[REQUESTED] BAP reaction to you pulling on their boxers cause they were showing a little bit.

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Bang Yong Guk: Babe don’t kill my style…

Himchan: Babe! Not in public!

Daehyun:  How long have they been showing..?

You: All day…I thought you I didn’t say anything..

Daehyun: NO!

Youngjae: (he was wearing leopard underwear) oh…um…

Jongup: hey…!*You pull on his boxers* *turns around and whispers* babe the concept is gangsta..

Zelo: I’m grown now! This is how all my hyungs wore them…

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Aigoo the reactions are so awesome ^.^ I check them up every day. I even rewatch because they are so good. Could you pls do BAP and BTS reaction to their gf thinking that she isn't good enough for him and fells into depression?

Awww thank you, darling!


BTS Version coming soon!


Yongguk: *locks eyes with her* (Name), don’t you ever think you aren’t good enough for me. You’ll always be the only one for me, understand? *kisses her softly*

Daehyun: *Shocked* (Did I say or do something to make her feel this way? Aish, stupid Daehyun! Stupid! You have to do better— she’s the sun and moon to you, so show her that!) 

Himchan: Jagi, I’ve never regretted making you mine, not even for a second, and I never will. You’re perfect for me, (Name).

Jongup: *starts laughing*… Ani, ani, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because that’s what I’ve been worried about this whole time, too! …Ne, Really! So how about we just call it truce and say we’re perfect for each other?

Youngjae: You’re not good enough for me? What? *Sigh* How could you be so harsh on yourself like that, jagi? You’re the best thing to have ever happened to me, so don’t ever think like that. Promise me.

Zelo: Ummmm, jagi, I think you might have a few screws loose up there because only a crazy person could say that you’re anything less than perfect. You don’t wanna be a crazy person do you? No? *grins* So don’t say crazy things then, jagiya~!

BABYZ, I don’t know what’s wrong with this fandom, nor why it becomes worst and worst,

but I really wish that for BAP’s sake, we all try to get along and stop creating drama. It’s like there’s something new everyday and it saddens me. 

I know the guys are Idols but isn’t it possible to think of them as human beings and stop trying to get into their lives and judge them for everything they say, everything they do?

Daehyun apologizing to us is not normal, we should be the one apologizing for our behavior… 

Yongguk being criticized is not something that should happen either. He’s sharing things he likes with us, and even if some didn’t like the picture he posted, isn’t it possible to respect him? 

Before being idols they are humans, they are grown up men so please, if you love them, can’t we just try to bring back some peace in this fandom?

The guys need our support more than ever with this lawsuit, I truly think it’s the time for us to do something and get our fandom back straight.

We received the award of the best fans, can’t we act like that for real?
If fans are hurt about other fans’ behavior, what about BAP…?

I want them to be proud of us, and if you do too, can’t we just try to work this out?