bar lime

We’re doing a drink at the bar (testing tomorrow) with lime three ways (juice, charred syrup, and black Persian powder) and I came up with the perfect name.

Alkalime Trio.

anonymous asked:

to summon you… i would put in some moonstone, a cool pin of some sort, a bar of chocolate, a lime (idk why i just feel like u like,, lime), and an old roadtrip mixtape

I’m SCREAMING this is so cute!! This would absolutely work for me

she’s been dancing non-stop ever since she’d arrived, and it’s finally catching up to her. deciding she really needs a drink, she pulls another girl into her partner’s arms before leaving the dance floor and heading towards the bar. ❝ a vodka lime please, ❞ she orders after waving the bartender over, ❝ with lime juice–– none of that cordial stuff, and a little bit of soda. ❞


My makeup for today. Continuing the theme of trying out my new products, today I felt like trying out one of my new kat von d lipsticks and my semi sweet chocolate bar palette. I used too faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette and a light blue eyeshadow from lime crime for the eyes, tarte for the cheeks, and kat von d’s poe for the lips (I’ve been wanting this lipstick for so long and I’m so fucking happy to finally have it and it’s so gorgeous omfg!!)

Professionalism // Park Jaebum - 01

Professionalism // Park Jaebum - 01

           “Hunk of a man, five o’ clock,” your friend commented, elbowing you in the side. You whipped your head around to look over your shoulder in the direction your friend Jade had specified only to be thoroughly disappointed. He was a patient at the office—you were his dentist and at just the sight of him you weren’t sure your eyes could roll deeper into your head.

           You didn’t even bother give Jade a response as you turned to your drink at the bar, plucking the lime from the side of the glass to squeeze into the liquor and give it a quick stir. But Jade wasn’t letting up; telling you to continue to look and you looked exactly at the wrong time. He was just in the middle of pushing his hair back when his eyes met with yours, and he wasn’t about to let that tiny fact go unnoticed. He gave you a grin and you knew that was it.  

           “Jade, you’re better than that, trust me,” you muttered to her, barely breaking your eye contact with him before you heard your friend whine in desperation.

           “But look at him! God he’s so… yummy…” she commented.

           “Alright vixen, let’s get some things straight here. That’s Jay, he’s a regular here, and I’m his dentist; and I don’t care how yummy he is, you won’t like his attitude. I know, because I don’t like it,” you responded to her, having her hiss and slap you in the arm at the name you had given her after her lovely display of self-control.

           Despite Jay’s demeanor, you couldn’t lie and say that he wasn’t nice to look at. You had a thing for guys with tattoos and you had to admit that Jay wore them well. Not to mention he was basically busting out of his shirt sleeves, he was so muscular. He had perfect teeth—it was impossible not to when you were the one who took care of them. His features were sharp and masculine—yes, Jay Park was very, very nice to look at.

           “You’re no fun. Even if he’s got a bad attitude, I probably wouldn’t mind just one night—

           “Stop your thoughts right there you little seductress,” you quickly cut her off, not having any of it right now. You peered back over to see if you could get a short scope on Jay, just to see his whereabouts and gauge whatever he was doing to see how much time you had before he came over to you, because he no doubt would. You couldn’t seem to find him, and by the time you had turned back around, Jade seemed to have disappeared.

           You huffed in frustration, unsure of what to do with yourself for the time being so you plopped back down in the chair you had been standing by for who knows how long. You finished the last couple sips of your drink before a very unfamiliar aura loomed around you, and you weren’t sure that it made you want to turn around, it was so uninviting. But you did, reluctantly, and immediately wished you hadn’t.

           “Hello,” you were polite at first, but when the man who stood before you began to speak, you knew you made a grave mistake.

           “Let me buy you a drink, pretty lady.” You could smell the alcohol all over his breath and immediately looked around for somebody, anybody, to bail you out.

           “Ahh, no, that’s quite alright. I’ve reached my limit and am ready to head home,” you responded, continuing on your quest to be polite but you knew there was a line about to be crossed, and the second that happened, the claws were going to come out and you couldn’t say whether or not he was to be spared.

           “Well, let me take you home then, huh? Wouldn’t want you walking home alone,” he slurred, leaning closer to you and into your personal bubble and that was when you’d had quite enough and shoved him away from you.

           “I don’t know what you’re not getting about no, buddy.”

           And thank the heavens there was somebody there a moment later because the guy loomed closer to you once more, only to be cut off by a body as you closed your eyes, knowing you would have to give up if he got physical with you. It was a masculine back that was blocking your view and you weren’t quite sure who it was until they spoke.

           “Do we seem to be having a problem here?” Jay asked, but the other male just laughed.  “If you’re looking for an easy fuck, you’re not going to get it here; in fact, she’s quite unavailable to you for anything.”

           And that was your cue. You needed to act the part and make it convincing, despite how much you didn’t want to give Jay the satisfaction of being very up close and personal with you. But that was the way it had to be, especially when you stepped to him, pressing into his muscular back, conforming to his curves as you wrapped your arms around his torso.  “So why don’t you go find somebody else to bug—or better yet, nobody at all,” Jay continued before slipping to turn around in your grasp, reaching up to cup your cheeks and press his forehead against yours.

           “Thank you,” you whispered to him. You were grateful, despite your now compromising situation but you knew it was about to get much rockier when he looked you dead in the eyes.

           “We’re not done,” he commented, and as if on cue, the previous male had made an attack on Jay’s pride and your confidence, saying something pretty insulting about the both of you, but you couldn’t particularly pay attention to anything being said as you drowned in Jay’s intoxicating scent, finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything the more it asphyxiated you. At least, until it whisked away, along with the warmth of his hands as Jay turned away from you.

           Jay called the guy out, even as he was walking away. His temper was getting the best of him—Jay had a short fuse, you knew, but you weren’t sure the extent he was willing to go in order to burn this guy back. “What was that?” he asked and chested up to the guy who had turned around to face him.

           You knew where this was going. It was half a second away from a barroom brawl. You didn’t want to do it, in fact, you had told yourself, and Jade really, just how slimy Jay was and how neither of you should involve yourselves with him because you told yourself and Jade that you were better than that. But if you didn’t man up right now and take a hit for the team, Jay was going to need a lot more than some pride stitches.

           “Baby, it’s okay,” you whispered to him, coming back up from behind him and standing so tall on your toes, even the heels of your shoes came off the ground. “Don’t let his petty words pick at you like that. You know you’re better than that, better than him,” you continued as you slipped around him to stand between him and the guy who had previously made your stomach drop in fear. You fanned your hands across his chest, spreading your fingers wide with frim palms against him as you slowly pushed him a couple of steps away.

           Jay’s eyes were glued to you, glued to your face, your eyes, your lips as you spoke to him. “Be the bigger man, the man I know you are,” you told him, taking his hands, which seemed stiff in yours, and placed them on your waist. He nodded to you, hands sliding from your waist to your hips where he instinctively drew you in, protectively against his body. “You know I think you’re the perfect man for me, right?” you asked him while nodding, coaxing him to nod with you.

           “The only man for you,” he growled back between gritted teeth as his fingers pressed into your hips, over the top of your tight black dress. His nose brushed against yours for only a moment, eyes fluttering before focusing back on your lips. Somewhere in the background was a group of males who had come over to collect their friend, your nightmare that had put you in this entire situation, but you were too focused on Jay right in this moment. The way he held you, the way he looked at you. The both of you were playing the part, but he was just so, so good at it.

           You sighed, slouching into his body and his hands slid around your back to wrap his arms around you—the stress of the entire situation finally rearing its ugly head. “Thank you,” you said to him, but more mouthing it than anything because you weren’t sure that he heard you. You leaned your head against his shoulder and you couldn’t really care how much you didn’t want to be like this with him right now. He just saved you from a couple of very risky situations, one as a result of the other, but even still.

           He muttered your name, sitting the both of you down in the group of lounge chairs to his right. “Are you okay? You really played the part to get out of there,” Jay commented to you, seeming more than genuinely concerned which surprised you a bit.

           You hesitated a moment, “I was scared,” you admitted.

           “It’s a scary place out here for girls like you,” Jay replied. The intention was there, but the execution was extremely poor and he hadn’t realized what bad word choice it was until he looked at your face. “I mean… there are always scumbags around trying to just… be assholes, and they do a pretty good job—yeah, I’m not comforting, I know,” he said, watching your face as he continued to talk, noting that it wasn’t really getting any better.

           You didn’t reply to him, just leaned over and smashed your face against his neck, wanting nothing but his silent comfort.  He stiffened a bit—now that it was out of the acting setting, he felt strange being like this with you. You were his dentist, after all. But he could feel your body beg for him, for his comfort, a sweet slip of his arm around your body to bring you into the safety of his chest.

           “Are you going to tell me what’s going on here?” Jade’s voice interrupted your very serene moment. You realized the error of your ways, telling Jade about the way Jay was and then turning around behind her back to cuddle up to him. She felt slightly backstabbed—you had led her astray to distract her while you moved in on Jay yourself; at least, that was how she saw it.

           “I promise you it’s not what it looks like,” you replied to her, but refused to pull away from Jay who just sat semi-awkwardly, having not the slightest idea what was going on between the two of you. It didn’t matter, Jade stormed out before you had time to explain. Honestly, you were too busy dealing with your own crisis to really care. She’d come back around once she gave you a moment of her time to hear you out.

           “There goes my ride,” you muttered, hot breath beating against his clavicle until you pulled away. “I really should get going, anyway,” you said, looking around for your things before realizing your purse was hooked under your seat at the bar. You stood to grab it before you felt Jay’s soft fingers teasing your wrist.

           Your eyes met with his and you seemed to freeze. Suddenly your feet were stuck in the ground, limbs stiff, unable to move as you stood in his gaze. “Let me take you home,” he offered.

           Finding your voice stuck in your throat appeared to be a lot harder than you initially bargained for. You’d never felt this way around Jay, but you also had never experienced him outside the office. He seemed to be a completely different person. A very caring and lovable person, but you could still sense a tinge of the persona he put on in front of you in the chair. Maybe it was a male thing, or a pride thing, you didn’t really know and didn’t really care.

           You finally shook your head, able to move something after moments of stillness. “That’s okay. I’ll get a cab, it’s not that far.”

           He called your name when you moved to push past him, your wrist slipping from his grasp. “I’m taking you home,” he said, hand slipping into yours as he passed you, bringing you out to the parking lot. Part of you really wanted this to happen, another wanted him to just let you go. You knew it was dangerous and that you were running the risk of being in the same situation, but for some reason that didn’t deter the part of you that just wanted to go by yourself. Maybe it was to spite Jay, because you knew you didn’t want to give him any ideas. Honestly, if you were being real with yourself—and you were—this was the safest option. But when you got to Jay’s car, you weren’t sure this was what you wanted anymore.


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Hidden Snail - Just like the Adventure Time easter egg, this agave and lime scented bar will reveal a cute snail after several uses

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