baph food

First time taking time to make my food. [?]

Cebolla [onion], ajo [garlic], pimentón rojo [red? paprika], zapallo italiano[zucchini], zanahoria [carrot], hojas de apio [celery leaves], espinaca [spinach] and tomate. +Cúrcuma

Salteando algo– [stir fry?]

Leaves plus wataaa

[Mi padre usa la juguera, pero a mi me da miedo xd]


[+2daysrice] // y una galleta de agua

= Lunch =D

  • LueurdeLaube: Baph
  • Baph: Lu
  • LueurdeLaube: thats no onion
  • Darkpurply: XD
  • LueurdeLaube: Thats the freakin Jupiter
  • Baph: xD
  • LueurdeLaube: Seriously
  • LueurdeLaube: wtf
  • LueurdeLaube: what chemicals do you put into your plants to have them so big
  • LueurdeLaube: >.<
  • Darkpurply: Good soil
  • Baph: ajajajajajaj

I was thinking about how my evil’s foods look delicious but they have or too many species.. of fish… or something.. And the only thing I could think was simple pasta plus chicken, cream and cheese.

I want more stuff to eat, pretty ones, but everything has stuff I don’t like… why I don’t like anythingggg…