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EXO Reaction when you break up and you end up singing alone the duet you were going to do

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*Really nervous* “I hope she doesn’t mind me coming… I can’t let her go out there alone… What if she breaks…” *Still worrying like your bf*


*Starts singing just when you were about to cover his part* “We are in this together~ forever and always” *The lyrics sound like written for you*


“Hey hey I’m here, calm down. Don’t worry, let’s do this and we’ll talk later okay? I want to tell you something”


“Hey Baob-Y/N… Can I still sing with you? We promised we would do this.. together..” *About to cry before the performance* 


*Knows you modified the song but still appears on stage and does a special performance next to you, to support you* “I said.. I would be there forever..”


*It doesn’t matter that things aren’t going okay between you two, he knows this is important to you so he continues it until the end* “Do you like how this sounds? Or should we try it again?”


*Rewrites the song* “Did you think I wouldn’t show up? That wouldn’t happen girl, but we have to practice I changed some things” *The song says how much he needs you*


*You decide to not show up but he goes to your school to look for you* “Hello I’m Luhan and my… y/n is singing a duet with me tonight! Please support us”


*You have the most emotive performance in your whole life* “Nothing has changed… I still love you”


*Makes a special entrance, surprising you in the middle of the song* “I love you Y/N…” *Master of ballads and your heart xD*


*Decides to surprise you* “shh… she’ll cry I know. But I’ll do everything for her..”


*Waiting for you backstage* “Don’t think you are getting rid of me that easily… I won’t give up tonight or ever”

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-Montagne de glace-

Quand il faisait encore grosse chaleur, que tout le monde se baladait en short (sans collant) et que les climatiseurs tournaient à toute blinde, Tuze (de son vrai nom Hyoseon, mais tout le monde l'appelle Tuze -兔子 -qui veut dire Lapin) nous avait emmené manger une glace. Mais ici c'est pas la glace classique à laquelle on peut s'attendre! Nan nan! La “Bao bing”-刨冰- , sauf si vous êtes un gros mangeur, se partage à 2 tellement elle est grosse. Mi-crème glacée, mi glace pilée, accompagné de fruits frais fraichement coupés,  et d'une sorte de crème/sauce de lait, on obtient alors, une mini montagne dans notre assiette. La meilleure chose à manger quand il fait plus de 30°! 

Nous, on a été à F'n'B, pas loin du Shida Market. Il y en a pour tout les goûts: si on n'aime pas trop la glace pilée, on a la Mango Blizzard avec des morceaux de mangue et de la glace à la mangue (je crois). Fraise, Kiwi, Caramel, il y a du choix! On compte 110 à 160NT$ ( 2,75-4€) la glace, donc c'est vraiment pas cher. Et la preuve c'était blindé!

Et si on arrive pas à tout finir, ou que l'on est attendu quelque part, on peut demander à emporter la glace.