ngl one of my fav things to do is watch One Shot m/v reaction videos. something about watching those poor unsuspecting viewers go from having a happy fun time to sort of quiet from the intensity to outright shock and horror at the end just gets to me

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is this just me or do you guys do this too

When your kpop imagine gifs aren’t loading you click to see what it is and by seeing the picture you automatically know to what the gif is going to be since you’ve seen and read imagines so much

Speculation: I know a lot of people think that Yongguk would never allow them to return to TS unless they’d receive fair treatment [and I believe in that 200%], but he wouldn’t be able to act against the law if there are legal complications or some kind of legal situation that basically forces the boys to return for now.

Yongguk has a strong sense of responsibility toward his brothers and what they have gone through at the hands of TS. It is all in his lyrics. Plus he has a strong sense of justice – and justice does not seem to have been served. B.A.P aimed for a nullification of their contracts; they aimed for freedom. Don’t forget that.

I personally don’t believe it’s over.