#CIPHERHUNT Day 4 Summary

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Slow but steady progress of the puzzle. The hunters moved from House of Pies > Denny’s > One of the hunters’ houses for more trickling work and sleep > Emerald Knights Comics and Games store and reserved a table.

At 7:36pm PST Alex asked us if we’d like a hint on the puzzle. The answers were an overwhelming yes. (Though personally, I would have preferred none and answered in the negative. Ha.)

The final image will look like this- but with a DIFFERENT code! But this is the layout! #CipherHunt
The filler text reads “THIS IS WHERE THE CLUE APPEARS.” And the single word (same as what’s already been pieced together) under the gnome says “CORNER.” If you like, you can puzzle together a simpler version of the above image online.

Things we know:

  • It’s an image of Bill holding a gnome.
  • There’s a message written in a substitution cipher. One word decodes to “CORNER.”
  • Possibly there is a message written in invisible ink.
  • We’ve still got several hours yet before it’s completed.
  • …Lots of yellow pieces.

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Hope you all had a fun productive day!

I just thought of something

What if a weaboo civilian is akumatized and starts transforming people into anime stereotypes? What if Ladybug finally gets hit for once? 

What if she’s transformed into some lovestruck waifu material delivering all those cheesy lines (”Do you want dinner? A bath? Or maybe… Me?”) and CHAT IS THE OBJECT OF HER AFFECTION??? And what if he feels in heaven at first because she seems to finally return his feelings but Ladybug is so painfully out of character that after a split second reality washes over him aND HE JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND GETS LIKE “JESUS CHRIST  W H O  A R E  Y O U–

And never once Adrien had been in such a rush to defeat an akuma.

When we talk about cruelty-free food, then, we’re ignoring the fact that food production is bound up with many forms of injustice. At the very least, we ought to find another shorthand to convey the idea that our food does not contain animal bodies or products. But if we really take seriously the idea of living in a way that minimises harm, then we are morally obliged to educate ourselves on the human rights issues involved in food production, to support ethical and fair-trade companies where we can, and to learn more about where our food choices come from and how they were produced.


I AM BACK! I am on the road to recovery for my really bad illness. I’ve been really really productive today and I think waking up earlier was one of the reasons why! (woke up at 8:20 am today, usually wake at 12 noon) I’m actually very hyper now because I took a nap at like 5:30 but I’m going to try to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow again.

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