bap yongjae

In a college project I had to do a research of Matisse’ The Dance. I didn’t understand what it mean at the beginning, but after finishing the project I understand.This dance is the dance of freedom, passion,joy, peace. When I listen to this beautiful boys, I feel it. They have an amazing talent and passion for what they do. This is the reason I decided to drawn them like this.

B.A.P x Matisse “The Dance”


finally saw what they are reacting to..yongguk’s face was priceless! hahaha

Can we please

I just want to take a moment to say that B.A.P would be a great squad for intimidating people and everything but in a fight we all know that Yongguk would be trying to talk you out of fighting, Jongup’s cheeto ass would be hiding behind Zelo, Dae be off somewhere with Yong Jae eating, and Himchan would be too busy finding good selfie lighting.