I’m so done with the mentality that you are not allowed to want nothing to do with your abusive parent(s). That you have to be respectful, loving, and forgiving, despite their consistent failure to fulfill their responsibilities as a parent. That you shouldn’t utter a single bad word against them, in or out of their presence, when they’ve used every bad word in the dictionary against you. And God forbid you even allude to physical violence, but can’t remember a time there was hesitation before the pain.

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tips on how to avoid your indian friends. baat yeh hai meine kuch zyada hi baqwaas kar di aur ab team bhi haar gayi hai

Uney batao k iss duniya k haar jeet matter nai kerti humari asli haar jeet tou akhirat mei hogi jo udar jeetay ga wo asli winner hoga this duniya is temporary subhanAllah 1 like=1 respect ignore = shaitain