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tips on how to avoid your indian friends. baat yeh hai meine kuch zyada hi baqwaas kar di aur ab team bhi haar gayi hai

Uney batao k iss duniya k haar jeet matter nai kerti humari asli haar jeet tou akhirat mei hogi jo udar jeetay ga wo asli winner hoga this duniya is temporary subhanAllah 1 like=1 respect ignore = shaitain

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P1 So glad we're having this convo about Lilly(same w/AKamazIng) cuz I thought I ws the only one that thought this. She's not funny, she's loud hyper and annoying, honestly I cringe when she talks. She perpetuates stereotypes and its not ok. I mean no wonder non desis make up most of her fan base now. Also she's outta line sometimes she knws kids watch her and she does or says some baqwaas and its so uncalled for and unnecessary.

P2 also Coming from a punjabi fam I can say Jasmeet does it right, he’s just too accurate, truly talented, gifted, comedic genius lol👌👍 and he slayed with that comeback vid he did about AK it was GREAT!

too real