Best chocolate option available in the UK: 15g carbs per 100g (entire bar) and sweeter tasting than any other dark chocolate 70%+ I tried including Lindt. My only issue with that is that when it’s in the house I go through an entire bar in one go. Thankfully I mm still within carb allowance even when doing so 😋

I was tagged by the impeccable Xoë (aka actualmemedanhowell), thanks!!!

Name: Gwyneth
Nickname: Gwynnie mostly, but lots of stuff, like Gwen (ugh), G, Gwin-Gwin, Gooey (by the kid I babysit AWWW)  
Star sign: cancer
Gender: female
Height: 5′8 (still the shortest in my family tho *crie*)
Sexual orientation: homosexual
Romantic orientation: i think biromantic but tbh no clue probs just homo to make it easier
Favorite color: gray or v dark green for you poopfaces that say gray isn’t a real color
Time right now: 23:23 (11:23) pm
Average hours of sleep: 4-8
Lucky number(s): pffffft idk lol
Last thing I googled: oh god lemme check *like an hour later cause i got sidetracked* okay it was ‘cards against humanity funny combos’ cause what is life
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite fictional character: luna lovegood from harry potter maybe idrk
Favorite famous people: d + p
Favorite book: looking for alaska by john green
Favorite bands/artists: HALSEY HALSEY HALSEY
Dream trip: just like a roadtrip around the us with my friends or a europe tour
Dream job: to be a surgeon
What am I wearing at the moment: tshirt and exercise shorts lmao what a lame dweeb
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This is 100% something you need to watch right now… 

The fault in our freddo prices

as the sun set in the carpark outside of tesco the two absolute lads gazed lovingly into each others eyes
the wind slicked back thier already gelled ice-gem haircuts as the archbishop of banterbury looked at his totally mental m8
“Bruh, ya know what. Ur an absolute ledge” he smiled from under his snapback. A smile so cheeky it could almost have been a nandos
“Aww bruv” Replied his main lad. Maybe he was over come with emotion or perhaps it was the pungent lynx deodorant that radiated from thier bodies but as the total bro looked into the eyes of his banterlicious friends he couldnt hold back the tears
their grey marl tracksuits flapped in the wind and they reminissed about all the quality bants they had shared at maccy d’s last night.
“You, barack o banter are not a complete wanker” he smiled again as they walked away from the car park in thier adidas trainers.
like the dfs sofa sale, they both knew thier friendship would never end


Best underrated British meme, am i right