This is ValdaValsha. The most amazing Cosplayer I ever seen. She is sweet, Beautiful, and kind. She inspired me to cosplay and she always makes me laugh in the videos her and the rest of Banzai Pro makes, when I’m feeling down. I hope to meet her one day at a con. When I do, I want to say all my thank you’s and tell her how much she inspired me. I hope you never stop cosplaying. ~WolfChan. (I’m sorry, I found this picture one day and played with the lighting on Photoshop. I hope your not mad :3)
This is a fake account on Instagram

It’s come to my attention that this account, to put it bluntly, is impersonating us.  They basically take pictures from our facebook page and tumblr accounts and post them as if it was us.  They even respond to comments in first person, as if it was us and sometimes do the “~SWP” at the end of comments and so forth.  (Which is funny, because I read some of them and think, “that is definitely not SWP’s voice…” or Cheshire’s voice, etc.)  I’m not sure why they did this, but I’ve also noticed that they put some tags on that appear to be cosplay contests?  That could be why, but I can’t say for sure.

We made a post on our Facebook page about this as well.  Do NOT follow them and think it’s us!  Do NOT support them!

(They’ve also been deleting comments calling them out on them being a fake page, so they’re also trying to cover it up.)

Please spread the word!


“VOCALOID: My Love Rival Is A Cat”

Rin and Len have relationship troubles as they fight over who the house cat loves best while Meiko and Gumi waste time on pointless adventures like going through Miku’s room.

The people asked for more Vocaloid videos and it was Vocaloid videos they got.