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Busy week!

36 new raptors admitted (many from other rehabilitators).  2 turtles today (not raptors).  Lots of calls about other wildlife.  Multiple successful re-nestings. We are doing everything possible to return every healthy juvenile and that keeps us even busier.  And this is only the beginning.  Whew. 

Notes from the Route: Dance Teams

New Orleans

The historiography of dance is an impossible one to trace. With conjecture, we can assume we first danced about the time we crawled out of the ocean, grew legs, felt the spirit and let it move us. We’ve since danced to summon weather, to heal the sick, to celebrate births and weddings, for salvation, redemption and to mark full moons and bat mitzvahs. We’ve danced in ballrooms, in forest clearings, in empty dive bars in eastern Oregon and in the wallpapered kitchens of our first loves. In whatever way we move our bodies, it is always to release the hounds of our selves in some way — and to conjure the spirit of the moment. Where language fails us, dance is the thing still true.

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Good evening, one and all! Denizens of Ravnica, I’m happy to announce the opening of Frostwing Meadery! Please, come inside and enjoy a drink! If you all want to dress up, feel free! The first drink is on the house! 

The Frostwing Meadery is in the 9th District, near to the Boros garrison there. The meadery is quite large, and covers about a square mile, with a full half-mile square being devoted to drinking and being merry, with the other half being given to production. A great Ravnica construction project, the meadery is made of white marble struck through in dazzling swirls of turquoise and other blue gems and metals. Fires are lit on the exterior, lighting the black, brown, and blue sign. Inside, the massive vaulted ceilings easily reach 300 feet high, accommodating even the largest beings. Tables large and small, tall and short spread through the great wooden and marble hall. A great fireplace blazes on the western end of the room, with the bar on the eastern wall, and a stage, and accompanying dancefloor, in the north. The bar is made of mahogany and is stair-stepped to accommodate the largest and smallest of beings. The light dances on the walls and ceilings, making them as ice, and the room is kept cool, around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Please enjoy your stay at the Frostwing Meadery!

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Also, the dragon head is from Pathfinder, and I can’t seem to find the original artist. If someone knows please let me know so I can credit them!

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What do you guys think about the College Board counting Middle Eastern as Caucasian?

I hate it with every cell in my body. 

In high school, I had a Syrian friend who was applying for medical schools. She was told by her (white & incompetent) counselor to mark herself down as white on all her applications. But really there are plenty of science scholarships for women of color, and she’s a WOC, so she could have missed out on significant money. It’s ridiculous and it bars Middle Eastern women from the resources that they need access to. 

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Drunken American beaten up for giving Nazi salute in Germany
The 41-year-old was slightly injured in the attack in Dresden, but faces investigation for breaching the country’s anti-Nazi laws

in case anyone wants more details about this

The incident happened on Saturday morning as the tourist, who was “strongly under the influence of alcohol”, left a bar in the eastern city’s Neustadt area and repeatedly gave the Hitler salute on the street.

“An unknown passerby then beat up the man and slightly injured him,” the [police] statement said.

The assailant, who has not been found, faces charges of causing bodily harm, it added.

Hello, fellow Pokemon Trainers! I’m Jingle, and I’m in the process of starting up a Pokemon Giveaway Blog! While my first giveaway will probably be on Thursday, September 7th at 7 PM Eastern, barring any unforeseen delays, it’s never too early to start advertising the blog itself.

The current plan is for weekly giveaways done through the GTS, and since my first giveaway isn’t planned yet, feel free to send me an ask letting me know what you might like to see! My focus, depending on the giveaway, will be either on unedited Pokemon bred for egg moves and high IVs, or PowerSaves-edited BR and/or shiny Pokemon. All Pokemon will be cloned. Complete details will be provided on each giveaway post. My deposit pokemon is a male Spinarak (any level) nicknamed “gaALL”.

I look forward to interacting with this part of the Pokemon community very much!

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(@pokemoncentercafe & @tapugiveaways, could I possibly get a signal boost?)

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GOSH. THEY ARE ALL GREAT PROMPTS. Royai please. And, uh, don't make me choose. Any odd number. YOUR FAVORITE ODD NUMBER. GO!

there’s something about bars and being undercover that I love, so…..

Royai – 13 // “Kiss me…”

             Over the years Roy thought he had heard a lot of crazy things.  Hearing Edward Elric claim that he had grown taller than Roy was crazy, Havoc finding a steady relationship with Rebecca Catalina was crazy, hell even being promoted to General shortly after gaining his vision back was crazy; but nothing even came close to how crazy the sentence that his Captain had just uttered was.  Even though they were undercover at a seedy bar in Eastern, Roy would’ve never expected to hear Riza Hawkeye tell him to kiss her.

             “Excuse me?” Roy choked.

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Tiger Salamander Caresheet

Common Name: Tiger Salamander (Subspecies: Eastern, Arizona, Barred, Blotched, Gray, Mexican, Sororan and California)

**Note: The Sororan and California Tiger Salamanders are federally protected and are illegal to own.  Some states have prohibited ownership of Tiger Salamanders, please check your local Fish & Games laws to be aware of your laws**

Origin: USA, Southern Canada and eastern Mexico

Appearance: Most subspecies are yellow to an olive color with black stripes/markings but some can be gray with black stripes depending on which subspecies.  Albino tiger salamanders have been reported in this species but are not popular in the pet trade.

Life Expectancy: 15 to 20 years

Size: Mature adult averaging around 6 to 13 inches

Diet: Earthworms, Nightcrawlers, Red Wigglers (avoid chopping them) or Crickets (must be dusted)

**Tiger Salamanders can be offered frozen pinkie mice or waxworms but are not recommend as a staple diet, only recommended to gain weight on an individual. **

Care: Tiger Salamanders should be fed about once or twice a week depending on the temperatures the tank is kept at.  If the tank is on the warmer side they should be fed twice a week while in cooler temperatures they should be fed once a week.

The tank should be misted daily to provide a humid environment as well as keep the substrate moist.  If you are not doing a bioactive set up, feces should be removed daily and the soil should be removed every month.  If providing a water dish for them, make sure to change the water daily.   Water should be treated with water conditioners.

Habitat: One full grown adult can be kept in a ten gallon tank.  Two adults can be kept in a 20 gallon tank and recommend going with a 20 long tank.  Larger the tank the better despite these are not very active animals.  The biggest factor with this species is providing them with a lot of substrate to burrow in.

Set-Up of the Habitat: Tiger salamanders are part of the “mole salamander” group that love to tunnel/burrow.  They should be provided a proper substrate to allow them to burrow and is recommended it should be a minimal of 4 inches deep for them.   Suitable substrate can be coconut fiber or potting soil but found that the potting soil is the best choice with them.  Do not use peat moss as this is very harmful to the salamanders.

Cork flats are a perfect hide for this species where they normally are found hiding under wood or fallen trees in their natural habitat.  Plants are an optional add to their set up, most plants that can be used in a terrarium set up can work with their set up.  There is a chance the salamander might dig up these plants so be cautious about what you use!  Moss is highly recommended as this does naturally occur in their habitat.  If rocks are added in a set up, make sure they are very large rocks as this species is capable of accidentally ingesting small rocks.

A water dish can be provided for this species, whether they use it is a different story. Tiger Salamanders normally do not sit in water and usually can be a sign of illness.  They usually get a lot of their moisture from the food they eat as well as the substrate they are kept in which is usually damp.

Temperature: 60 to 72 degrees, aim for keeping your tank under 72 degrees

Tank mates:  Only recommend springtails and isopods as tankmates and they are purely to use as a ‘cleaning crew’ for your tank if you are trying for a bioactive set up.

This species should not under any circumstances be housed with other newts or salamanders as they will eat them!

Sexing: Mature females tend to have a longer tail versus the males who have a shorter tail.  However, the best way would be looking at the cloaca of the animal, males have large swollen like cloacas while females do not.

Handling: As with all if not most species of newts and salamanders, handling should be kept at a MINIMAL.  Oils in our skin as well as anything we encounter can be harmful to them.

It is recommended to washing your hands BEFORE and AFTER any handling of them and even possibly using gloves to handle them.  I only handle my own when I need to remove them from the tank and even then, that is very little.  This species seems to be a little more tolerate of being handled but again, only handle them when it is necessary.

These will not be a pet you can handle like reptiles or snakes.

Breeding: Breeding of this species is very difficult due to the nature of how breeding is done as well as majority of this species are usually wild caught individuals.  Breeding can happen at different times depending on what subspecies you have.  It is usually trigger by rains that cause a migration of salamanders to small ponds where courtship takes place.

According to successful captive breeders that this involved a cooling and warming period much like other newt/salamander species that would induce courtship.  Accounts of captive breeding is that it was done by keep the salamanders in a garage in the winter months and then moving them into large kiddie pools upon warmth weather arriving.  With provide them a lot of natural cover and a small pond-like area that this allowed breeding to occur.  Females will lay anywhere from around 100 to 150 eggs which are laid in clusters.  The eggs will hatch in 19 to 50 days depending and will become aquatic larvae.

Aquatic larvae should be fed live foods such as redworms, earthworm, crickets and other properly appropriate invertebrates.  They should be fed around 2 to 3 times a week depending on what temperature they are kept at.  When gill shrinking occurs, larvae should be offer somewhere to climb up on when they move to land.

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i greet you at the counter of a seedy bar in eastern vermont. you think you might've met me at a party sometime, but you can't quite place my name. the conversation drags on for at least twenty minutes with no mention of names. you start to sweat.

“can I get some more seeds over here” I ask of the bartender, who quickly tosses me some watermelon’s.  “thank you” I tell him as I use them to soak up my sweat.

turning to you I ask if you come here often and you say “no, no one ever comes to eastern vermont often.”

we stare into each other’s eyes for what seems like years, but is really only four seconds.  “I have to go,” i tell you, “i left the microwave on”