B.A.P, Have You Heard Of A Group That Writes A Song After Watching The News?

"ℑ started writing the lyrics to ‘Badman’ after watching the news. There’s always a story about a criminal on the news, and I feel sad that they create a fearful and worrisome atmosphere in society. I wanted to create a warning. There are so many large problems that we shouldn’t forget about, but I think people forget about them too easily. I also thought that if we don’t speak up about society, then there wouldn’t be another person that would." — Yongguk

news source | translations by akdongs


"B.A.P is a group that was created with the idea that we would create everything ourselves for any area. Although that idea may be far off, I believe we’re in the process of learning. Even if we’re trapped inside the prejudiced ideas of what people view idols to be, I feel like that’s something we need to bring forth with us as well." — Yongguk

translations by akdongs