Phil’s Liveshow // 5.28.17

He’s wearing his Star Wars shirt

Hes still mildly jetlagged

“Wake up Phil” “Actually wake up now” “Oh my god Phil” 

He feels like a withered cactus

His houseplants survived 

He thought he was going to turn into an American because they were in Florida for so long

The black wall is consuming his hair he looks bald

He didn’t have pancakes at Playlist because room service didn’t have any

Pancake shakes

He did finally get them though

Dan’s Bahamas experience 

Phil and bald guy at security had some proper bants

Heatwave jingle

He’s a 23 degrees kind guy

His frecks are dense 

He burped

Dig Down is growing on him (nice but not his fave)

They were going to see Muse in Orlando but ended up not

They got loads of stuff at Playlist 

His dad is an artist but that didn’t get passed down to him

NASA haul

His mug broke in his suitcase #rip

Dan got a mug too though so he can steal Dan’s

He also bought Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce ??

And stuff from Bath and Body Works

Aloha beaches

He didn’t love Split

Him and Dan didn’t fly back together and he almost had to sit next to an old French woman

“Clean us daddy”

Returning to the place of the squirrel incident was symbolic 

“Too much maple syrup in that blood”

He found ASMR very enlightening

He got locked outside and Dan didn’t let him in what a bitch

A paperboy laughed at him locked out of the house

He didn’t think throwing newspaper boys were an actual thing

He’s usually really bad at prank but the banana one was pretty good

New anime themed video with Shawna on his channel this week if you’re interested in that or whatever lmao

“Headline: I love space”

He was enthralled with his Superman ice cream

Martyn is a troll don’t trust him in a kayak

He’s hyped for Vidcon

He was talking to Dan about making noises when someone did something wrong at school 

Where does it come where does it go 

His family all watched Eurovision together 

He couldn’t handle himself in a prank war

Everyone is getting dogs 

Riverdale graph 

He has a full box of Haribo that he’s going to try make last until next week

Next liveshow may be on Sunday watch his twitter from updates

Dan and Phil shop newsletters will be out soon

He’s missed doing liveshows this has been very nice

Ode to Broken Mug


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So this has been nagging me...

Ever since Mark started talking about Dark on the charity stream (which is great by the way watch it) (also I was super hyped to learn more about this great, interesting character) I’ve been questioning my theories about Darks a bit. At first I thought, since Mark and Dark were supposedly the same entity, that Dark hijacked Mark’s subconscious but shared the same desires as him. And that was why I thought he (Dark) had fallen for the character in some way.

But Mark said he and Dark were separate entities, so that couldn’t be right. So you have Mark, taking you on a date, supposedly for romantic themes (cause that’s what a date is right?). And Dark shows up (from his alternate timeline/multiverse…?) and takes control of it. But that got me thinking. 

Mark said Dark is all about manipulation right? So he’s a demon (or something else) pretending to be human to gain your trust. Mark also said Dark wants to take advantage of you for his own reasons. Another thing he talked about was how Dark takes pride in Mark’s achievements and somewhat envies him.

But what I’m really getting at here is, why would Dark need your trust? To gain power of some sort like Anti? No, Mark said he wasn’t like Anti. So there must be some other reason to keep you around. 

I think Dark wants to keep you around because you mean something to Mark. Love is a long time thing. If Mark cared enough to take you out on a date you must mean something to him, right? And Dark wants to “take” you so he can, not necessarily use you for evil, but to take love off of Mark’s achievement list.

But hey, that’s just me writing a long Tumblr post while concentrating on multiple other things. A YOUTUBE THEORY.