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[Before the girls go out to trick or treat]

Ally: Don’t stay out all night, guys

Ally: Remember last Halloween when you guys stayed out till 3am and Camila got sleep-deprived that she tried to eat her own shirt?

Camila, tearing up: It was the same color as a chocolate bar..

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Yeah, clearly I imagined it.

★ Request: can i get a angsty, heartbreaking, gut wrenching imagine about how you did everything you possibly could to make it seem like you cheated, fell out of love and got pregnant by some other guy so that jamie benn he could hate you but the only reason why you did that was because you were pregnant with jamie’s child and he had expressed one night that he wasn’t ready for a baby yet so that’s why you left him?

★ Warnings: Angst

★ Note: This was such a dope request, I hope I did it justice!

★ Parts: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

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The positive pregnancy test fell from your fingers and into the sink, clattering when it hit the basin. There was a chance it could be a false positive you told yourself. No, you realized as you took a deep breath, it wasn’t. The other 3 tests sitting on the counter were all positive, too.

You swallowed hard as tears welled in your eyes. This should be a happy time; you should be elated, you should be looking forward to telling Jamie he was going to be a father, decorating a nursery, buying adorable clothes, raising a baby with the man of your dreams. Unfortunately, the only feeling that plagued your mind was dread.

Your hand fell to your stomach, imagining the tiny grouping of cells that were soon to be your baby. A baby. Allowing a small smile to play briefly on your lips was a mistake; remembering the conversation you and Jamie had had two months ago. Tears spilled onto your cheeks as you thought about his words, sobs shaking you to the core.

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Under the Mistletoe

Summary: A Christmas party with friends brings Gil and the reader together. 
Pairing: Gil x Reader
Word Count: 2040
Warnings: None – except watch out for your sweet tooth. 
Challenges: Three of them! @atc74‘s 2K Gif Challenge (gif in the story), @jayankles 1 Year Everything Challenge (Prompt: Time with friends), and @d-s-winchester‘s 12 Days of Christmas Challenge (Prompt bolded). 

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Serendipity - Mark x MC, (#LoveHacks Fanfic)

[A little note:  I have wanted to do a Mark x MC piece for such a long time, but with the way #LoveHacks is constantly up and down for me, I didn’t think I’d ever find the inspiration to finish one.]

[Summary: Standing up MC isn’t the perfect way to start a relationship. Can Mark make it up to her before the last train home? Wow this is a terrible summary]

Originally posted by 30000fps

Dani basked in the Sunday afternoon glow of San Francisco heat. She arrived early in her rush to beat downtown traffic and was relieved to finally have a few moments to herself. 

She sighed and tipped her head back, drumming her fingers across the bench’s rough texture until she involuntarily checked her watch again. A habit she had begun cultivating as of late, whenever she felt the bundle of nerves she was feeling now. She checked it superfluously every few minutes for any familiar signs of his bright eyes or his familiar dark hair; but no one jumped out at her the way Mark often did as they passed.

They were supposed meet with the rest of their friends, except the rest of their friends had cancelled. Horatio had taken someone else’s shift at the bar, Sereena and Brooke were up late from work the night before - and she hadn’t heard from Cole all week. A tour of one of San Francisco’s greatest museum they said, except everyone came up with excuses to bail last minute. She wondered if it was because they had been obvious to everyone but themselves in their flirtatious smirks and teasing remarks; nevertheless, they had left her ultimately to her own fate. A fate of loneliness, after demanding the tour to San Francisco’s best museum was an absolute necessity.

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*SURLY* cross-check complete bike 42 by BLUE LUG
Via Flickr:
*SURLY*cross×check complete bike BLUE LUG customSPEC Frame: *SURLY*cross×check BLUE LUG CUSTOM Headset:*VELO ORANGE* grand cru headset 1 1/8" Wheels:*AMBROSSIO* excursion rim × *SHIMANO* 105 hub Tire:*SCHWALBE* marathon tire Brake lever:*DIA-COMPE* SS-6 brake lever (all polish) Shift lever:*ENE CICLO* Crankset:*FAIRWEATHER* cx crank set RD: *SHIMANO*alivio Brake:*SHIMANO* Handle: *VELO ORANGE* milano handle bar Saddle:* BROOKS*b17 Grip:*BROOKS* slender leather grip