“Since B.A.P was created, ‘music’ was always the center for us, so we want to become a group that shows constant effort and growth musically. That’s why we plan to not stop in the future with various musical trials and challenges. I want to show that we’re a group with infinite possibilities that are able to do those various musical styles. I want to grow as true musicians that aren’t limited by genres or borders, and advance worldwide with ‘our own music’ that we wish to do. I believe that’s the ultimate goal as B.A.P.” — Youngjae (x)

“ᗩlthough there are positive points to being tall, I want to stop growing. The hidden meaning behind this is that I want to grow in other areas besides my height. Because I had a lot of greed ever since I was younger, there were many things I wanted to do. If I were to pick one of them, it would be producing and composing and writing lyrics like the hyungs. The word, ‘stop’, will never be there when growing musically.”

translations by akdongs
Hallyu Pier: Daehyun & Youngjae (November 2012)

"ƴoungjae is like soya milk in B.A.P because bread is tasteless without soya milk to dip in. He’s that piece that cannot be missing." — Daehyun

"To me, Daehyun’s existence is also something that cannot be replaced." — Youngjae

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don’t think I’m the type to get my inspiration from just one specific place. I receive inspiration from many places such as music, art, movies, current events, and common sense along with conversations with people around us, my own thoughts before sleeping, stories on TV, and things read in books, then start working on songs. Because my goal is to try out new things musically and place in various messages, I think it helps to leave a limited sight and be interested in various things while broadening my view. That’s why I read many books when I have time and try to watch the news as well.”

translations by akdongs