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George Lucas has transported audiences the world over and has provided Mark and Harrison and myself with enough fan mail and even a small merry band of stalkers, keeping us entertained for the rest of our unnatural lives – not to mention identities that will follow us to our respective graves like a vague, exotic smell.
Speaking of graves, I tell my younger friends that one day they’ll be at a bar playing pool and they’ll look up at the television set and there will be a picture of Princess Leia with two dates underneath, and they’ll say “aww – she said that would happen.” And then they’ll go back to playing pool.
(Wishful Drinking)

tacosandjoggers  asked:

Do you agree with my headcannon that Maggie is really good at playing darts? One day, she's gonna show Alex up and win some money back.

She used to sneak out in her truck and drive an hour and a half out of Blue Springs to the nearest gay bar with her best friend – the only other out gay kid in her school, in her town – and the bar’s pool table was as bumpy and cratered as Martian terrain.

But the dart board worked just fine.

And she would only ever have enough money for gas, enough money to slip to the little kids who got their lunch money beaten out of them so they could eat, enough money to buy herself the few lesbian DVDs she could get her hands on.

So she got good at darts. Good enough to get her drinks paid for. Good enough to hustle some extra cash so she could start saving up for her first Triumph; some extra cash so she could start saving to go to college far away from this damn town.

When she got to National City, the alien bar didn’t have a dart board. But being a rookie cop didn’t pay much, and she was still in debt from school, and it was nice to make some friends while making some extra grocery money, so M’gann indulged her by setting up a dart board in the back.

When Alex Danvers came around, Maggie was still teaching herself to play pool, and she was so enthralled with the smooth shots Alex made, the confidence in the way she bent over the table, the deftness of her fingers and the slight squint in her eye when she set up another perfect shot, that for a long time Maggie forgot about the dart board.

Until Winn discovered it, loudly, and Maggie smirked. Because she was constantly losing to Alex Danvers – her money; her pride at being able to win whatever game she played; her heart.

But darts? No no. She wouldn’t lose at darts.

And she didn’t, and it turned out that Alex Danvers was a sore, sore loser.

And it turned out, further, that Maggie didn’t mind soothing her with kisses, with barely-there whispers, with a sway of her hips and a wink of her eye that made Alex forget all about the game.

13 Cute Date Ideas:
  • Go to an art gallery and take photos of the art work with inappropriate captions on snapchat.
  • Write cute post it notes,and put them in library books.
  • Use Photo Booth and have a photoshoot on the Mac’s in the Apple store.
  • Lay under the stars at the planetarium.
  • Go to a bar, and attempt to play pool and suck.
  • Go to Cannon Hill Park, and have a picnic.
  • Play mini golf.
  • Find an abandoned place, and go exploring.
  • Build lego, because lego is cool.
  • Get competitive.
  • Go to an arcade - and take one of those silly sketch pics.
  • Geocaching.
  • Play hide and seek.
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“I tell my younger friends that one day they’ll be at a bar playing pool and they’ll look up at the television set and there’ll be a picture of Princess Leia with two dates underneath her face and they’ll say, ‘aww, she said that would happen’ and then they’ll go back to playing pool.”

Carrie Fisher
Wishful Drinking

five times alex did not go on a date with maggie

i. pool night

   “Come on, Danvers, how is that even fair?” Maggie groans as she watches Alex clear the table for the second time already.

   “It would be fair if you were any good at this, Sawyer!”

   Going to the dive bar and playing pool has become a habit rather quickly, and it’s one of Alex’s favorite things - she’s always impatient to find Maggie there, waiting for her, already nursing a drink. It feels familiar and comfortable, and it’s all Alex needs. And Maggie can use it, too, anyway. Distractions are always good after a break up, aren’t they?

  “How much time did you spend in bars to get that good? I thought you were the perfect little agent.”

   Maggie smirks, but Alex looks back down at the pool table. A trip down memory lane is not the best thing that can happen right now. Well, memory. More like blackouts and vague flashes of nights spent drinking too much in random bars and playing pool with gross men or frat boys. Alex notices the change in Maggie’s expression - it’s apologetic all of a sudden, but she doesn’t say a word and Alex couldn’t be more thankful.

   “You owe me a drink,” Alex finally says, regaining some of her composure.

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Last thought on it for tonight (still have the finish the Miserable Mill episodes)

 I love Will Arnet and Cobie Smulders as Mother and Father even though I know it’s got to be some twist in the end. I didn’t know I needed them to be badass, smart, parents facing hell and high water to get back to their kids in my life.

Like that’s relationship goals if you ask me. I need me a man who will help me break out of a prison and back me up in a bar fight with a pool cue in my life.

Stefan smut

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Imagine: Rough jealous sex with Stefan with no humanity.
Warning: rough sex, overstimulation, and sir kink.

Your pov:
Stefan and I had decided to go to the bar tonight. He was playing pool on the other side of the room. I told him I was going to stay by the bar and he nodded slowly. He’s very protective of me, since I’m only human. (Hehe)

As I sat on the barstool, I sipped on my drink.

“Hey, y/n.” My ex boyfriend, Dylan greeted.

“*sigh* Hey, Dylan.” I replied as I took a swig of my alcoholic drink.

“I know I missed up last time, but can we get back together?” He asked as I nearly spit out my drink.

“Are you kidding?” I scoffed.

“No I’m not.” He smirked.

“Well I have a boyfriend. And even if I didn’t, I would never!” I scoffed.

“I know I shouldn’t have-”

“You slept with my best friend!” I interrupted.

“I was drunk! It was a mistake!” He exclaimed in defense.

“Please…” He pleaded as he stepped closer.

“Another chance?” He begged. I batted my eyelashes, put my hand on his chest, and put on a smile. He smirked as I whispered:

“No way in hell.” I scoffed.

“What’s, uh, going on here?” A jealous voice asked.

“Hey, babe. Dylan was just leaving.” I greeted, so Dylan would leave.

“I was.” He sighed in defeat.

“Thanks, he was-”

“Why are you talking to your ex?” Stefan interrupted.

“Oh, he came up to me and we were talking.” I explained.

“Why were you touching him like that though?” He questioned.

“I was teasing him, so he’d finally leave.” I sighed.

“I think the wrong person was being teased.” Stefan whispered in my ear as he went behind me.

“You’ve been a bad girl, y/n. You’re going to be punished.” He whispered in my ear as his hand crawled up my shirt, I moaned.

“Yes, Sir.” I nodded, he took my hand and took me home.

“In the bedroom.” He demanded as I nodded.

I went upstairs and stripped down to my underwear.
As I did so, I heard footsteps.

“Hello, princess.” Stefan smirked from the doorway.

“Hi Sir.” I squeaked.

“You listened to my directions. I’ll keep that in mind.” He smirked and walked over to me and kissed my lips.

We made out for a while until we remembered about air.

“Can you strip me please, princess?” Sir asked me as I nodded.

I started to remove his shirt and felt his gaze on me.

“You know I love you princess?” He asked me.

“I love you too Stefan.” I smiled and continued to undress him.

Once he was completely naked, his lips attacked mine. I moaned into the kiss when I felt his fingers go underneath my lingerie.

“Princess, for your punishment. You’re not going to feel me…yet. I want you to touch yourself for me. But don’t cum.” He whispered in my ear as he slipped my lingerie off, leaving me bare.

“Yes, Sir.” I pouted with a small smirk, knowing I could break him.

My hand went to my clit and rubbed small circles.

“Mmm, ah.” I moaned softly, keeping eye contact with Stefan as he pumped his length.

“Stick a finger in yourself, princess.” He moaned as he pumped faster.

“Mmm, yes. Stefan.” I moaned as my eyes closed.

I heard a moan come out of his mouth.

“Mmm, Sir. This feels so good.” I moaned as I fingered myself faster.

“Uuhhh, fuck.” I heard him moan.

I used one hand to rub my clit as the other fingered me.

“Ahh, y-yes. Sir. Mmm.” I moaned as I spread my legs further.

“Ohhh, shit princess. Uhhh.” He moaned as he pumped faster.

“It’s too -uhh- bad that I can’t feel Sir tonight. Mm, I really want him..” I moaned as I bit my lip and made my movements faster.

“Uhh, can I cum now Sir?” I asked as he shook his head.

“No. Now stop.” He demanded as I removed my hands.

“You’re going to watch Sir cum. You could’ve helped but you broke rules.” He sighed, I whined.

“Please Sir. I want to help you cum.” I pouted as he shook his head.

His hand gripped his length and started moving.

“Ohhh, yes.” He moaned as his eyes stared into mine.

“Y/n, princess. This feels so good.” He teased back as I groaned.

“I’m going to cum.” He moaned as he wiped away the pre-cum leaking out of his tip.

“Ugh. Fuck! Yes, yes! I’m going to-UHHH!!” He moaned as he blew his load all over his fist.

He panted from his recent orgasm.

“Now touch yourself princess.” He commanded as  I did so.

But denied my orgasm. He did this once more.

“Sir please! Stefan! I want to cum so badly.” I whined with tears in my eyes.

“Okay, princess. Do you want to cum on your own, or do you want me?” He asked.

“You please.” I begged.

“Fingers? Or cock?” He asked me as he kissed down my neck.

“Cock please.” I moaned as I bucked my hips.

He nodded and kissed my body before I felt his tip line up with my slit. He slowly slipped into me, since I was still sensitive.

“Ssss.” I winced.

“Color?” He asked.

“Green, I’m okay.” I replied.

Stefan hesitantly began to thrust into me, slowly at first.

“Mmmm, sir. Faster please.” I begged he nodded.

His pace quickened as did our breathing.

“Uhh, shit!” He moaned as his eyes closed and opened.

“Mmm, Sir yes! I’m going to cum.” I moaned as my nails scratched down his back.

“Me too princess.” He moaned as his pace faltered a little.

My eyes closed and I felt my orgasm approaching.

“Shit!” We moaned simultaneously.

“Can I cum please?” I begged Stefan as he nodded.

“Yes princess! Cum with me!” He moaned loudly as I felt him cum in me.

With his permission, I exploded around his cock.

He pulled out of me and collapsed beside me.

“Are you okay princess?” He asked, concern laced in his voice.

“Yes Stefan.” I smiled as I kissed his lips.

“I love you.” We said at the same time.