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Recipes for Recipes

Oat Flour


3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes-183.5 cals for the entire thing

Breakfast Wrap-169 cals

Breakfast Cereal

Flax Egg-37 cals

Actual Pancakes

Toastless French Toast-53.6-ish Calories

Waffles- cals depend on how many you make


Lunch Plan (smoothie and wrap)

Pb and j-30? cals

Tuna Rice Cakes-75-100 cals


Chili (vegan)-65.3 cals

Ramen-29 cals

Spring Rolls (vegan)-39.5 cals

Veggie Hot Dog-119.5 Calories

Veggie Burgers-101.2


3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Powder Cookies

Brownies-37 cals

Brownie in a Mug-40 cals

Blueberry Scones-103.5 cals

Donuts(Healthy/Vegan/Gluten Free)- 229.4 cals

Chocolate Banana Brownies-submitted

Chocolate Pudding-157 cals

Lemon Chia Seed Scones-423.3-428.8 cals

Lava Cake, Low Cal-41.6 cals

Lemon Mug Cake-302 cals

Magic Chocolate Bar-49 cals

Microwave Cake-21 cals

Healthy Blueberry Muffins-139.3 cals

Oatmeal Cookies(No Cook, Vegan)-24-58.8 Calories


Apple Cider Vinegar Master Post

Frappuccino- 29 calories

Homemade Hot Chocolate- 15 cals

Strawberry Banana Smoothie-76.5 cals

Starbucks 1

Starbucks 2

Peanut Butter Milk Shake-166.666 cals

Side-Type Dishes

Cloud Bread

Deviled Eggs-43.1 cals

Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes-256.2 cals

Spring Roll-39.5 cals

Rice Cakes-You have to add your calories

Healthy Carrot Fries


Chicken Noodle Soup

Egg Drop Soup-154 cals

Hot and Sour Soup

Tomato Soup


Almond Butter, Vegan, No-Cook-52.4 Calories

Sweet Lemon Cashew Glaze-372 calories for the entire thing

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Peanut Butter-16 cals

Roasted Cauliflower and Bean Dip-273 cals for 6 servings

Restaurant Safe Foods

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From Starving to Recovery

Reasons to Recover

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Imagine meeting Dean in a bar.

Title: The Good Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, (briefly), Jayden, Rae, Dani, & Bailey (OFCs briefly mentioned)

Warnings: pre-smut, language, fluff

Word Count: 3.8k

A/N: So, this story is rooted in my own personal experience at 25. Obviously the guy wasn’t Dean fucking Winchester, but oh if he had been. *whew* Thank you Mimi and Erin for helping me see the issues and get them resolved. I know that a lot of you have been EAGERLY anticipating this fic. I REALLY hope it doesn’t disappoint you. It got lengthy and a little out of control and WILL have one more part. - I know it’s an HOUR LATE. SORRY!

Summary: You were a good girl. You went off to a private Christian college because  you knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. You wanted a career, so you made a choice. You went away. You didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until you were 21. No bars until you were 23. Didn’t have sex until you were in love, or at least you thought you were in love. You’ve always liked who you are, but there was a pretty distinct shift when you were 25. Five friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. You’re different now, and you’re certain you’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

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anonymous asked:

I met up with a 40 year old on tinder at a bar around midnight. I'm 21. He was 6'4" and turned out to be really hot and funny. I let him fuck me that night. For the next three months I let him choke me, face fuck me, spit on me, and slap me. He let me call him daddy and he called me daddy's little girl. One of my favorite things he'd do was hold my face in his crotch while I was giving him head on my knees. He would ask me if I liked it, and made me say "Yes sir." with my mouth full of his cock

okay this might be my fav post on here 🔥🔥🔥

Andalusian Nights - Apricot Brandy, Myers Dark Rum and Orange Juice, and Pina Colada mix, from Spice Road Table located in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion.

Seriously though the idea of Braig helping to raise Ienzo is hilarious to me because

  • He would teach him all the swear words though no one is sure if it was intentional or not 
  • First time Braig gets put in charge of babysitting Ienzo he’s like “here’s 10 bucks, I’m off to the bar”. Ienzo manages to find his way back before Braig does. 
  • Braig tries to use Ienzo to pick up chicks, Ienzo ends up utterly ruining it by either being a smart ass and/or biting one of the girls when her hand gets just a bit to close to his face
  • Ienzo learns how to sass people by watching Braig
  • Braig teaching Ienzo how to play poker and other card games (Braig seems like the type who would play people for money)
  • Braig teaching Ienzo how to shoot a gun and the recoil causing Ienzo to get a bloody nose. 
  • Braig using his space powers to plop Ienzo up on the castle roof for a few hours. Ienzo doesn’t mind as it’s cool and interesting (I mean, you ever been on top of a roof as a little kid, it’s amazing) but Even nearly has a heart attack upon finding out. 
  • Xigbar dragging Zexion out to the bar when he turns 21 only for Zexion to end up with a massive hangover and vowing never to drink again. Xigbar finds this hilarious. 
  • Ienzo discovering he’s good with illusions and Braig asking him to help prank people. Sidenote: There’s actually a really good fic that plays with this idea This Way Down (basically Zexion and Xigbar combining their powers to create a never ending staircase)
  • But yeah Braig is like that older brother who picks on you but you think they’re super cool anyway til you grow up and realize they’re kind of a loser. XD
Pismo s druge strane okeana

Draga moja,

Pišem ti s ove strane života, gdje nema nikog osim mene i par pijanica koji su jednom vjerovali da mogu biti književnici ili ako ne to onda – srećni ljudi. Neki od njih imaju i po pet stotina stranica, neki su izdati u Beogradu a neki u Sarajevu. Nisam ih tražio niti su oni tražili mene ali sam ih sretao lutajući po antikvarnicama, pa bi me svojim prašnjavim koricama koje smrde na kafanski mem privlačili i šaptali mi kako razumiju. Tako je počela moja ovisnost o polovnim knjigama.

Prošlo je šest godina kako sam posljednji put bio u knjižari. Nije to stvar principa, cijene ili neke moje ogađenosti kapitalizmom… samo sam otkrio da je u knjigama koje je neko drugi već čitao, pa ih izgubio, prodao ili ostavio na klupi u parku, ostalo bar 10 od onog 21 grama njegove duše. Još ako na knjizi postoji posveta, crtež ili bilo kakva poruka na bilo kojoj od stranica – ne pitam za cijenu, moram je imati. Mislim da bi ti se svidjele neke od njih. Doduše, često se desi da fali stranica ili da je neki važan pasos umrljan alkoholom, progoren cigaretom ili je preko cijele stranice nacrtan samo čitaocu jasan amblem. Kako god, tako oštećene i stvarne, sve te knjige su historija nečijeg života, trag nečeg što je jednom bilo važno pa je zaboljelo ili nestalo. Svaka od tih knjiga je jedno slomljeno srce jer kad pročitaš sve te posvete i poruke – zapitaš se šta se moralo desiti pa da tako velike riječi završe u prodavnici uspomena.

Napisat ću ti neke od njih, čisto da znaš s čim imaš posla. Ako se jednom vidimo, ako dođeš u Sarajevo ili pak mene vjetar nanese u tvoj grad, ponijet ću ti knjigu u kojoj se nalazi posveta koja ti se najviše svidi. To će biti moj poklon tebi, prva opipljiva uspomena nakon svih ovih godina. Odlučiš li se odgovoriti na ovo pismo, na poleđini sam ti napisao adresu na kojoj me možeš naći. Piši mi o svom životu, o braku i prvim koracima tvoje kćerkice. I piši mi, ako u ovom neredu nađeš nešto za sebe, koju od posveta bi željela imati? Neću ti govoriti nazive knjiga, to će biti najljepša čarolija ovog poklona. Nećeš znati šta dobijaš, ali ćeš znati šta je taj poklon značio njegovom originalnom vlasniku. Zar to nije čudno? Kao da ti poklanjam dio nečijeg života. 

Da pređemo na stvar, posvete su s druge strane papira. Ostani dobro,


-Sve je moguće. Čekam te u zemlji čuda.

 -Bukowski je jednom napisao da se ni bolji ljudi od njega nisu složili sa životom. Ovo je za tebe buntovniče.

 -Mojoj Mariji na drugom kraju svijeta. Ako ova knjiga nađe put do tebe, neka te pronađe srećnu i šapne ti da neko u Sarajevu misli na tebe. Čuvaj se.

-Kao čovjek koji živi u prošlosti, uvijek sam se bojao novogodišnje noći. S tobom sam naučio živjeti za budućnost a prošlost ostaviti vatrometima. Srećna nova anđele, čekaj me.


-Nikad nisam znala napisati pristojnu rođendansku čestitku. Znaš mene, smotana sam s riječima ali moja je ljubav besmrtna. Jednom ću ti napisati savršenu čestitku i ti ćeš reći da sam ti ukrala posao. Srećan rođendan, dok čekaš… I dalje te volim pjesniče!


-Mojoj majci, za godine u kojima samo ona zna kako je uspjela.


-Simpatičnoj djevojci sa sedmog sprata. Izvini što sam prosuo kafu po tvojim cipelama.


-Koeljo kaže da je dovoljno vjerovati da anđeli postoje. Jebeš vjerovanje, ti si moj živi dokaz. Srećno nam petnaest mjeseci i sedam dana veze. Tvoj blesan.


-Izvini, nisam znao da te volim. Sretan put.


-Naučila si me biti bolji čovjek, zato mislim da ja trebam tebi nešto pokloniti. Znam da ne voliš Ruse ali ovaj će ti pričati o tebi. Sretan ti moj rođendan.


-Tata bi bio ponosan na tebe mila.


-Srećan dan zaljubljenih čupo. Znam, nije februar ali on je za obične ljubavni. Uvijek tvoja, Milica.


-Čestitam glavonja. Bio si katastrofalan student a sad ćeš bit’ još gori doktor. Nek’ je sretno tvojim pacijentima! Vole te braća.


-Esmi, dok čeka da joj napišem pravu knjigu.


-Naš sin mi je jučer rekao da sam papučar kad sam tražio ideju za poklon. Sve ove godine sam zaljubljena budala, šta radiš od mene? Sretna godišnjica žuta.


-Strancu koji pronađe ovu knjigu – Danas budi srećan, život tako brzo prolazi a ja bih dala sve samo da mogu vratiti vrijeme i reći mu da ga volim. Nauči živjeti stranče, ako mi dozvole pazit ću te s nebesa. Uskoro odlazim.

                                               Nevena, mart 2004

Friendly Guide for IDK Fans

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
Upcoming 2017 tour dates! (All confirmed.)

7/28 - AMPLYFi, Los Angeles, CA (all ages)
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8/23 - Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA (21+)
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8/24 - Beauty Bar, Las Vegas, NV (21+)
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8/25 - Velour, Provo, UT (all ages)
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8/26 - Jazzy’s Java, St. George, UT (all ages)
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9/01 - AMPLYFi, Los Angeles, CA (all ages)
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The Good Girl - Teaser Summary (it's just an idea)

It’s kind of personal, really.

It would be Dean x Reader.

Summary: I was a good girl. I went off to a private Christian college because I knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. I wanted a career, so I made a choice. I went away. I didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until I was 21. No bars until I was 23. Didn’t have sex until I was in love, or at least I thought I was in love. I’ve always liked who I am, but there was a pretty distinct shift when I was 25. Six friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. I’m different now, and I’m certain I’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

Would you guys be at all interested in a story like that?

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