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This updated version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ makes Darcy and Elizabeth’s fight soooo much better
If your Hamilton addiction has you hankering for more hip hop theater, you’re gonna love this. There’s a New York Public Theater project called BARS Medley and it’s putting a contemporary spin on literary classics like Pride and Prejudice.

“I’m above you, but I still love you,” raps Mr. Darcy. “If the whole world besides the two of us died,  I’d side with extinction over being your bride,” Elizabeth Bennet later retorts.

Here’s the video. The P&P bit starts at around 6:30, but the others are great too.

Drinks On Us (Remix)
Mike Will Made-It (Feat. The Weeknd, Swae Lee, & Future)
Drinks On Us (Remix)

Straight fire.

kagua321  asked:

How would the characters celebrate their birthdays (mine is coming up soon I don't know what to do T^T)

Mikasa: Just have a little party with a few very close friends
Reiner: ‘my super sweet sixteen’ no matter how old he gets
Bertholdt: No one ever remembers his birthday
Annie: Wouldn’t celebrate at all, but would totally not turn down a surprise party
Eren: Little party with the squad
Jean: Big party with everyone who’s cool
Marco: invite everyone to a nice place to chat and drink
Sasha: Invite everyone to some huge adventure trip she planned herself
Connie: No celebration, just running around telling everyone it’s his birthday
Historia: Donates all her gifts to goodwill
Armin: Gets a cake from Mikasa and enjoys it with her and Eren any maybe some others from the squad
Ymir: Sleeps all day, parties all night
Levi: Doesn’t really wanna, but gets dragged to a bar by the other vets
Hanji: Bar hopping with the vets
Erwin: Wine and candlelight with the vets
Nanaba: Cake for everyone
Mike: Bar hopping with the other vets