one cannot have enough of cute and random aus so here have some more
  • “You’re the cute and quiet customer that frequents the coffee shop where I’m a barista and also where my rival barista works and we’re both fighting for your attention in increasingly creative and inconspicuous ways (making foam art, writing cheesy pick-up lines on your napkin etc. etc.)” AU.
  • “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.
  • “You’re an Art student and I’m an English major and you keep stealing the papers for my assignment to doodle and I would kill you but you’re really cute and hey that’s actually a really nice sketch” AU.
  • “You’re the perpetual frowner in class and one day as I’m answering the teacher I intentionally make a very cheesy pun and I can hear crickets but you’re laughing out loud and that makes me feel very much accomplished” AU.
  • “The manager says the only reason the restaurant where we work at is popular is because people enjoy eating while watching our relentless flirting with each other but I swear to God we’re not flirting???” AU.
  • “I ditch prom to attend a local poetry slam and you’re also there and I never really noticed what a cute smile you have and hey do you maybe want to bond over our mutual love for ‘Howl’???” AU.
  • “You’re new in town and you seem very intimidating but as it turns out you have an awful sense of direction even with a map and you’re actually adorkable so here let me help you” AU.
  • “It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single and you want to cheer me up but you can’t cook nor bake to save your life so you make me hot chocolate instead and it is delicious and I think I love you???” AU.
  • “It’s gym class and we’re playing volleyball and you spike really well and you manage to hit the ball square in my face and I think I’m bleeding and you’re apologizing profusely and it’s okay but you’re really cute so I guess I’ll take you up on that offer for coffee” AU.
  • “You’re the jerk-face customer that keeps on thumbing through their phone while ordering their drink so I exact revenge by spelling your name wrong on your cup and drawing phallic pictures on your coffee” AU.
  • “Our mutual friend invites us to go shopping with them and it’s kind of awkward and now you’re pushing them around the mall in a shopping cart and you’re both screaming like excited children and I’m paying the cashier and pretending I don’t know either of you” AU.
  • “Our mutual friend invites us for Thanksgiving dinner with their other friends and now there’s a full-fledged food fight going on with potatoes and turkey flying everywhere and we’re both seeking refuge under the table whilst sharing a bag of chips that you brought (just in case)” AU.
  • “You and I are both baristas at a coffee shop and one day I step out of the café to take a break and walk in on you gleefully drawing phallic pictures on the chalkboard outside that no one pays attention to so what are you doing?” AU.
  • “You and I go out to a sushi bar and the sushi chef yells at you for being allergic to a particular kind of fish and now you’re crying and I’m trying to comfort you” AU.
  • “You and I are at a sushi restaurant and you’re continuously snagging sushi off the belt that I have to pay for and you don’t seem to be going to stop anytime soon but you look so cute when you’re eating with that smile on your face what the hell man” AU.
  • “The mailman constantly mixes up your home address and mine together and keeps on sending me your letters and packages and I’m sorry I look through them but your life seems very interesting as well as those books on black magic in one of your packages so wanna talk about it over a cup of coffee?” AU.
  • “We’re both strangers sitting in the same booth at an eatery because all the other booths are full and you’re drawing smiley faces on your plate with ketchup and wow your concentrated frown is cute” AU.
  • “It’s our mutual friend’s wedding and they keep shoving us into each other because we’re the only ones at the ceremony who are single” AU.
  • “You’re my roommate and it’s way past midnight and you’re talking about how Charles Dickens inspired prison reform and how the moon must feel insignificant because it borrows light from the sun and this is all very interesting but will you please shut up and go to sleep” AU.
  • “You’re actually a really friendly and chill vampire and at night you float around outside of my bedroom window to talk with me about the universe and stuff” AU.
  • “You’re going through my sketchbook and giving questioning looks and I swear to God I’m just a deranged artist and not a serial killer” AU.
  • “We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork” AU.
  • “I’ve been standing in line at the coffee shop for hours and you casually cut through for your drink but also buy me my favorite blend and now I’m not so sure what to make of you” AU.
  • “I’m sick so you make me chicken soup and I’m really grateful but I’ve also seen you read books on magical spells and potion-making so I’m not sure if I should drink your soup in case it turns me into a toad” AU.
  • “There’s a scrawny black cat in our neighborhood that hates everyone and everything but follows you around for some reason and I see you pet it and feed it fish fries are you a witch” AU
  • “I’m a perpetual frowner and most certainly not a morning person and I work part-time at a breakfast bar and your disheveled hair and content smile as you eat my waffles and scrambled eggs is the only thing that can get me to smile” AU.
  • “You’re the one in class who has tattoos all over their arms and piercings and everybody’s scared of you and one day I catch you watching cat videos and doodling in the middle of a lecture and wow you’re a dork” AU.
  • “I work part-time as a cashier at the local corner store and you come here regularly to shop and bond with me over the microwavable chicken bites so how about I take you out on a proper date instead?” AU.
  • “I’m the owner of a magic shop and you discover my magics one day when you walk in on my cat flying around inside the shop on a broom and now I have to take you in as my apprentice or turn you into a toad” AU.
  • “You’re the health-conscious med student and I’m the chain-smoking art student who’s also your barista and you leave me notes on smoking and lung health on your napkins and also a 20-page essay on lung cancer tucked under your saucer” AU.
  • “You’re a tea-lover yet you come to the coffee shop where I work at just to see my foam art and you give me hefty tips regularly so I’ve taken it upon myself to master the art of tea-making just for you” AU.
  • “I’m a fashion major and I’m working on my illustrations and maybe I’ve had too much coffee but I swear I just saw one of the mannequins move so here I am calling you in the middle of the night please help I’m scared” AU.
  • “You work at a fast food restaurant and as you hand me my food you lecture me for ruining my health what is this hypocrisy” AU.
  • “I’m egging a random person’s house to relieve stress and you join me and as it turns out the house belongs to your ex and now they are chasing us as well as the police and now we’re both in jail waiting to be bailed so um you wanna talk about it?” AU.

anonymous asked:

what apps would the losers have on their phones if they were in 2017 (besides instagram i think they would all have insta)


- out of all the losers, stan would be the one to not care about the follower count on his insta. he just uses it to keep a record of all their great memories and put nice photos, and wouldn’t really care about keeping a consistent aesthetic.
- the others think he doesn’t have twitter because he “doesn’t want an app to tell him all the bullshit richie’s thinking 24/7”
- but he totally runs a shitpost spam account with like,, a lot of followers. makes his own memes for sure.
- probably has reddit and gets into debates with neckbeards
- one of those expensive tracking apps that acts as a planner and habit checker and reminder so he keeps his anxiety in check


- definitely runs a poetry tumblr using a fake name and actually has a lot of notes on a handful of his writings. he doesn’t mind specifically about follower numbers because he started the blog as a journal for himself, but getting constructive criticism from other writers and positive feedback from his followers becomes super important to him! sweet boy!
- the most wholesome snapchat stories u ever seen… like just so cute and loving
- p i n t e r e s t ! making boards for saving recipes and poetry and nice pics to use as writing inspo
- insta that isn’t meant to be aes but lowkey is
- probably thinks twitter is a birdwatching app


- definitely had a deviant art account with some … pretty cringey stuff on it from his preteen years, is probably still floating around the web to haunt him later. same with his old myspace
- he loves insta, and actually has a pretty good follow count and is lowkey an insta blogger. would die for his aes
- has a quiet tumblr with little diary entries and a handful of his fave calming pics to read through on sad days!
- has snapchat but 80% of the time only sends black screens with text on them
- lurks on twitter but rarely posts


- one of those workout apps that gives you healthy recipes and motivational reminders every day
- uses insta rarely but all his posts are 10/10 and so soft that he starts to enjoy posting a lot more
- that study app that locks down your phone and rewards every productive hour by planting a tree 
- “mike why didn’t you answer my texts for three days?”
- “mike we thought you were dead”
- always sends cute little morning snapchat selfies of him trying out the new filters
- like videos of him looking confused with dog ears and when he opens his mouth to speak and the tongue comes out and he giggles and is like “oh!”


- still has flappy bird because he believes the story that a phone with it installed is worth millions
- so many of those shitty free game apps that just spam you with ads and make you wait five hours between plays before you can progress
- one of those stimming apps! with colours and tapping exercises to fiddle with when his adhd acts up
- runs a twitter meme page for sure
- also had a personal twitter that’s literally filled with bullshit, as stan expected. those 3am posts like “every book is a remix of the dictionary” are plentiful, and a couple of them went viral when someone posted a screenshot on insta
- hates facebook a lot, but loves messenger and spams the gc by changing everyone’s display name every three seconds
- spotify on his bottom utility bar!! mixtape!au reddie is still in full force in playlist form ok
- s n a p c h a t ! ! !
- literally always updating his story to way more than the socially acceptable level but no one minds because it’s hilarious


- ada: your virtual doctor
- often typing in minor symptoms and scrolling to the bottom of the list to see the WORST CASE SCENARIO and freaking out. gets frustrated and deletes the app, and then re-downloads it. this happens at least once a week
- sleep tracker he uses religiously
- didn’t think he’d like insta but found it nice and relaxing to edit pics and as he gained followers he was! so happy?! my boy felt validated and put in so much effort for his aes my sweetie
- cute morning snapchats to richie (they have like a three year long streak)
- but richie refuses to accept lazy streak snaps that just are of his ceiling and have an “s” typed on them so eddie’s always taking “selfies” that are just his head under a pillow with his hair sticking up all over the place
- “eds thats cheating i want to see you properly”
- eddie sends a v v sleepy soft pic with his messy hair and half closed eyes and pouty face
- richie Thrives™️


- def runs a notorious dark aes tumblr blog
- but also has one that she keeps more lowkey that has a really calm and soft aes where she posts little inspirational quotes and doodles and shares survivor stories and gives advice to sad anons
- one of those super popular pics of a girl smoking wearing an edgy hat or some shit floating around pinterest that are used in so many moodboards is probably of her tbh
- insta insta insta ! her feed is 10/10 goals but its really just lots of selfies and pics of her fucking around at night with richie
- lots of online shopping apps this girl has an addiction
- makes skirts and sometimes runs commissions for custom jewellery and stuff as a fun little side project

ty so much for requesting i honestly… had too much of a good time with this 

wholesome, calm portable salad-bar au with @amazingphil & @danielhowell

rough sketch, as prompted by their second livestream

trash aus
  • i borrowed ur pen and its been 2 weeks and i still haven’t returned it because every time i talk to u, i am reminded of the massive fucking crush i have on u which always ends up leaving me speechless” au 
  • “u caught me dramatically lip syncing/dancing and instead of laughing u joined in v v badly and we did a fucking duet together” au
  • u sat next to me on the plane and idk if ur nervous or something but wHY DO U NEED THE TOILET SO FUCKING MUCH” au
  • “i’m a bus driver and despite my no-coins policy, u always manage to weasel ur way into giving them to me w/ stories that cannot possibly be true” au 
  • i didn’t realise i was staring at u while daydreaming” au 
  • “i have never met u in my entire life but u keep sarcastically responding to my tweets and i wanted to punch u until i saw ur avi and now i sort of want to kiss u” au
  • i thought u had a crush on our friend and u thought i had a crush on the same friend when in reality, we have a crush on each other” au
  • “we fucked last night and i left before u woke up and ur standing in front of me right now… for a job interview” au 
  • we’ve been married for 2 years now and u just had surgery that left u real fucking dopey and u keep telling me that u wanna take me out and marry me” au
  • “this is my first time at a gay bar and i’m kinda nervous so i got real drunk and now ur listening to me rant on and on about how gay two characters are for each other,” au
  • i drunk texted u thinking u were my ex and in the morning i woke up to a hangover and a long ass text from u telling me i could do better and shit” au
  • “i’m a popular fanfiction writer and u catch me writing the latest chapter in a cafe, and we end up talking and i keep going on and on about this cute commenter who i find out is u when u comment on the next chapter” au 
  • ur my best friend’s older brother and u just caught me singing along to my to best friend’s brother by victoria justice with a bunch of dicks drawn on my face.” au
  • “ur in a band i really like but ur band name is fucking stupid so i made an anonymous twitter account with new band name suggestions except it got really popular and now u wanna meet me” au 
  • ur my daughter’s teacher and u asked to meet me after school so i got real scared and now i’m shouting at u about how u shouldn’t make assumptions about a child’s skills due to their disability” au
  • “u helped me shout at some prick at a bar” au
  • ur the really sassy blind kid in my class who always brightens up my day with ur remarks and one day u confront me abt why i always laugh” au
  • “its a school reunion and woah u got really hot and woah we’re fucking in the bathroom” au 
  • we’ve been binge watching this show for a while and then i found out u didn’t ship my otp so i spent the rest of the day convincing u to ship them together” au

if u write any of these, TAG/MESSAGE ME!!!

Now what if Allura was a jazz singer?

The Library - ethiobird ( @hedarey)

(Words: 55,190) (Chapters: 5/5)

You certainly come across intriguing personalities every so often when you tend bar. None quite so intriguing as the lone girl with cascading chestnut hair sitting at the end of the bar, drinking a whiskey neat and reading a book, however.

Except, wait, that’s your new co-worker.


The College Bar AU in which Clarke is the Mom Friend bartender, Lexa is the new hire, and everyone is really just a hot damn mess. Shot of Jameson, anyone?

For the @deancas-sweetheart challenge!

1k, au, meet cute

Dean steps into the bar with an appreciative sigh, rubbing his hands together as his eyes take in all the options.

“Do you have to be so obnoxious about it?” Sam grumbles from behind him. He spots a table and pushes past his brother to claim it.

“Oh, come on, Sammy, get into the holiday spirit!” Dean chirps, eyes still scanning. 

“There is no holiday spirit,” Sam says. “It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re a horny old man about to prey on the loneliness and dejection of some poor man or woman.”

Dean pouts. “I’m not old.”

“That’s what bothered you about that sentence?”

The eldest Winchester gives an easy shrug and slips off his coat. “Look, Sam, it’s the circle of life. Some poor sap’s plans on the most romantic day of year gets ruined. They’re lonely and upset. Standards lower. I sweep in, offer something quick and fun that doesn’t leave them alone for the night. Everyone leaves at two a.m. feeling happy.”

“Yeah, that’s pathetic,” Sam quips.

“No, pathetic is sitting alone at a bar on Valentine’s Day while your brother scores because I just spotted a touchdown at twelve o’clock.”

Sam follows his brother’s focused gaze toward the bar and finds a man with messy dark hair hunched over a beer. There’s no one next to him and he’s fiddling with his phone. He’s the picture of someone who was stood up. And apparently Dean’s next victim. 

“Oh, Dean, leave the guy alone, he looks sad.”

“That’s why I can’t leave him alone, Sammy!” Dean crows. “Gotta spread the love. Okay, wish me luck.”

He doesn’t wait for Sam to respond, just swaggers toward the bar, summoning his legendary smirk.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he greets, sidling up next to the man, leaving just enough space between them to be respectful but obvious. “Can I buy you another drink?”

Dean didn’t really know what he was expecting once he saw the man’s face. He kinda just saw that thick waist and even thicker thighs and let instinct take over.

Whatever his downstairs brain had been conjuring, it certainly hadn’t included eyes bright as blue fire burning away all of Dean’s cool with a look that was disinterested at best

“I’m not your sweetheart.”

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limeredade  asked:

BAR AU. okay so, viktor and chris are bartenders, sexy bartenders. and the bar has a little stage for singers. so, viktor has to cover one of chris' day, and he doesn't know who sings that day but when he hears his voice, when he hears the guitar playing gently, he may just have fallen in love. and he looks at the stage to see an utterly bEAUTIFUL JAPANESE MAN singing like he was born for it. he's singing a sad song. but when he looks at viktor, he stutters and forgets the lyrics (1/2)

bar au. and then the whole night, while yuuri is singing, viktor never takes his eyes of him. but when his show ends, he sneaks out and viktor is desperate to find him, so he asks what his name is and the only thing he gets is “eros”. so, the next week, vik goes to see yuuri singing, but now the songs are a little bit happier. and they get happier and he starts singing about love and viktor may have just found the light he was missing in life. (2/2)

kirst’s bartender! Derek recs

Figured that after all the Stiles-centric tropes, it would be good to start introducing some Derek ones.

Appropriate Tip by frownypup

Derek is surely one good-looking bartender, Stiles will definitely hang out in this club everyday. Stiles should have left some tip though, maybe Derek won’t be so grumpy.

Darts of Pleasure by wearing_tearing

Stiles is naked.

He’s naked in a room that’s not his and in a bed that’s not his and there’s a hand lying flat against his lower stomach that’s most definitely one hundred percent absolutely not his.

Fall In Love In An Empty Bar by iamthelightening

There’s a new bartender at Stiles’s favourite bar, and Stiles is Not Happy.

Hurricane by alisvolatpropiis

Not-So-Fake IDs by tridecaphilia

Derek Hale has gotten very used to Stiles showing up with fake IDs.

pour me another by Menacherie

At 2:15 and thirty seconds, Scowl Guy walks in. At that point, Lydia rolls her eyes at Jackson as an argument heats up about how its not his fault traffic is horrible. She walks towards Stiles to fix her ponytail (with a comment on how she needs to get a haircut, or just do her hair differently, or for god sakes, just wear some makeup) then pushes her towards the counter so Stiles will stumble into it just as Scowl Guy reaches it.

sing a new song, Chiquitita by HalfFizzbin

Derek is scheduled to work a double shift at Hale or High Water on the night of his 30th birthday, which is an excellent encapsulation of how his life is going so far.

we only yesterday were worlds apart by Marishna

“I’ll have you know that I did my irresponsible drinking in college and this is my responsible grad school drinking,” Stiles replied with a grin.

Derek snorted. “What’s the difference?”

Worth more than the cheap stuff by cjr

Derek’s a bartender who thinks Stiles is worth more than a $7 drink. 


Props to the one and only @alleiradayne for this beautiful banner.

This is the post you’ve been waiting for (we hope)- the themes for each of our Cullen days! We invite all Cullenites to reblog or post fan works which fit in with each prompt- both old favourites or brand new creations you’ve whipped up specifically for this event.

Mon, 04 Sep: Maker turn his gaze on you - Cullen as a Templar

Kinloch Hold, Kirkwall, reflections on past actions- this day is dedicated to all aspects of Cullen’s service to the Order.

Tue, 05 Sep: With the Herald! For your lives! - Commander Cullen

Redemption, romance, recovery- anything Cullen gets up to while with the Inquisition.

Wed, 06 Sep: Everything feels like it was worth fighting for - Post-game Cullen

Where does Cullen end up after Trespasser? Is it a happily ever after? We don’t have the answer. But we know you do!

Thu, 07 Sep: I’m still alive. Your loving brother, Cullen - Family

This day is all about Cullen as a son, brother, uncle, father or even grandad- whatever you’d like him to be!

Fri, 08 Sep: Don’t say a word, dwarf. - Friends

Are Cassandra and Cullen BFFs? Or is the Commander known to enjoy evenings at the tavern with Rylen? You tell us!

Sat, 09 Sep: A Templar, a Krogan and a Winchester walk into a bar…

- AU and Crossover

Is Cullen a Sophomore at Denerim College? A Sole Survivor travelling around the Commonwealth? Or… wait- is he the Inquisitor?! This is your chance to go all out on everything alternate universe and crossover!

Sun, 10 Sep: Noodle Salad! - Rare pairs and non-canon ships

This is where you hit us with all those ships we’ll never see in the games but which you’re super passionate about!

How to participate:

  • Submit your new or existing fan work here or
  • put “Cullen Appreciation Week” in your tags
  • Not a content creator? Hit follow, sit back and enjoy! And if you see something you like, show the creator some ♥

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anonymous asked:

I'm looking for a fic where Bellamy and Clarke work at a restaurant, (Bell as a bartender, Clarke as a waitress) and they have a kind of love-hate relationship going on. It's like an enemies to friends to lovers kind of thing.

anon said: Trying to find a fic where Clarke dropped out of some really good college and worked with the all the main characters at a bar run by Kane and she ends up dating Bellamy in a slow burn

If You Won’t Look Down, I Won’t Look Back

thank you @miraculoushipping for finding this fic!

When He Becomes Handsy At A Bar (Mafia AU/ Requested)

~Kim Namjoom~ 

 Your date with Joonie was going perfect. It wasn’t often the two of you could get out and spend quality time with one another. He took a sip of his red wine and smiled at you. “You look beautiful, you know." He reached forward and played with a strand of your hair.

 "I think you are drunk.” You’d joke but lean into his warm touch. Namjoon looked like a fucking badass %1234 of the time. Something special set him off tonight. His bleach blonde hair was slicked back, the part of his hair sharp. The black suit and tie fit him just right. Hell, even the way he let the wine glass linger on his plump bottom lip drove you mad.

 "Why don’t you go get some Vodka? I know it’s your favorite.“ His husky voice sent chills down your spine. Namjoon was intimidating and you knew it. Yet you were just as much a predator as he was. Slick when you walked, enough confidence to fill an entire room. 

 He was the lion and you, his lioness. 

 You stood and slipped out of the booth to fetch more alcohol. When you went to pass him, his hand came down quick on the flesh of you clothed ass. You squealed in surprise and turned to glare at him. 

 "I reallyyy shouldn’t have let you out of the house dressed like this." 

 ~Kim Seokjin~ 

 Jin was know for his speed and efficiency. His alcohol tolerance, not so much. But 4 shots in the poor guy was wasted. Unlike most however, it wasn’t noticeable to the naked eye. For you however that wasn’t the case. 

 "Damn baby, you gotta man?!” He’d whisper in your ear, nearly leaning all of his weight on you. You’d scoff at his behavior but played along. 

 "Sure do, hot stuff. I don’t think he’d approve of this behavior.“ You cocked a brow at his deep frown. He tossed his arm on your shoulders with a cocky smirk.  

"Wellllll, he’s not here right now is he?” He slid both of his hands down to your ass and gave a firm squeeze. You tripped into the stool in shock and felt the skin of your face heat up.

 "I guess not.“ 

 ~Min Yoongi~

 In public, you weren’t allowed to drift an arms length away from your boyfriend. That especially included bars. Even one as bougie as this. Red satin lined the comfy booths you sat in, the glass tables were clear of any vomit like you might see in a public pub. 

 You and Yoongi were right beside each other as he schooled another fool in a game of poker. The poor guy groaned as Yoongi scooped up the last of his money. The entire time, you could feel the man’s eyes take all over you like a piece of rare steak. 

 "She’s nice isn’t she?” Yoongi questioned the dirt bag. You tightened your legs together when Yoongi slid a finger over your exposed collarbone. “My most prized possession." 

 "S-sure. She’s sexy!” The dog practically panted. He leaned his elbows and the table and lowered his eyes to your breast. Yoongi followed his eyes and took hold of one right in front of his opponent. You whimpered at his firm grip but couldn’t help the pleasure that came with it. With his foot, Yoongi kicked the table violently and the man dropped his face onto the glass. 

 "I fucking know. If you ever look at her like that again, I’ll cut out your eyes. Now get out of my sight.“ The guy jumped out of his seat and disappeared into the back of the bar. "Now where were we…?" 

 ~Jung Hoseok~ 

 Hobi watched you on the bar stool, sipping some fruity drink. He should pin you up against the wall for wearing a skirt that short. He took the seat right beside you and reached under the table to grab your thigh. You sputtered out your drink and quickly grabbed a napkin. This sort of behavior was unusual for him. 

Hoseok kept to himself most of the time, especially when it came to work. You grabbed his fingers and tried to pry him away but he moved no further. He ordered a martini and smiled at you. "What is it Princess? Do you have something to tell me?" 

 You shook your head firmly and popped the red cherry that came with your drink, in your mouth. Hobi licked his suddenly dry lips and gave the thigh a firm squeeze. You licked the red juice off the corner of your mouth and giggled.

 "What is it my love? Cat got your tongue?" 

 ~Park Jimin~ 

 Jimin grabbed your hand and twirled you around to the beat of the music. He jerked you back to his chest and you both shared a laugh. You loved to dance, it felt like you just disappeared and didn’t have to worry about a thing. The drunk people around you in the bar had no effect on either of you. 

It just made this tango even more naughty to you both. Jimin loved to watch you. All the danger and bloodshed was forgotten for a single moment. He watched you dip your hips to the song, keeping direct eye contact with him the entire time. 

 The way you moved should have been a sin. Your ass grinded the floor and you stood back up with a sway of your hips. Alcohol or not, Jimin was intoxicated. He reached out and grabbed you by the hips, pulling you as close as possible. 

"Those moves are for the bedroom baby girl." 

 ~Kim Taehyung~ 

 Tae had grown up playing with poison, but you were the most toxic of all. He had ordered a VIP room at the club, just for the two of you. You expected a small bar so you could serve yourself, but not the silver stripper pole in the middle. 

"Tae, I’m not comfortable with a woman coming in and dancing for us.” You stated simply. Tae chuckled and licked the door behind him. You cocked your head in confusion. Taehyung loosened his tie and leaned back against the velvet purple sofa. 

He reached behind him to the knob and dimmed the lights. His dangerous eyes flashed even trough the darkness. V beckoned you to stand between his open legs.

 "The only one dancing here,“ he grabbed the front of your tank top and pulled it low, exposing your bra. "Is you." 

 ~Jeon Jungkook~

 Jungkook wasn’t legally old enough to drink yet. That didn’t stop him from sneaking both of you into the bar occasionally. It wasn’t one of the fancy pubs that Yoongi would take his woman to. It was rough and rowdy, just like everything about Jungkook. 

 You both loved the loud music and the yelling drunkards. You both shared on seat. Kookie drug you into his lap where everyone could see you were his. That didn’t stop the two creepy men who were eyeing you from across the bar. Jungkook took a sip of his beer and growled. 

Without even a thought, he grabbed your womanhood on the outside of your jeans. As expected, your thighs clamped close around his hand but he made no move to remove it.

 The men became uncomfortable and eventually looked away. You slapped Jungkook’s shoulder as he pulled his palm away and took another swig of beer, "I’ve gotta show them who you belong to, baby girl." 

 ~Boi why are these Mafia AU so fun to write? I’m dead inside~

Eros - Bar AU Chapter 1, part 1

Disclaimer: This piece is a Mystic Messenger AU.  It is heavily inspired by the American sitcom Cheers, a show centered around a Boston bar called Cheers and it’s regulars.  Even though I have tried to keep as much of canon personalities with all the Mystic Messenger characters just remember that it is an AU and a few things may be different than in game or your headcanons. This has been fun to plan and I hope you find a bit of joy reading it!  

PG13+ for swearin’ and boozin’.

Ch.½ | Ch. 2/2


If you’ve never wandered to the outskirts of the downtown nightlife you’d think the name represented an establishment of finesse; a fancy restaurant, a classy gentleman’s club, a ritzy cocktail lounge.  

But throw open the doors to the aging building during the late midday and you’d find yourself staring at a lavish open bar.  You’d get a warm greeting from a handsome bartender and there’d be an air of familiarity amongst all the patrons.  

You’d never know that you’d love it until you stepped into it and everyone welcomed you back, happily shouting your name.


That’s right…

There’s always a good story behind a name.

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