baptiste bernadet


after some thinking and talking, I realized how unsettling it is that jamian is the one getting called out right now for *appropriation*. why does she have to defend herself and why is this particular case more “newsworthy” than the hundreds of white bros who are blatantly copying one or two modernist painters right now. she just jacked some font, not a whole body of work [life’s work] like some others in the game right now. and some would say, “these are just allegations, where’s your proof?” conceptually, isn’t john mcallister just matisse if he fucked with neons? and isn’t harold ancart’s smaller works just bad etel adnans? isn’t landon metz just lazy frankentheler? isn’t jean baptiste bernadet just a close-up of a Monet background texture? what is chris succo’s work saying that robert ryman’s work and the italian achromes didn’t say before? isn’t joe bradley just whitewashing the vast history of black artists in America, similar to the forefathers of *contemporary art* like Picasso? isn’t he just bad bill traylor/freddie brice? isn’t matt connors just derivative ellsworth kelly? if people are gonna call others out for *appropriation*, let’s not get selective about it. double standards ain’t cute. i really really really hope calling an art piece *referential* becomes an insult in the future.