Sex With Jongup


  • the feeling of giving yourself to him just naturally came to you.
  • he didn’t pressure you to do anything you didn’t want, you felt like you were ready because you just felt yourself falling harder for him every single day.
  • being the gentlemen he is to you, he made sure you were a hundred percent comfortable before he started.
  • your thirst for him was real, you pulled him down to kiss him passionately letting your lips part so his tongue could enter.
  • his hands freely roamed your body undoing your clothes on the way.
  • you admired his body as he took off his clothes and threw them across the room.
  • the first few seconds caused you a sharp pain of feeling him enter you, they soon faded away and came pleasure.
  • you held on to his hands for support of being thrusted in and out of. 
  • he thrusted slowly leaning down to kiss your lips as well as pulling you closer to him.
  • trusting his every move he was in control and you didn’t mind one bit.
  • you thought him being the control was a bit sexy actually, your hands running through his hair multiple times caused it to become messy.
  • you giggled as you tried to fix his hair, but he held your hands and pulled them down before pressing down on your body to kiss your lips one last time.
  • it was a good first experience for you, knowing that it was with somebody you love dearly.

B.A.P Carnival
  • Zelo:Man on stilts, but they aren’t stilts they are just his legs.
  • Himchan :Fortune teller who’s fortunes are actually just his opinions because he’s tired and just wants people to listen to him for once.
  • Daehyun:Magician, because of his frail ego he is a little over the top. Wants to prove his worth but often fails.
  • Youngjae:Magicians Assistant who always gets fucked over. Almost actually got cut in half once. Doesn’t know why he’s doing this.
  • Yongguk:Fills in as a fortune teller now and then but otherwise roams around and hides in places where he thinks you can't see so he can whisper words of wisdom and make you think you are having realizations. You can see him though.
  • Jongup:Strong man, he is strong.
BAP as teachers

Yongguk: History teacher, tries to be funny and cracks jokes no one gets and is actually really boring. Very passionate and tries to get his students to see what is morally right or wrong

Himchan: Art teacher, “To make art, you have to look like art.” Proceeds to fix his hair in the mirror for the rest of class while bossing his students around

Daehyun: Choir teacher, takes breaks every 15 minutes for a snack and gets distracted by gossiping with the English teacher

Youngjae: English teacher, spends his free period in the music room to steal snacks from the choir teacher. Sasses all the students back, “I don’t know, can you go to the bathroom?”

Jongup: Dance teacher, doesn’t talk much and doesn’t get when his students can’t follow along. Makes weird analogies to try to explain the dance moves that just confuse them even more, gives out A’s for effort though

Zelo: Gym teacher, super energetic and runs around playing sports with the students as well. Doesn’t notice when they’re worn out because he’s too busy bouncing around 

  • Daehyun:Youngjae, you mean the world to me. Your smile brightens my day and your voice causes my heart to flutter. Your voice is that of an angel and your skin is soft and sweet. Without you I'd be lost -- alone is this crazy worl--
  • Youngjae:* Takes out earphones * Sorry I couldn't hear you, what are you blabbing about?
wgm with yongguk
  • he tries to maintain his cool while he waits to finally meet you but all you see is his super cute gummy smile TT-TT
  • stutters while introducing himself to you.
  • “I’m B.A.P’s le-leader Bang Yo-Yong Guk.” *gummy smile* *super awkward laugh* *more gummy smile*
  • takes you to a cafe where you two can talk but you don’t really talk bc he’s really awkward.
  • makes himself ask you questions about your work and all the basic ice breaker questions like “the weather has been nice hasn’t it??”
  • and you’re like “it’s snowing…”
  • in the interview, he gets all shy when this was brought up and makes up the excuse that his mind went completely blank when he met you.
  • he likes treating you food because it makes him want to eat more whenever he’s with you.
  • is really proud to show you where he works but is also extremely humble about it. like when you listen to his lyrics, he’ll be all like “they aren’t that great and need some improvement, but that’s all i have so far.”
  • and they’re like amazing lyrics like waT.
  • hold your bag(s) for you.
  • always has hand warmers in his pocket and likes to share them with you.
  • can’t cook AT ALL.
  • tried cooking with you the simplest food ever: fried spring rolls. all he had to do was put the rolls into the sauce pan filled with oil but he still manages to get himself burned.
  • slowly backed away from the kitchen and just cleaned up the mess you two made.
  • you watched him film part of a music video and he was all tough and cool but the moment he saw you, he couldn’t stop smiling TT-TT LIKE HOW DOES HE DO THAT
  • is actually super romantic but always cringes whenever he gives you presents.
  • once he gave you a bouquet of roses and he couldn’t stop blushing and smiling.
  • took you to namsam tower to do the locks and wrote the most heartfelt message eVER.
  • another time, he lent you his scarf because he was concerned for your health.
  • always hold the door open for you and lets you enter the room first.
  • took the initiative to buy rings on his own time TT-TT
  • at your wedding photo shoot, you best believe his gummy smile is forever evident.
  • is actually good at gardening and was able to grow lettuce.
  • lets you try on face masks on him.
  • he gets really comfortable with skinship as time goes on and almost seems like second nature to him to grab you hand when you’re out in a busy area.
  • also will put an arm around you while you walk if it’s busy or if he doesn’t want to lose you.
  • likes photo booths and making silly faces with you.
  • when the rest of bap met you, they teased him so hard but he maintain his composure, only laughing at what they said. (but u knew they boutta get their asses whooped after filming)
  • wished you good health and a successful future when you two left the show. he said “it was an honor to be your husband even if it was only for fun. it truly felt real and i am happy i was able to spend all this time with you. i hope your future husband will treat you way better than i treated you and fill up all the gaps where i lacked. fighting!”

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B.A.P reaction when you catch them going through your stuff :3

Yongguk: *fixes self and smiles widely* I wasn’t um going through your stuff haha *looks down*

Himchan: What’s this!! *laughs holding up your phone which is open to a fanfiction*

Daehyun:I was just um cleaning your little mess over here *looks at you innocently*

Youngjae:*blushes because he got caught and looks away not knowing what to say*

Jongup: ummmmmm *loss of words*

Zelo: I wasn’t doing anything… I love you… don’t be mad

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Mirror, Mirror - Yongguk (Rated)

           “You don’t have to help clean up,” Yongguk says hurriedly, rushing to take the mats from you. You just laugh, leaning backwards enough to stop him. “Seriously, I’m the instructor, it’s my job to clean up afterwards.”

            “I’m happy to help,” you argue. You’re already moving towards the stack of mats on the wall. “Besides, you work so hard during class.”

           Yongguk laughs, his cheeks flushing darker than they already are. “You’re sweating more though,” he teases, keeping his tone light. You gasp in mock offense as you set the mats down on top of the stack.

            “Well, it’s your fault for making me this sweaty,” you shoot back. Yongguk freezes for a second before giving you a look and it takes you a second before you understand.

            “You’re terrible,” you laugh loudly, shoving his shoulder in jest as you walk past him to grab your bag.

            “You said it,” he grins, raising his hands in feigned innocence.

            “And you turned it perverted,” you retort. “I’m going to go shower. Have a good night, Yongguk sunbaenim.”

            “Good night, _______-ah,” he bows. You return the gesture, heading quickly for the door that leads to the locker rooms. Yongguk may have been joking but he was right – you were disgustingly sweaty. He had put you through too good of a workout and though your muscles were sore, you were more concerned with how gross your skin felt.

            Steaming hot water feels like a godsend as it runs over your sore shoulders and you let out a loud moan as you slump forward, letting the heat ease the tension in your muscles. You shower quickly, using the shampoo provided to clean the grime from your hair and your own soap to wipe away the feeling of stickiness from your workout. You had been taking Yongguk’s CrossFit class months ago, drawn by his face – and arms – and stayed for the crazy way he had whipped you into shape in a number of weeks. His body was a sort of cherry on top and you had to admit that you couldn’t help eying him a number of classes. Especially the times he gifted the class with the sight of him in loose gray sweatpants.

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Scenario: When You're Having Sex In The Dorm And Another Member Tells You To Shut Up(Vixx, B.A.P, SPEED, and Block B)

Requested By: katkitty3 ~~~ I decided to add them all together

N: *looks at you* “Don’t listen to them and continue”

External image

Leo: “If I make you scream like that with my fingers, what will happen with my dick”

Ken: “HELL NO!” *while he fondles your breast*

Ravi: “They really know how to ruin a good moment”

Hongbin: *after eating you out* “We’ll continue later”

Hyuk: “Oops I guess you were being too loud”

Yongguk: “They got some nerve”

Himchan: *ignores them* “Well this dick ain’t gonna suck itself”

Daehyun: “SHUT THE HEL-” *he moaned as you bounced on top of him*

Youngjae: “Babe why don’t you moan louder”

Jongup: “Let’s make them even more mad”

Zelo: *gets embarrassed and faceplants in your boobs*

Taewoon: *you stop bouncing on him* “No continue”

Jungwoo: “If you think we’re stopping , we’re not”

Yuhwan: “Holy shit”

Jongkook: *you jump off of him cause you got scared* “Get your pretty little ass back over here”

Taeha: “Hahaha jagi we’ve been caught”

Sejun: “Oh my god!”

Sungmin: “Let’s go finish at your place”

Zico: “What the hell?! Are they listening”

Taeil: “Let’s stop for now”

Jaehyo: “Music to their ears”

B.Bomb: “Sorry, I thought we were alone”

U.Kwon: *climaxes as you give him a blowjob* “We can’t stop now! *pants*

Kyung: *leans out the door* "Can you shut the fuck up, I’m quite busy right now”

P.O: “Now let’s start the real shit” *thrusts into you*


“Babe.” He whispers in your ear. You smile at the sound of that. He knew you loved it when he called you babe or baby. You sighed and answered.

“Yeah.” You were both cuddled up on his couch laying down. Your back to him with his arms wrapped around your waist. It’s been a long day and you guys finally get to relax.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” He says. You laugh and turn around to face him. He opens his eyes and smiles at you.

“It’s your turn to decide. I chose last week.” You say running your hand through his hair. He closes his eyes.

You stop and place your hand on his cheek and rub your thumb across it. He takes your hand and puts it back on his hair. He loved it when you ran your fingers through it. You continue running your hands through his soft hair.

“Um.” He says closing his eyes and moving closer to you. “How about we wake up early go to the beach and watch the sunrise?” You smile up at him.

“That’s a perfect idea. But you’re such a sleepy head.” You say laughing. He pokes your stomach.

“I would wake up if you wanted me to.”

“How about that one time…” He looks up at you and cuts you off.

“Fine that was one time. But I promise I’ll wake up tomorrow to see the sunrise with you.”

“Ok we’ll see tomorrow.” He moves closer so his head is on your chest. He hugs your waist pulling you closer to him. You continued running your hands through his hair.

“I’ll even wake up earlier to make us breakfast to eat on the beach. And go out to your favorite cafe and get you your favorite coffee. Do you think they open that early?” You start laughing.

“You are not a morning person at all. So I guess we’ll see.” He looks up at you and pouts.

“So you don’t believe me? Babe?” You roll your eyes at him.

“Stop using babe to win.” He laughs and kiss you on the cheek.

“So I win?” He smirks at you. You look away and laugh.

I invented something/Masterlist

I created something called boyfriend tag. There I’m going to upload editions that I make about what would you do with your boyfriend. Check it clicking the link down or getting into our tags.

You can totally request one of these, but it would take a little more time than an ask or an scenario.

I will leave you here the list of things we do:

And the bands we write for:

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Imagine going to Korea and bumping onto your bias and instead of looking him/her in her/his eyes you just blurt out an apology and when you understand who they are you just stand there looking at him/her and so she/he gives you her phone number while winking at you so that you could know each other better

  • Yongguk:*calls junhong*
  • Junhong:*answers* hyung?
  • Junhong:.. hyung it's like two in the morning -
  • Junhong:...*hangs up*
B.A.P    Reaction!

Requested! by omgevis

      “Hi! How are you? Can i have a Big Bang, B.A.P, EXO and Block B gif reaction when they see you(their girlfriend) can’t walk the next day, because of what happened (sex) in bed the day before.”

and here is B.A.P ‘s part :)

Big Bang[x]      Exo[x]      Block B[x]

Yongguk: *watches you as you stumble upon getting up from bed* “Maybe you should come here and let me give you a nice ‘massage’ huh?”

Himchan: “Hey!Don’t give me that look!It’s not like you didn’t like it…The quite opposite if i remember………!”

Daehyun: *stares at you as you walk to the kitchen and yells laughing* “Hey jagi!How about another round??” *nonstop teasing*

Youngjae: *makes fun of the way you try to walk*

Jongup: “Well,you don’t hear me complaning about my sore muscles now are you??”

Zelo: *watches you with a smirk while mentally patting himself in the back* “Well done,Zelo….Now who’s acting like a baby huh??”



B.A.P's Aesthetic

Yongguk – camouflage, worn and dog-eared books, crisp autumn night sky, warm flannel blankets, empty ramen containers, serious whispers in the night, sweet chuckles in the day, Aslan from Narnia, Sequoia trees, composition notebooks, wolves howling, black and white photography, smooth smokey jazz

Himchan – elaborate French pastries, roasted coffee, soft luxurious textiles, long comfortable hugs, preening flamingos, freshly baked bread, wine labels, turtleneck sweaters, classical music, vaudeville stage with one broken footlight, decadent dark chocolate fondue

Daehyun – simmering stone pot soup, seashells, otters playing and chattering, sunrises with pinks yellows and oranges, rollercoasters, salt water taffy, ripped jeans and oversized sweaters, homemade preserves, drops of dye blooming in water, crystal clear streams

Youngjae – game controllers, dalmatian puppies playing, geeky fandom paraphernalia, mythological animals, geometric shapes, movie marathons while wrapped in blankets, optical illusion drawings, chess pieces, old movie posters matted and framed, a solitary cello playing, calla lilies, Hogwarts academy

Jongup – sunshine, baby animals, wide open blue sky, children laughing, vanilla ice cream, Rubik’s cube, wildflowers, blinking Christmas lights, making snow angels, dolphins swimming with their pod, mustangs running and kicking up dust, hot chocolate with marshmallows, Saint Seiya manga, steampunk

Zelo – newborn colts standing for the first time, cocoons, strawberries, ornate wrought iron gates, sleek panther fur, Polaroid pictures, water balloon fights, freshly squeezed lemonade, bright neon colors, Google searches for hairstyles, fireworks in the summer sky, Hayao Miyazaki films