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what style and hair do you think B.A.P would wear if they were in the 1920s?

This is probably one of the hardest questions i’ve had to answer. okay firstly, i have very very little knowledge of 1920s fashion except for what i’ve seen on telly and even less knowledge of men’s fashion during the 1920s in Korea. i did some basic google research and based on what i see, western outfits were worn in 1920s Korea. so i’m just going to go by 1920s western men’s clothing if that’s okay~ 

Movies like Atonement & The Great Gatsby as well as shows like Boardwalk Empire can give you a better feel of fashion in the 20s and thereabouts. Also, I cheated a little and took more 1920s inspired outfits rather than actual 1920s outfits ( because the pictures were easier to find & also because alot of the men in the actual 1920s photos look old lol and our boys are young~). Without further ado…



Since Yongguk’s the oldest, it’s easy for me to imagine him in a full three-piece suit (waistcoats were quite a staple in the 1920s based on what i see) and outer-piece. Yongguk’s favours clean cut pieces with little flamboyance so I can’t really see him in a shiny pinstripe suit with a fancy patterned tie. He’s worn a camel coloured coat before (in 2012 if I’m not mistaken) and I immediately loved the colour on him hence my choice of this photo. 


Honestly, Yongguk’s latest cut is really quite close to a 1920s type hairstyle given that it’s short and combed up. I guess the only difference would be that the sides wouldn’t really be shaved that much if this was the 1920s lol. 



Himchan’s always been a little more flamboyant when it comes to his fashion choices so I can see him in something a little flashier. Apparently cream coloured suits were a sign of luxury in the 20s~

Having said that, I can also see him in darker coloured, sleek outfits. (The fit on this one is really not 1920s but the common elements of the waistcoat and pinstripes are there). 


Honestly most of the mens hairstyles in the 1920s were about the same lol. The closest to a 1920s hair style that Channie has had was this do. 

I feel like this could work on him?



It’s so hard for me to picture Dae in a classic 1920s suit. Dae’s always going to be my casual country man. So i see him in a nice cotton shirt with rolled up sleeves. And the wide-leg, high waisted pants typical of that era. I don’t really picture him with slicked back hair because I feel like loose, unstyled hair looks better on him in general. 


Outfit + Hair:

I can see Youngjae in a simple suit but tbh I picture him in a 1920s university/college student-ish outfit. Sweaters, woolen vests and knit ties were common as well as plus-fours (which are really ugly btw). I also can’t picture Youngjae with really slicked back hair, he needs a little height for his hairstyles. So parted hair is fine but not slicked down too much. 

Jongup + Zelo


HONESTLY it was so so hard to think of outfits for these two. I wanted to find pictures of models with grandfather shirts + suspenders but all the models looked gross & douchey so I didn’t want to use those photos. The closest I got was. Technically if it was a 1920s outfit, the pants would have to be higher and the suspenders wouldn’t be as thin. 

Another outfit I can see the both of them in is one with an aviator jacket. The original aviator jacket was popularized by Charles Lindbergh, an aviator who made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. This is a really modernised version (this one kinda looks like suede, the original jacket was leather) but I could see Jongup & Zelo rocking this. 


I haven’t really seen Jongup with a haircut remotely close to a 20s style. Zelo has come a little close though

I could see this hair style working for Zelo & Jongup (this one looks modern but it can be seen on Jimmy Darmody (a character in Boardwalk Empire) so it’s quite an acceptable 1920s hairstyle imo. For Jongup, the hair might need to have a little more height and maybe should be parted to the side because of how his face is structured. 

PHEW okay, that’s that. I’m so sorry this took so long. I know it’s not exactly 1920s but I tried to get it as 1920s inspired as possible.

Can I just pause on life appreciate Jongup’s face and perfection. cuz gaddamn, everytime i look at him he jus oozes this kinda smooth suave swagger about him. omg, actually, he reminds me a lot with Taeyang….Both Short…Both small adorable eyes…Both Abs….Both Dance….Both Sing….LE GASPPP!!!

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Poetry | Everything I Do | 1989

One of the greatest Jazzy Jay’s productions, way ahead of its time, was this song by the unknown New York rapper Poetry. One great old school track in the most traditional “boom bap” style that later became so typical of the New York sound through the 90′s. Too bad this was the only Poetry’s release, on Pow Wow Records.

To nonnie who requested the BAP 90s style. I’m so so sorry, life’s gotten in the way of my blogging lately I’ll put it up as soon as I get back

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Gim bap


Gim-bap (Korean-style rice rolls) is made by spreading white rice on a sheet of Gim (dried laver), layering it with spinach, pickled radish, carrots, egg and beef, and rolling it up.


Vip Sound Lab - Brooklyn Boom Bap Drum Kit 2

Vip Sound Lab – Brooklyn Boom Bap Drum Kit 2

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With a kick, snare, kicks and high hat this Drum Kit is Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap ! contains 1,156 Boom Bap Style Drums + 6 Boom Bap Maschine Kits. What would your arsenal of sounds be without Drum sounds in the style of hip hop signified by a hard bass drum and snapping snare that is often EQ’d to the fore front of the beat. Boom bap is the roots of hip hop,…

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to Annonie who sent the 90s fashion ask, sure thing dear! be sure to look out for it, i might take a while but it’ll be under the “bap style” or “bapstyle” tag on my blog ;)

Gim bap

Gim-bap (Korean-style rice rolls) is made by spreading white rice on a sheet of Gim (dried laver), layering it with spinach, pickled radish, carrots, egg and beef, and rolling it up.