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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 ‘러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)’ MV

EXO 엑소 ‘Lucky One’ MV

4MINUTE(포미닛) - 싫어(Hate) MV

[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 박수(CLAP)

SHINee 샤이니 '1 of 1’ MV

빅스(VIXX) - Fantasy Official M/V



[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Gashina(가시나)

[MV] SF9 (에스에프나인) _ O Sole Mio(오솔레미오)

Midnight Blues

Summary: While your boyfriend is away on tour you find it hard to keep the relationship going. Do you call him in an attempt to fix what is left or do you wait until his return not knowing if your relationship will have survived?

Pairing: Bang Yongguk x Reader
Genre/warnings: Angst, fluff, a teensy bit suggestive
Words: 1.4K
Notes: Requested by the lovely anon!

Staring at the blank screen of your phone, you can’t stop the sinking feeling rising in your stomach. It had been three months since you last saw Yongguk and every day that passed seemed to drag on longer than the one before.

Three months. That’s 92 days, 2192 hours or 131 487 minutes but you weren’t counting.

If it wasn’t the time difference, it was his busy schedule that did not allow you to talk to each other as often as you initially had wanted. The fact that he left after a fight only diminished those precious moments even more. Now, it had been almost two weeks since you’d had a decent conversation and the more the silence greeted you every night, the more your doubt grew. Was your relationship over? How you left things the night of his departure made it sure seem like that. You still vividly remember the screaming and crying accompanied by the slamming of the door, leaving you behind in an empty apartment. It had been a stupid fight really, you had wanted him to spend more time at home because you thought his job had become too demanding of him. Thinking back to it now you can’t feel anything but regret for having reacted that way. You knew getting into a relationship with an idol was going to be different yet you chose to do it anyway. You didn’t have a right to complain now that the things you had feared of happening actually started to happen.

Glancing back at your phone, the picture on your lock screen greets you almost tauntingly. Contemplating about calling him you think of all the good it will do. All your previous calls went unanswered and frankly you didn’t want to be disappointed by the sound of his voicemail yet again. You don’t have much time to mull over those facts when your ringtone brings you back down to earth. Yongguk is requesting to face time. Begrudgingly you answer, not knowing what he might have to say to you.

“Hi.” He says. He’s lying in bed just like you, looking every bit as handsome as the last time you saw him. Something about him is different though, his cheeks look pale and sunken in and he has bags under his eyes. All the signs that he is exhausted, making you grow even more worried about him.

Not being sure about what mood he might be in you shyly reply; “Hi.”

“how are you?”

“I’m okay, how are you?”

“I’m fine.”

Silence washes over you both. You know he is lying and frankly, so are you. How can you be fine? The one person you love the most is currently not on speaking terms with you, your relationship with him dangling by an invisible thread.

“Yongguk… I know that’s not true. You look tired. Are you okay?”

“What do you think? You know I’m not okay. I haven’t seen you in so long and this tour is slowly killing me.”

“I… You know what I told you when you left. This job is important and you love it but it’s too demanding right now, you need a break. However, instead of listening to me, your stubborn ass decided to go. I know you love the fans and they mean the world to you but they can’t support you if you don’t take care of yourself.”

He let out a defeated sigh. He knows how right you are but having been in this business for so long he always thought he could handle it. Having only had himself to take care of, he neglected most of his needs as his job and the fans came first. But now, having you in his life to take care of him and to make sure he takes care of himself,  he feels as though he can’t perform the same as before. How can he give his all when he lost his heart to you?

“I know Y/N and honestly, I didn’t want to fight with you about it… You know there is nothing I can do about this, the members need me.”

You aren’t surprised by his confession. Of  course he would always put the others’ needs before his own. Sighing, you know you can’t win this battle.

“I understand Yongguk, you job is important right now and the others need you. Go to sleep, you need all the rest you can get. I’ll see you when you get home okay?”

“Thank you for understanding Y/N, I’ll see you later.”


He gives you a small wave and with that you are once again engulfed in the silence of your home.

Noticing how late it actually is, you turn all the lights off and crawl into his side of the bed. It still smells like him and the scent brings you enough comfort to fall asleep.

It only seems minutes when you wake up again because you hear a crash in your kitchen. Shooting up you want to grab onto Yongguk for protection only to realize he isn’t there. Grabbing your phone you are ready to call the emergencies when you hear footsteps down the hall. Getting out of bed and running towards the door, you hide behind it. When the intruder walks inside your bedroom, you grab the closest thing around you to knock him out only to freeze in your tracks.

You would recognize that silhouette everywhere. It’s Yongguk. He’s home.

Dropping the long forgotten object from your hand, you leap onto his back. Yongguk’s body tenses up for a second from the sudden attack, his body quickly relaxing when he notices it is you. Wordlessly, he drops you from his back and turns around. You look at him and try to form a sentence but shock has taken control over your body. Instead of giving you an explanation, he grabs onto your face and brings his lips onto yours. You lose yourself in the feeling of his lips on yours, having been deprived of this kind of touch for three months. Before his tongue can dive into your mouth, you pull away for breath.

“I’ve wanted to do that the minute I walked out of our door.”

“I… Why are you here? How did you get here? I don’t understand.”

“I wanted to surprise you so I asked management for a break. All of us needed it and I couldn’t spend any more time without you.”

“But you were in abed when we talked before?”

“There was no direct flight to the airport so I took a night train to get here.”

Having understood his explanation, you suddenly remember the scare he gave you and raise your hand to slap his arm.

“Ow, what was that for? I travel all this way to be with you and you greet me with a slap?”

Seeing the soft look on his face you can’t control the tears gathering in your eyes. He’s really here, your love is home.

“That was for being a jerk. I was so scared when you left after our fight, I thought I lost you. And now you almost scare the hell out of me, making me think there is a burglar in our home. A heads up would have been nice you know.”

He gently pulls you closer to him, using his thumb to wipe a stray tear that has managed to land on your cheek.

“I’m sorry Jagi, don’t cry for me please. I hate seeing you upset and having that fight with you nearly killed me. Let’s not fight again okay? I can’t stand it. I need you in my life Y/N, I love you too goddamn much.”

“I love you too Yongguk, More than you will ever realize.”

Embracing each other in a hug, you allow yourself to calm down. After three months apart, your house feels like a home again thanks to this one person. Finally letting go, you look up at him only to see him smirk at you.

“What?” You as a bit suspiciously.

“Is this what you wear to bed when I’m not home? I like it Jagi.”

You glance down, noticing you put on one of his shirts in your haste to go to bed. Feeling a blush creep onto your cheeks you get ready to hit him again, only to be pulled back against his chest.

“Hey now, no more of that hitting. Why don’t you show me how much you love me instead?”

Thinking about a smart comeback you feel him grab onto your thighs and lift you off the ground. Spinning around and gently dropping you on the bed, you let an involuntary yelp escape your throat. Before you realize it, Yongguk’s body has joined yours on the bed while his hands trail all over you and his lips attach themselves to your neck.

Let’s just say you both didn’t get the rest you needed that night.

A/N: I know this isn’t so long but I wanted to keep it as sweet as possible. Hope you enjoy! 💋

[Do not reblog/use without giving credit. Do not copy my story, plagiarism will be reported. Do not post on any other media outlets.]


- late night city walks
- shy smiles when you compliment him
- he writes cute little poems for you that eventually end up becoming songs
- him constantly sending you links to songs because they remind him of you
- lots of hand holding
- visiting music stores
- “you are my muse”
- always taking pictures of you without you knowing and making them his phone background
- face to face cuddling
- falling asleep while holding hands
- leaving kisses all over your face until you wake up and when you do he kisses your lips and whispers “good morning”
- forehead kisses
- he looks at you with so much love and admiration when you’re on a date
- and he smiles wide when you both make eye contact after you notice him looking at you
- chuckling with his deep voice when you shyly look away while blushing
- convinces you to get a couple tattoo
- and holds you’re hand while you get it because it’s your first one
- the other members teasing you guys a lot but low key think your relationship is the cutest thing ever
- borrowing his clothes when you sleep over at his place
- and taking one of his sweaters before you leave
- you giving him back hugs and snuggling your face into his back
- deep conversations in bed about anything and everything before going to sleep
- whispered “I love you’s”
- goodnight and good morning text messages when he’s away
- playing with his hair when he’s tired with his head on your lap
- giving him small kisses with your hands behind his neck and his hands on your hips while straddling him on the couch
- it started off as innocent and playful
- but it quickly turned heated and very intimate
- he carries you to the bed and sets you down
- he puts on some music and lets you know how much he loves you that night
- you wake up the next morning to see he got breakfast for the both of you
- after you’re done eating he would put in a movie to watch
- he’d put you on his lap and softly caress your thigh
- and snuggle his head in your neck, leaving occasional soft kisses
- “you’re my everything”
- both of you would remember everything about each other
- and I’m going to stop here before I self combust I love yongguk so much my heart hurts
- overall you both would be #relationshipgoals
- there’s a lot more I want to add but my heart can’t handle this


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Lazy Sunday! Bang Yongguk moodboard.

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Boyfriend!Yongguk Moodboard

Yongguk | Himchan | Daehyun | Youngjae | Jongup | Junhong


So to celebrate adding B.A.P onto our blog I have decided to make a boyfriend mood board for each one of the members. I’ll be going oldest to youngest so Yongguk my bias is up first :D I hope you all like this~💕 Special thanks to admin koko of: @lowkeyseunghyun for helping me out!!!😘😘😘

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Con Artist! Moon Jongup moodboard.

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