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He got back late Sunday night. She had picked him up from the airport, half asleep in the chair at the gate. 

“Hey, are you sleeping on me?” He whispers, squatting down, rubbing her thigh with his right hand.

“Hey.” She smiles waking up. 

“Hey.” He chuckles at her. 

“Come properly say hello.” She says sitting up. 

“Gladly.” He he grins, leaning in and kissing his wife. Hands are on her lower back and hers are in his curls.

“I wanna kiss you all night but I have work in the morning.” She sighs, pulling away.

“Let’s get you home sleeping beauty.” 

“I thought I was Cinderella.”

“But you aren’t running away from me anymore.” 

“True.” She nods as he pulls her up. 



It’s now Monday morning and she’s rolling out of his embrace so she can go get ready for work. If she didn’t have three meetings today she would call in and stay with Shawn all day. 

She enters the kitchen after her shower and finds him, fluffy curls sticking up like crazy, and lips sealed to a coffee cup. His eyes light up when they land on her and the butterflies she feels around him wake up.

“Mornin’“ He grins sliding her coffee cup towards her. She looks over the edge of the mug and smiles at him when she finds the cup full and doctored up to her liking.

“Morning.” She responds taking the cup and taking a sip. She moans a bit and looks at him. “Where did you get Peppermint creamer?”

“Magic.” He grins. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He says, shortening the distance between them. His lips are pressed to hers and she leans up to reach him better.

He tastes of coffee, sweet peppermint creamer on his lips. 

“I have to go.” She whines pulling away.

“Here.” He says taking the mug out of her hand and handing he a to go mug with a donut on top. 

“You are the best husband ever.” She grins looking up at him. A smile runs across his lips and he leans down to kiss her one more time. 

“Have a good day.” He smiles pulling away.

“Sleep.” She pushes him towards their bedroom. 

“I will, can I sneak you out of the office long enough for lunch?”

“I really want to but I have a meeting.” 

“Ok I’ll see you after work then.” 


“I love you.” He says leaning against the door frame.

“I love you too.”


“Shawn Peter Raul?” She calls walking in the house. 

He smiles, loves the way she calls for him the second she walks into the house.

“Kitchen.” He calls back. She drops her purse and kicks her shoes off. She walks into the kitchen.

“Hey.” She says walking up beside him.

“Mmm, hi.” He says leaning down and kissing her. 

“What time is it?” 

“5:15 why?” 

“I gotta go change.” She says walking to the bedroom. He stares at her confused and waits for her to come back. “Shawn?”

“Yes dear?”

“Can you get the wings out of the freezer?” 

“Sure.” He says walking to the freezer. When he turns back she’s grabbing a cookie sheet. He watches as she puts wings on the sheet and preheats the oven. 

“So, I was thinkin-” He starts. 

“Y/n?” A male calls out from the door.

“Come in.” She calls back throwing the wings in the oven. 

“Ready to lose?” Manny calls. “Hey son!” He smiles hugging Shawn.

“Hey Dad.” Shawn says surprised.

“Back to my question, are you ready to lose?” Manny turns back to Y/n. 

“In your dreams.” She giggles hugging him. “How was work today, you had that meeting right?”

“Yeah it was good, no one listened to my ideas but they had coffee.” 

“Well free coffee is always a plus.” She shrugs, moving about the kitchen with Manny by her side. They have a routine down. 

Shawn just stands back and watches. 

“What about you Honey, how was the first day back?”

“Um.” He’s taken off guard. “It was good, I pretty much just slept all day.” He nods. She smiles and then goes back to making food with Manny. 

“Games about to start, Shawn are you joining us?” Manny asks.

“What game?”

“Giants Eagles.” She says pointing at her Giants jersey she has put on. He nods and grabs a plate of wings they have prepared. 

“Gonna watch your wife’s team lose huh?” Manny grins as Y/n rolls her eyes and walks to the living room. 

They all take a seat on the couches and turn the game on. 

Shawn watches the game although he would have much rather have her alone, cuddling and catching up. He hasn’t seen her in weeks, and he thought he would have her tonight since he got in late the night before. 

He keeps a hand in her lap, rubbing small circles absent mindlessly on her thigh. She barely even notices, so used to his touch now, but Manny watches as Shawn keeps in contact with her while they watch the game. 

Manny watches his son, who’s utterly in love, subtly make little touches or comments telling Manny that Shawn was unaware of his coming for the night and wants her alone. 

The minute the game ends he starts clearing the plates so he can leave his son and daughter in law alone for the rest of the night.

“Don’t worry about it Dad, I can get them.” She jumps up taking the plate from Manny. 

Shawn’s head snaps up from his phone when she calls Manny Dad. He’s never heard her say that before. It doesn’t faze Manny, she’s been calling him that for a while. Had a conversation about it and everything. 

“I can help.”

“No, get home to Mom. Don’t want her mad that I kept you out all night like last time.”

“Eh she’ll get over it.” 

“See you Thursday, you’ll lose then!” She grins pointing at him as he puts his jacket on. 

“Thursday, you’ll see my boys win.”

“Sure let’s go with that.” 

“Bye Shawn.”

“Bye Dad.” He says giving him a hug. He watches as his Dad hugs his wife. They both walk him out and lock the door after closing it. 

“So glad I won tonight, he would be giving me so much shit if I’d lost.” She sighs cleaning up. 

“Yeah.” Shawn mumbles cleaning up with her. 



“Shawn! I’m home.” She calls going straight to their bedroom. 

He races out of his office to see her. He finds her in the master bathroom throwing her hair into a pony tail. 

She’s got his old hockey jersey on, a long sleeve on underneath, and a red scarf to match the jersey. 

“What are you doing?” He asks, eyebrows coming together.

“Gonna go watch Aaliyah’s game.” She smiles at him through the mirror.

“Oh, I didn’t realize she had one.”

“Every Tuesday.” She smiles, touching up her make up. 

“Why are you wearing my jersey then?”

“It’s hockey and got our last name on it.” She shrugs. “Show’s support.”

“Our last name.” He grins. 

“Yeah our.” She says grinning too. 

“That sounds really good to hear, Mrs. Mendes.” He sighs, wrapping his arms around her waist. She leans back into him, looking at him through the mirror. 

“You look cute today.” She whispers.

“You look better.” He whispers back. 

“I love you.”

“I love you.” He nods, kissing her cheek. 

“Are you coming with me, or you gonna stay home and write?”

“I’m coming with you. Let me change.” He says going back to his bedroom, digging for an old hockey shirt. 



He checked with Aaliyah, no hockey.

Checked football schedules, no game. 

She should be his tonight. 

He’s got it all planned, order take out, cuddle on the couch while watching one of her stupid Rom Com’s and catch up with her. 

But she walks in the door, in a rush.

“Hey, slow down.” He says grabbing her hand.

“Shawn I have to get ready.”

“For what?” He asks sighing.


“With who?”

“Your Mom.”

“My Mum?” 

“Yeah it’s Wednesday.” She shrugs grabbing a sweater from her side of the closet.

“Can I come?” 

“No, not even Aaliyah comes to these dinners. Sorry, it’s our weekly tradition.”

“Weekly? You go to dinner with my Mum weekly?”


“Since when?”

“Like a month after we got engaged.” 

“Why didn’t I know that?”

“I don’t know, but I got to go. Can’t be late.” She says grabbing her purse and rushing to the door.

“Hey,” He stops her again.


“I didn’t get a kiss goodbye this morning, or a hello kiss when you walked in, and now you want to leave again without kissing me goodbye.” He pouts. She sighs laughing.

“I’m sorry.” She says looking up at him. “Here.” She says leaning up. She kisses him pulling away before he can deepen it. “Goodbye from this morning.” She kisses him again. “Hello.” One last kiss. “Goodbye, I’ll be back soon. Won’t go bar hopping with her this time.” She giggles walking out the door.

“This time?” He asks turning and meeting the closing of the door.

What did she mean by this time?



They are over at his parents house. He’s figured out that Manny comes the their house one Mondays, she goes to them on Thursday and Sundays. 

Manny and Y/n are in the living room, yelling at the game and talking smack to each other.

“Are they always like that?” He asks his little sister as they sit at the table, him helping her with homework.

“Always, it’s entertaining.” 


“Shawn are you okay?” 

“What?” He asks looking over at the younger Mendes.

“You just seem off, are you okay?”

“I think I just feel like I haven’t really seen my wife since I got home.”

“What do you mean?” 

“Well I got in really late on Sunday, she had work Monday and Dad came over. Then Tuesday was work and your game. Yesterday was work and dinner with Mum, and then today was work and now here.”

“Wow, I never realized how much we see her.”

“See her more than I do, and I’m married to her.” 

Manny comes in grumbling and Y/n laughing, bringing in used plates. 

“Game over?” Aaliyah asks.

“Yeah, guess who lost.” Y/n says jabbing her thumb towards Manny. 

“Sorry Dad.”

“Total bullshit.” He grumbles, walking out to his office. 

“What are we working on?” Y/n asks, standing by Shawn looking at the unfinished work on the table. 

“Quadratic formula.” He grins looking up at her. He brings his hand up and rests it on her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Yikes I am no help there.” 

“Neither is Shawn.” Aaliyah laughs.

“Oh hey Liyah, that fragrance place is having a sale this weekend. Wanna go tomorrow when I get off of work and check it out?” Y/n asks. 

Shawn deflates, hoping he would get her for the night. The hand that he had on her waist drops and hangs limply by his side.

“Um, I have plans with Misha.” Aaliyah says, after watching her brother deflate.

“Oh, well I’ll see if someone else wants to go.” 

“I have to pee.” Shawn grumbles walking out, pushing past his wife. She stares at him for a second confused.

“What’s up with him?” Y/n asks Aaliyah.

“He misses you.”

“What? I’m right here.”

“I know, but you’ve been busy all week. Just told me he feels like he hasn’t really seen you since he got home.” 

“What? We, um we,” She says thinking back over the week realizing that she hasn’t really seen him since he got home. “Shit.” She whispers. 

“Maybe skip on that sale and go out to dinner with him. He needs it.” 

“Do you know something I don’t?”

“I know that him and Brian are fighting, and Matt isn’t really speaking to both of them. And that he missed you a lot when he was gone. We talked everyday and he asked how you were everyday.” 

“Oh Shawn.” She sighs looking back at the door frame. He comes walking through rubbing his face. 

“What?” He asks when he catches her gaze. 

“Ready to go home?” She asks standing.

“Oh, did you figure your homework out?” He asks his sister.

“Yeah got it, thanks for the help.”

“Yeah well then lets go.” 



He sits in his office, knows she won’t be home and that if she does come home she’s just gonna want to go out with someone. 

“Mr. Mendes.” She says softly from the door. He turns in his chair, eyes widening at the sight of her. 

She’s in his black button up, black lace boy shorts, hair in a messy bun, and glasses on. 

“Mrs. Mendes.” He responds, eyebrows raising.

“I think it’s time to get out of this office for the day.” 

“Yes Ma’am.” He gulps getting up. He walks to her and interlocks their fingers as she takes his hand. 

She walks him out to the living room, him gasping as he sees the lights low, candles lit, movies ready, popcorn and soda on the coffee table, with blankets and pillows littering the couch.

“What’s all this?” He asks.

“It’s come to my attention that we really haven’t had much time to each other since you’ve been home. So instead of going out, and getting mobbed by fans, I put together a little at home movie cuddle date.

“That’s my favorite type of date.” He sighs pulling her into his embrace. “I love you. You didn’t have to do this.”

“Mmm, but I wanted too.” She holds him a little tighter. “Now lose your shirt.” She says walking to the couch. 

He rips his shirt off, tackling her to the couch. She screams and then laughs as he tangles their legs together.

“Where’s my hello kiss?” She asks grinning cheekily at him. He leans down and kisses her deeply.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” She responds. “Talk to me about the boys, what’s going on?”

“You talked to Liyah.”

“Yeah, why didn’t you tell me you and Brian are fighting.”

“I know you hang out with his girlfriend, didn’t want you to lose a friend because mine is being a dumbass.”

“What happened?”

“He made some comment about Andrew and Geoff and I got protective. We’ll get over it.”

“Protective Shawn is my favorite.” She grins, fingers rubbing up and down his biceps.

“Clingy Y/n is my favorite.” He kisses her again. 

“Then lets be clingy tonight.” 

“I can totally handle that. Now talk to me about my family.” He says nuzzling into her. 

“What about them?”

“You really see them like everyday of the week?”

“Um well, Mondays Thursdays and Sundays are football with Dad, Tuesdays are Liyahs’ hockey games, Wednesdays are dinner with Mom, and then Fridays usually Liyah comes over for movie night.”

“I thought Friday night movie nights were our thing.”

“She just fills in when your away.”

“I love how apart of the family you are.” He smiles, kissing her shoulder.

“I think being around them makes being away from you easier.”

“How?” He asks softly. Fingers playing with hers.

“Each of them has parts of you. Manny has the same jokes, Karen has the same thought process, Liyah has the same personality. It’s like an off brand of you.”

“That’s the cutest thing you have ever said.” 

“Guess I never realized how often I was with them.”

“I have another question.” 


“You said you wouldn’t go bar hopping with my Mum again, explain.” He says talking with his hands. You giggle at the memory.

“That’s my secret.”

“No, no no. We don’t keep secrets, tell me.”

“It was nothing, we just went to a few bars. I had to drive her home.” 

He laughs. A good belly laugh, head thrown back, smile reaching his eyes.

“Happiness looks good on you Babe.”

“Love.” He smiles.

“What?” She giggles.

“It’s love, yeah I’m happy, but I’m feeling love more.” He corrects.

“Well whatever it is, it looks good on you.”

“Call me Babe again.”

“Babe.” She smirks. He grins, leaning up and kisses her. 

They stay like that all night. Wrapped up in each other, making out on the couch like two teenagers in love. She only pulls away to watch the good parts of the movies. Like the break up scene, kissing in the rain scene, get back together scene. But every time she pulls away she’s pulled back.

“Why watch a kissing scene when you can be apart of a kissing scene.”

Business and Pleasure - Part 2

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,762

Warnings: swearing

Part 1

Originally posted by sebastiansource

“Remind me again why we’re going to this dinner,” you gave your dad a pointed glance as you smoothed out your dress. “I know you and Mr. Barnes are working together now and it’s great that he’s doing this to save the company, but I don’t understand why James and I have to be there. Couldn’t you two just go out to Nobu or Oceano or one of those other fancy restaurants like you always do when you close a deal? I really don’t think there’s any need for me to be there. Besides, I had plans with Steve tonight.”

You had met Steve Rogers when he was interning for your father, and he had quickly become your best friend. At first, you had thought was intimidating. After all, he was a very large and muscular man, but within mere minutes of getting to know him, you discovered that he was more like the human equivalent of a golden retriever. He was friendly and outgoing with a heart of gold, always quick to laughter and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. In fact, he had practically saved you when you had forgotten about a meeting with an important client. He had stepped in, taking the blame even though it was completely your fault. That was just the way Steve was.

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Love wins.

Prompt: Dancing in the kitchen at 2AM, AU.

Steve x Reader – One shot

 Summary: A drunken night out, feelings and make up sex in the kitchen. What could be better???

A/N: A oneshot written for @caplansteverogers #fluffyforcaplan challenge! Hope you enjoy it!

 Word Count: 1833

 Warnings: a lil angst. Fluff and smut!

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

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Waking Up in Vegas

Part 1  Part 2

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: The reader spends a wild weekend in Vegas with her best friends, but what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay there.

Word Count: About 2.3k

A/N: Sooo this is my first time writing a rpf or anything outside the Teen Wolf and Supernatural fandom, but let me know what you think because this makes me nervous!

Tagging: @imaginebeinghamiltrash

Originally posted by fuckyeahdaveeddiggs

There’s no need for this gif, I just like it.

The sun was shining through the window punishing me for whatever I did the night before or to remind me why I should’ve refused that sixth shot. Judging by the intensity of my brain pounding against my skull, it must have been seven. As soon as I had any strength to pull my eyes open, I quickly squeezed them shut once more. Maybe I could try again later, when my head doesn’t feel like it could explode at any moment.

The night before, I went out with my best friends, Gina and Ava, we ran into another group of friends who were visiting from out of town as well and became our drinking buddies for the night.

I was still in Vegas.

I reached down, to pull the covers over my shoulders and tugged slightly.

A sharp intake to breath, followed by a groan came from under me, “Highly doubt that’s what you’re looking for”

Finally realizing the “blanket” was a grown man and my hand was still between his legs, I jumped to the other side of the mattress, lost my balance, and fell off the bed entirely. Somehow I managed not to scream.

“Are you alright?”, he panicked making his way to my side to help me

He pulled me up, reassuring me that everything was fine. There was very little space between us. Bits and pieces of the night before resurfaced as I got a good look at his face. Running into him and his two friends, taking shots as a group, bar hopping, then separating ourselves from everyone else. In the corner of the bar, we ignored the world around us and made out like teenagers.

The more I remembered about being on my own with him, the faster the blush spread across my cheeks. We were standing next to the bed, staring at each other like the night before as if nothing else mattered in this moment except the two of us. I finally averted my gaze and looked down. If my blush wasn’t bad before, it most certainly was worse now.

We were both still naked.

I jumped back grabbing the blanket to cover up and squeezed my eyes shut.

“You’re not wearing any clothes”

“And neither are you”, he laughed as he found his boxers to put on, “It’s not like we didn’t see it all last night”

“Do you even remember anything?”, I asked nervously shifting back and forth

“We ran into you and your friends and bar hopped. Around the time we reached the third bar, things got a little fuzzy. You can look now”

“Do you remember the dancing?”, I asked as I began searching for my bra

He pulled it from under his jeans on the ground and tossed it to me, “We didn’t dan…oh. I asked you to dance and surprisingly you said yes”

“We drank..a lot. You shouldn’t be that surprised”, I stated as I motioned for him to turn around so I could put it on

Our clothes were thrown all over the floor and furniture, a bottle of champagne knocked off the table along with a lamp, a bouquet of flowers were scattered across the floor, and a condom wrapper was on the nightstand.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I took him in. He was gorgeous to say the least. A knowing smirk spread across his face and I felt my cheeks burn from embarrassment for a second time.

What if they’re still asleep?”, a voice mumbled from behind the door

Then we wake them. We do have to get back home you know”, another said

They knocked three times before they hesitantly pushed the door open.

“Daveed? (Y/N)?”, a man I recognized as one of his friends stepped in with his hands over his eyes, “Are you up yet?”

“Rafa, put your hand down. We’re decent”, he answered

“Thank God”, Rafa sighed as he moved his hand away and looked at the state of the room, “Seems like someone had an eventful night.”

“One that we can’t seem to remember entirely”, he mumbled

“Maybe we shouldn’t have gone to that third bar”, Ava said as she walked into the room, looking around the same way Rafa did

We all nodded in agreement.

“Adrienne and I are gonna get dressed in our room. After that we’re all going out for breakfast…brunch…we’re going out to get food! So be ready”, Rafa said as he turned to leave the room

“Those flowers weren’t here when we got the room, right?”, Ava finally asked

Rafa turned on his heel and marched right back in, eyeing the floor, “Aww Diggs that’s so romantic”, he cooed

“Get out”, he laughed as he threw a pillow at him

I don’t remember much, but I definitely don’t recall getting flowers either.

Daveed sat next to me, across from us, Rafa sat next to Adrienne, while Gina sat across from Ava. Gina was chatting animatedly about our upcoming proposal for work, but I could barely hear what she was saying. Daveed and I were in our own little world, talking about what ever came to mind.

His gaze never left mine and that shy smile never wavered.

What I would give to remember the rest of the night I spent with him. His eyes lingered on my lips for all of two seconds before Rafa started to call our names.

“Attention lovebirds!”, he laughed along with everyone else, “Our food is here”

We both looked at the plates in front of us, wondering when it got there. We were so caught up in each other, we never noticed. He gave me another shy grin before picking up his fork and directing his attention to his food.

“Are you excited for your proposal (Y/N)?”, Adrienne asked after a moment of silence

“What proposal?”, Daveed nearly choked, “I didn’t know you were here for a wedding"

“Smooth”, Rafa mumbled as Adrienne began to laugh at the expense of her friend

“No. Gina and I are working on something to get Tollville Industries to sign with our marketing company. If we get them to sign, the company gets more recognition and of course money, but we get–”

“Promotions!”, Gina sang, “And on top of that I get to see my girlfriend everyday because we’ll finally be working in the same building!”

“We live together”, Ava said as she tried not to smile

But their grins said it all. All three of us were beyond excited and terrified for this presentation. If we fail, our boss, who didn’t have any faith in us in the first place, will never let us hear the end of it. We needed this more than ever.

The excitement seemed to be rubbing off on the rest of the table as they begin to smile as well.

“That sounds amazing. Isn’t Tollville one of the top industries for–”

“Yup. Which is also why this may be one of the most terrifying moments of my life”, I mumbled

“You’ve got this. There’s plenty of time to prepare. It can be terrifying when you have all eyes on you, but trust me you forget about it soon enough and all is well”, Daveed said softly

“Is this coming from a previous experience?”

“Experiences”, Rafa chimed in, “We’ve been running this workshop that’s a cross between poetry and theater. We do performances all the time”

The rest of conversation went on about their workshop, how they put it all together, and how they met and became friends in the first place. Daveed’s smile started waiver once the check came. Our time together was coming to an end.

A part of me wanted things to work out, but this was a one night stand there’s nothing to it. You have your fun, say your goodbyes, and move on with your life. This may have been my first one, but I’m sure I know how they work. And that’s what I needed to do given that he lives on the west coast and I live in New York.

After leaving the restaurant, Rafa and Adrienne said their goodbyes and waited for Daveed.

“I guess I can’t say ‘I’ll see you around’ then”, he said softly

“I guess not”

He looked at me and smiled. The look in his eye told me he had something to ask, but couldn’t get it out.

“What?”, I asked

“This was just supposed to be a one night stand. I know this, but I want to ask for your number anyway”, he paused, “If that’s alright with you”

I grinned as I pulled a pen from my purse and scribbled my number on his wrist.

“Hopefully I’ll see you around”, I stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek, “Bye Daveed”

“Goodbye (Y/N)”

We went our separate ways with them heading back to their hotel while we headed to the airport. I knew this could be a risk, but there was no harm in being just friends, right?

Three Weeks Later

I hadn’t heard anything from Daveed since we left Vegas, which I chose to keep in the back of my mind. Getting this proposal prepared for next week has slightly taken over my life. The late nights and early mornings with Gina and Ava started getting to me by the time Wednesday rolled around. At least today was Friday and I had two hours left.

I finished the rest of my coffee, which did little to wake me up. Trying to resist the urge to throw my computer through the window proved to be a challenge given my sleep deprivation and apparent immunity to caffeine.

The research I was conducting had hit a dead end just as my office door was pushed open.

“(Y/N)!”, Greg chirped, “You’re still here, great! I need you to get all the info from the meeting we were in not too long ago. Margaret took notes on it and it’s a mess, no one understands it. So I need you to organize all of it, tables, charts, the whole nine”

“That was from three weeks ago. Why doesn’t Margaret just organize it herself? They are her notes”, I said trying to keep myself in check

“(Y/N), you’re not listening. I told you to do it. Besides I gave Margaret the rest of the day off”, he grinned, knowing exactly what he was doing, “Make sure it’s emailed to me by midnight tonight. Have fun”, he sang as he practically pranced out my office

It was now four o’clock. I was supposed to get off at five, yet here I am organizing someone else’s notes because my boss is a dick.

Maybe I should keep my computer and just toss Greg out the window instead.

I grabbed Margaret’s notes off and got to work. By five everyone, including Greg, were leaving the building. I was nowhere near finished.

“Make sure everything is on my desk by Monday morning so we have time for practice runs”, Gina grinned, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be getting off at five too?”

“Not anymore”, I groaned, “Greg decided that I needed to organize Margaret’s notes from that meeting from three weeks ago because no one can understand them. It’s damn near twenty pages and she has the tiniest handwriting I’ve ever seen!”

“That bastard can’t do that!”, she said as she started to remove her coat, “Give me some of her papers. We’re gonna get this finished so you can get home and sleep”

“Gina, that won’t be necessary”, Greg said, magically weaseling his way into my office, “This is a solo project for (Y/N). You two have been so busy working on your little project, that you seem to forget that you have actual work to do. Leave (Y/N) be, she can handle it herself. If she can’t, then I don’t understand the purpose of us hiring her in the first place”

She shot a glare at Greg before making her way out the office. As Greg made his way out, he gave me a sickening grin. I should have thrown him out the window when I had the chance.

By nine thirty, I ran out the office after emailing Greg what he needed. If I didn’t get a drink, food, and some sleep soon, there would be hell to pay.I grabbed all my things, practically running out the building to be free for the weekend.

After getting the mail, I made my way into my apartment, kicking my heels off in the process. As the stress of the week started to dissipate, there was finally enough energy to go through the bills. One envelope stood out from the rest. It was the size of a normal sheet of paper, with an address from Las Vegas. It was probably a bill from the way we left the hotel room.

Reading the address was all it took to get my mind on Daveed again. There’s no reason I should be thinking of his warm brown eyes or that shy smile that made me feel things I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be smiling and thinking about him, when I know he isn’t thinking of me. He asked for my number and never called. Lesson learned I guess.

I opened the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper. It had a gold embellishments with the names being the only thing written in cursive, but everything else could be read clear as day. A part of me thought it was sent to the wrong house until my eyes landed on my name along with the same man I met before leaving.

‘This certifies that (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Daveed Diggs were joined in marriage before witnesses. This day, November 18, 2017’

‘Witness: Ava Nichols’

‘Witness: Rafael Casal’

Holy shit.

all this debauchery is making me think,,,,,, should I write hc’s or even a one shot on bella handling drunk ethan

I already have a one shot that’s the other way around but it’s a little angsty and I’m sure y'all are tired of that hah

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if you’re wondering how my sunday is going, it’s pushing midnight and I just bar-hopped four times with a friend of mine. I haven’t done laundry in a week and I’m pretty sure there’s vomit on my shoes. but moms spaghetti, right? #adulting