Five-storey shopping centre to be created in Diyala

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Revealed the local administration for the city of Baquba on direct project create downtown shopping mall within the investment projects of the province of Diyala.

The mayor said the death Abdullah Hayali that “the local administration in Baquba, the process of establishing a shopping mall at a cost of 14 billion and 700 million dinars within the investment projects to revitalize the commercial reality and revive the local economy.”

He added that “the province has completed the legal and technical measures to initiate the project in the process of evacuating the land allocated for the project from the squatters.”

He said the “mall project was referred to a local investor, and includes 5 floors and the duration of the completion of three years.”

He pointed out that “the investor initiated to compensate the squatters from the owners of stalls in the amount of 50 million dinars as a humanitarian case as well as provide them with an alternative site by the administration of the death.”

He explained that “the mall or commercial complex will be built in the market area central Baquba on an area of ​​dunums square and includes shops, offices and leisure facilities and services, numbering more than 500, and will contain the fifth floor of a movie theater and restaurants offering different cuisines and entertainment center for children, surrounded the complex trade a number of gardens and yard for parking. ”

He added that “to maintain the process of hauling a second shopping mall project soon in Baquba, within the Ministry of Municipalities plan investment after the completion of the technical and legal measures necessary.”

“The province of Diyala seeks to activate file invest in the province to attract foreign and local companies to direct the implementation of dozens of investment opportunities but the law Alastosmaralaraca problems and lack of cooperation from government ministries with the investment reluctance caused a lot of companies invested over the past few years.

Source: Alestiqama