Goodwill Children's Village - Bapatla

We spent Sunday at Goodwill Children’s Village in Bapatla. The home cares for children who are orphaned or destitute. Many of them are from low or backward castes. The home takes them in to give them nutritious food, education, and safety. (Low caste and destitute children are at risk for child labor and trafficking.)

Lots and lots of dancing.

Teaching us new hand games. This one used the alphabet and if you got “z”, you became “out”.

Red Light, Green Light.

The home has some turkeys and chickens and buffalo that hang out in the back in front of the rice paddies. There is also a dog who is the Indian equivalent of my dog Reggie.

We got a tour of the school. I decided it’s much better to go to school in India where the school is open. The school offers free education for the children in the home and the children in the community.

Laundry was done on Sunday. They laid their school uniforms out on the pavement to dry.

The scenery here is stunning.

We left on Monday after a delicious breakfast of French Toast and oatmeal.

Then we boarded another train. Trains are going to become a kind of home for the next 14 days. 

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Anantapur recorded highest temperature of 41.4 degrees

Anantapur recorded highest temperature of 41.4 degrees

The State was reeling under severe summer as Anantapur recorded highest temperature of 41.4 degrees on Friday.

Kadapa town was recorded 41 degrees, while Rentachintala, Hanmakonda, Nizamabad and Kurnool recorded 40 degrees. A temperature  of 39 degrees was at Mahaboobnagar and Adilabad, while Nandigama, Kavali, Hakimpet and Nalgonda 37 degrees, Tuni, Nellore, Bhadrachalam and Vijayawada  36 degrees, Ongole 35 degrees, Machilipatnam, Bapatla 33 and Visakhapatnam recorded 30 degrees.