippet in passing)
  • peter appears to help juno OR peter appears to hinder juno OR peter’s name is finally mentioned / his current location is indicated, but he doesn’t appear in person OR peter is only vaguely hinted about and compared to ramses again
  • juno leaves mars because ramses was originally from somewhere else? (earth??) 
  • more information is revealed about the thea spectrum and whether it’s a good idea for juno to keep using it?
  • someone mentions how far away the election actually is so we have a sense of an impending deadline?
  • lesbians??? women who aren’t evil? more women who are evil? 

things that will probably happen

  • something i am not expecting, even a little bit, that will raise at least four more significant questions and possibly halfway answer one
  • i will cry

            There are some parts of the library to which one simply does go. There are cool, dark recesses where the stacks twist unnaturally and lead to strange new halls. There are ragged alcoves where the books are locked behind bars of iron or of silver. There are shelves where language folds into itself and becomes the script of dreams. These are the places where secrets live and grow, far from the sun, far from the eyes of both the students and the Gentry.

            It is best to avoid these parts of the library, yet you will find them eventually (or they will find you, depending on your perspective). You stayed at the library late, late, late into the long winter nights. You went looking for a particular edition of a particularly esoteric tome. You were just looking for someplace quiet to study.

            You can tell when you’re at the borders. At the places where Known world fades away and the edges of reality grow blurry and indistinct. You will feel the walls of the library stretch away from you. You will look out into the stacks and see only shadows where there should be structure. You will listen as the soft sounds of turning pages and calm breathing fade away into silence, silence almost pulsing with some unknown heartbeat. You will grow dizzy as the scent of paper and pulp turns to sweet incense and fills your lungs. You will feel as though you are drowning.

            Most of the time (though-and this is critical-not always) you will spin away from the dark and find yourself back in the library. Perhaps it will be in a different section, perhaps it will even be a different day, but you will return more-or-less unchanged. You may find yourself hesitant to return at night or on those silvery days when the sun comes from the sky like water damaged silk and the wind sinks through your skin and into your bones. Days that you feel as if you could be cast away on a particularly strong breeze.

            But that’s the trick of the library, you can never really escape it, after all, you are a scholar. Eventually you will return, eventually though every nerve will scream at you to stay on solid ground, to stay in the bright light, you will return. You will need that book, that phrase, that secret. After all the University is known for its vast library. And in all likelihood you will never go farther then those borders. You may shiver as you pass a particularly dark shadow lurking between the shelves, you may rush in and then out with equal speed, you may be unable to escape the lingering feeling of being observed, but still, you will return.

            And perhaps you will find some reason to search out those strange sections. It has happened before. Perhaps you will go stalking through the stacks looking for some words that are just a little off, some symbols unknown to Dewey or the Library of Congress, some book that written by inhuman hands. Should that occur you may try to talk to the librarians. They are, after all, the most knowledgeable of the library’s particular idiosyncrasies.

            Be careful, the librarians aren’t entirely part of your world. Oh they can touch iron and be trusted with a name (at least, as far as anyone can be trusted with a name), but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Those who have dedicated themselves to the library have been changed, how could they not? You can tell in the way their voices carry a slight echo, a slight edge. You will notice in the way their eyes glint like broken glass at the edge of a fire. You will sense in the way you can feel their gaze regardless of whether or not they are actually looking at you. They are creatures of the library just as much as their books.

            So approach them with caution and respect. Don’t expect accommodation. Depending on which one you ask and how you word your request they may help you. There’s the young woman with honey colored hair and wormwood eyes, she will smile (a not altogether comforting expression) and simply steer you towards a different part of the library, try to help you find a book that is of this world. There is the severe woman in black who, nine times out of ten, will simply raise her brows, sigh, and send you on your way. That one time out of ten she will ask you if you know what it is you’re asking (you will reply yes-you will be wrong) and then lead you up and down the stacks, twisting this way and that through sections you didn’t even know existed, that you didn’t even know could exist before depositing you in that shadow realm and looking at you with an expression of such profound pity your heart will break. Then there is the silver haired man with the thickest glasses you have ever seen, whose eyes peer out at you through that heavy glass, liquid and deep and beautiful as the moon reflected in still water. He will take a magnifying glass (reading through layer upon layer of glass) and softly and with kindness help you get to where you need. He is rarely seen.

            After you have found your way (through whatever means) to those fluid sections of the library you will need to find your books. Not a simple task. The sections and organization are rather more eccentric than is standard. The scripts twisting in and out of legibility, the layout flickering as if the shelves were about to gutter and shutter and fade from existence at any second, even the books are liable to change, you will rarely find the same one in exactly the same condition, with exactly the same contents as when first read.

            When it is time to leave you will have to rely on luck and your status as a creature of the material world. These hidden places are so different from you and yours they will work to spit you out. That is if you don’t stay too long, if you don’t fall too deep, if you don’t travel to far, that is if you don’t let the dusk and air and darkness sink through you and into you to settle on your bones. For there are places not even the Gentry know, there are creatures that live in homes of parchment and thought, in gardens of ink and memory, in palaces of whispers and dust and they are not to be disturbed. You will hear them breathing from a few shelves down, you will hear their irregular footfalls echoing through the thick stillness, you will feel them lingering at the edges of understanding. If you are wise you will ignore them.

            Eventually when you return, if you return, you will be able to take your prize with you. You will walk in relative safety back to your dorms and you will find if not what you were looking for than at least something of interest. You will find things that seep into your dreams and echo about through your heart. You will find yourself changed. You will find that you have lost something, or perhaps gained something. Regardless you must remember that you only have two weeks. These books belong to the hidden parts of the library and the late fees are rather more extravagant than most.