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first milestone !! seriously you guys have made this amazing. i’m super happy to have come back to this blog & been able to interact with so many inspiring writers & friends. thanks for your patience - i really wish i could put into words how truly happy i am. ♡ ♡ ♡

i thought about how i wanted to make this & decided on just a small bias list. the last thing i wanted to do is make anyone feel insecure, but i’ve known some of you outside of the community & you’ve truly brightened my life. others i’ve only had the pleasure of meeting, but thank you for loving my boy & making us both smile. then there’s those i have had interactions with & where we may not talk as much, seeing your responses gets me hyped & warms my heart so thank you.

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I just…can’t believe that anyone counts the Supreme Court appointment as a victory for Donald Trump.

The Electoral College gave it to him by putting him in office with a Republican majority–thanks to the earlier efforts of Congress to keep Obama from appointing his own Justice.

It’s like watching a football game where the defense pushes the offense out of field goal position, then the offense moves the ball all the way down the field to the 20-yard line, and when the kicker makes the field goal everyone jumps up and praise him as the MVP. Yes, he made the winning score, but everything was set up for him in advance. Failure to accomplish such a simple task would have been an embarrassment, but success is hardly a triumph.

But then again, Trump’s been credited for other peoples’ successes his entire life, so why would anything be different now?