There are other nice items on ebay such as CDs and stickers! These must be the Drama CDs from the height of it’s popularity. 

  • Here $34.99 / Sale ends at Feb 19 
  • Here $39.99 / Sale ends at Feb 19
  • Here $34.99 / Sale ends Feb 19
  • Here $34.99 / Sale ends Feb 19
  • Here  $39.99/ Sale ends Feb 19

I also found ANOTHER seller selling the artbook! 

  • Right here $18.00 / Looks like it’s a BUY NOW item

And found another seller selling the light novels

  • Here $53.00 / Ends Feb 5 (roughly 19h from when I wrote this post. It’s 12:43 EST)

You wouldn’t think there’s a lot of merch available for manga like Red River. But here we are!

While this looks all dandy, make sure you do your research, folks. This looks legit but do your homework. I would hate to hear that you got scammed. So be careful! Just do your research and and it should be golden. 

Oh, last thing! I remember a while ago a fan asked where they could buy the manga since it’s OOP in the states. You can find it on Ebay, apparently! And pretty cheap. I saw some going as low as $2.25! 

Don’t overlook used books. As long as their in good conditions, they’re good to go. 

(Sidebar: If any of these are phooey, please let me know! I’ll investigate and see what’s the buzz about it. )

happy hunting, friends!