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I always like to check fictional locations on real maps and I’m so glad I did because otherwise I would never have known how they came up with the name for the Far Harbor DLC

I have the most amazing photography trip planned for next weekend. 

I found a cheap ass room. I rented the fancy lens I can in no way afford and even if had almost rationalized myself into thinking I could the surprise giant vet bill put a stop to that. I have done all my research. Packed my car already with the things I won’t need this week so I won’t forget - heavy coats for that 2am start, blankets, hand warmers to stick on my lens, the tripod. 

I have obsessively checked star maps, tide tables, sunrise/sunset tables. I have used my super type-A obsessive planning personality to map the best places at  the best time of day. 

Y’all, right now, the weather is calling for clouds and rain. Which can be pretty in their own way, but I just want one god damn clear night. Because it’s an almost a new moon. The little moon there will be sets around midnight. The Milky Way will be ideal around 2-3am. Astronomical dawn starts at 2.45am. 

Think clear thoughts, please. I’m going to be so bummed if my Death Valley night-sky photography trip got ruined by a sandstorm and this next one gets rained out. 

I just want to take pictures of stars and lighthouses and the ocean. 

I really enjoy that my boyfriend’s family cabin has its own beach 🌞 it’s pretty hard to light the bowl in the wind though

(chopping wood sounds in the background) 💪🌲

@taquisha tagged me to stop drop and take a hit, and I never turn down and excuse to take a bar harbor sunset video! 🌅

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Maulie, Landseer Newfoundland (8 y/o), Cottage & Main St., Bar Harbor, ME • “We live on a lake here in Maine. When any kayaker or paddleboarder goes by, she’ll go in to try to save them. The Vikings used them way back when, and they would just throw them in the water when a man went overboard.”