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is the les mis au something you plan on developing? I just found it and i am in LOVE

I just like focusing on fantine!alex because that’s just…. ah so good for me my crops are thriving my grades are improving do you hear the people sing ya know? ?


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata: Even if it takes 10 or 20 years, I’ll be the one to beat you!
Kageyama: So you’re saying that for those 10 or 20 years… you’ll stand on the same stage as me, is that it?
Hinata: That’s right!
Kageyama: We’ll make it to the top of Japan, to the top of the world!

Please do not repost gifs


Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

i was tagged by The Meisiu (i know wow) to do this and it was actually really fun? i don’t usually build but this was small enough so it was manageable :^) 

it’s called The Burrow and it’s on my gallery along with another one i did because this was That Fun.
i tag @gohliath@mummasim@soft-almond@literallywhothe​ if you haven’t done it already/want to do it (:

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so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys

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Because Ravenclaw is about acceptance, would you think that there would be very many people in the LGBT community in this house? I honestly think that there would be a lot of those people in Ravenclaw, just because none of the other houses would treat them with as much equality.

I would say no, ravenclaws are no more likely to be LGBT+ than any other house, however ravenclaw creates a more welcoming environment and so people in ravenclaw are probably a lot more open about their sexuality and others are potentially more willing to learn about the LGBT+ spectrum 

I’m trying to come back to drawing just with graphite pencils.

So here I am with a sketch of @amazingphil .


Prompt # 146

“Don’t look at me like that! Say something, please!”

“I just found out my best friend and love of my life isn’t human and you’re criticizing me for being shocked?! What do you want me to say; ‘That’s nice honey, what do you want for dinner, pizza or tacos?”


By present day they haven’t seen each other in a long while… but when Ricardo eventually goes on tour again, I think maybe a reunion might be in the cards? ;)