fans: jongup is literally an angel. He’s so kind and adorable. Such a puppy so pure too good for this world

Jongup: probably the rudest motherfucker in BAP who talks like a sailor, does whatever the fuck he pleases and uses Daehyun as a foot rest and is just too tired when the cameras come on after spending all night being a little bastard

[!] Urgent Recruiting

Hello again, it’s BAPSubbers. ^^ 
With so many MATRIX videos still on our plate, and new ones arriving shortly with CARNIVAL, we need a lot of new recruits, as a majority of our team is on hiatus!!

Timers and Typesetters:

  • Must like B.A.P. as much as the next person
  • Experience subbing Japanese videos an asset
  • Able to cross-over timing Korean videos is also an asset
  • For typesetters, excellent typesetting skills is needed, however willingness to learn is crucial
  • Ability or willingness to use Aegisubs
  • Current availability and time to help us~


  • Must like B.A.P. as much as the next person
  • Must have strong knowledge of an encoding program (ie. Virtualdub, megui)
  • Be available often to encode and upload subs.
  • Should have a reasonable upload speed and know how to upload videos onto Youtube and other video hosting sites
  • Current availability and time to help us~

How to apply:

Send an email to and title it BAPSubbers Application with:

  • Name
  • Best way to contact you (email/twitter/tumblr)
  • Age
  • Timezone
  • Experience/samples of your work
  • Why you are qualified
  • Tell us about yourself, so we can get to know you ^^

Apply if you are interested, and please spread the word!

Thank you. :)