a playlist for those long bus rides home, when you just want to close your eyes and relax

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life rapmon | no make up zion.t | different winner | coffee and tea eddie kim and solar | eyes, nose, lips akmu | home roy kim | only u vixx | come back home (unplugged ver.) 2ne1 | taxi on the phone kidoh | teardrop ailee | working jungkook | only I didn’t know iu | rain lim kim | erase hyorin and jooyoung | rain bangtan | beautiful amber | be a man mblaq | coffee shop bap | 247 junggigo | good night like yesterday lovelyz

channybunny  asked:

ey ^^. You're blog is so amazing. I am so in love with it. Also you are so kind and nice so I want to say that you are an awesome person. I Want to request the Pink Shirt tiffany was wearing in the weekly idol episode of girls generation. ^^ Also I wanted to ask if you can make Kpop inspired fall outfits because I live in Germany and it is starting to get colder. But because I live in Germany I can buy things from stores in America do you have a soloution ? Keep what you are doing ^^

Hi! Thank you so much for these nice words. You all keep saying I’m nice but no one is writing to me, haha. My ask box is lonely ;^;

Anyway, I totally understand your concern about fall outfits, since I’m living in Poland and the weather is quite similar here. So I prepared a list of outfits I’ve already done, which are good for fall’s weather:

Oh wow, that’s a really long list. I checked my whole blog for you and I hope you’ll find something suitable for our capricious weather. If not - write a message which outfit you need/want to see!