No but one the main reasons I love Suki so much is because she taught Sokka to view girls as real legitimate fighters, and from then on we see Sokka’s viewpoint of the most important girl in his life - Katara - change. All of a sudden, he’s no longer “don’t hurt my baby sister or I’ll kill you”. No, now it’s “don’t hurt my baby sister or SHE’LL kill you with her magic water, while I watch and laugh at your pain.” He’s still there for Katara, as a good brother should be. But he understands now that Katara is a warrior AND a girl, and she has the right to win her own battles.

Suki didn’t just show Sokka how to be a better potential boyfriend; she showed him how to be a better person overall and specifically, a better brother.

The world may never know. It’s really sad how much ATLA post-final fanfictions are more well-written with good plots, well-thought out characterizations, characters’ arcs, OCs, development, and add depth, further and sense to the story and characters more than Gene’s comics ever did.