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New obsession: Jeong Daehyun from B.A.P

When I first heard Bang Yongguk was debuting in a boy group, I already decided I was gonna support them, and make him my bias. Going Crazy and I Remember are still on my top 20 most played playlist.

Yeah, then I watched the MV, and heard Daehyun’s voice, and I immediately loved him. Idk why, his voice is just that type of voice I like. It’s not just because he can sing well (but after Eunji, my standards of good singing has gone up :P) I just really like his voice. It’s melodious to me.

Gif is irrelevant. I know.

He’s the lead vocal of B.A.P, and came from Busan. Which might mean that he and Eunji and Sandeul and Hoya were buddy-buddy in elementary school? Probably not T_T His birthday is 38 June, which makes him a Cancer! :D Yay for fellow Cancerian ^^