Banter Theatre: Zut Alors! Le Troisieme!

Wherein Marcus apologizes for the lack of eye contact and, apropos of nothing, Ben tells us about his instrument and Marcus predicts (if not starts) the next Franco-English War and then, of course, After the Storm in all its glory.

Reblogging from the archives. 


“John Doe” Sara’s response to a fan’s outburst.


HMS Formidable, hit by Kamikaze which released a 550lb bomb before impact, 4 May 1945. As crew fought fires, tended to casualties and assessed damage, an infuriated Captain Ruck-Keene signaled Admiral Vian aboard Indomitable with the following: LITTLE YELLOW BASTARD. Admiral Vian quipped in reply: ARE YOU ADDRESSING ME?

Nine were killed; Formidable remained out of action for six hours.

West Coast Tegan & Sara Playlists!!!

All right guys, this is it… last tour of 2014 and of Heartthrob.  Everything is uploaded and organized (though not necessarily labeled!) so do what we did in the hotel in Honolulu and click on a playlist and rock out.  I didn’t have a great spot in San Diego so I apologize for that one, but Tempe and Honolulu were highlights for me!  I also was super excited about the angle I had for the So Jealous remix in Los Angeles, so check that out.  Enjoy ;)

Oakland, CA Playlist, Fox Theater 11/14/14

San Diego, CA  Playlist, North Park Theatre 11/15/14

Tempe, AZ Playlist, Marquee Theater 11/17/14

Los Angeles, CA Playlist, Hollywood Palladium 11/18/14

Honolulu, HI Playlist, The Republik 11/21/14

Special thanks to @aggie_ct for her help with labeling, and for her, ceilanese, @queenoflesbania, and hungrypuffin for making this the most awesome trip EVER, as well as @DJSMOOK@Queersilver, and @vagIRAmonologue for just being awesome!  Thanks to @krisisawesome for the great spot I had in Oakland, to @JeevesSD for hosting us in San Fran, to my wonderful family for hosting us in San Diego and LA, and to @pagnificent, @mrrory, @Cuhhhhrriiissss for meeting up and hanging out and making me so happy.  :)  Oh yeah, and to teganandsara I guess, for being the reason for all of this. ;D


Winston, regarding a man in a bike helmet: “Is he in fancy dress or is he a narcoleptic?”


I have no idea if this has been a Banter Theatre or not, or if you’ve seen it many times before, but it’s hilarious, so watch it now, if you please, and marvel at both how clever and funny the boys are and how completely ridiculous in several languages!


Banter Theatre #104040

It is kind of remarkable to imagine this man, Marcus Mumford, and of course, this band of his not so-Sons as they are now.  Not that the music is a shade less lovely and well-crafted and genuine, but you can see that their stagecraft has developed a thousandfold.  They’ve become a band that can play Glastonbury, can play an arena, can play anywhere and with anyone and still make you feel it in your gut all the way at the top of the rows, back of the hall.

“Music reviewers are fucking assholes,” he says, and I’m so glad that as bothered and annoyed and pained as he sounds about the first blush critical reception of Sigh No More - which had just been completed (and gave way to a Grammy nomination and the critical esteem of so many music reviewers and fans), they just kept gigging and learning and being themselves.    Though, in this instance, you do want to give them all a hug and say,  "I’m from the future where your music owns my soul, and your album is beloved by millions, so don’t be upset.“

And then Winston cracks some inaudible jokes to distract Marcus.  +I Gave You All


Banter Theatre #122

Wherein Marcus Mumford is a lovely man.  Also, it is revealed that he did something with his tongue while in France that impressed Ketch of Old Crow Medicine Show and Winston smacks Ted’s ass. 


Banter Theatre #6984, The Zut Alors Series

Wherein Winnie speaks French and your dear Tumblress needs a stiff drink.


Banter Theatre #2394 

Wherein we are treated to possibly the best Winston (Winnie. Not Ted.) quote Ever? “Trains are great.  America is great.  The combination is lethal.”  Wherein Ben invites everyone to swarm the train and travel with them to Texas in what promises to be the first traveling orgy by rail and Marcus rescinds the invitation almost immediately.  Darn.


Banter Theater #10056: Marcus Leads An Apple Bollen Appreciation Life

For bonus background, track down the live version of Liar from when Marcus was touring there with Laura Marling.   

LY2D North American Tour Playlists

Saaaad days, it’s over… I bought some of these tickets back in April, so it’s been a long time coming, with a ton of planning and waiting and traveling and meeting new friends and having some friends becoming better friends and seeing some long-time friends I don’t get to see anymore and taking my mom and brother and even some co-workers to different shows, and on and on…  But, here’s the total list of what I have with links, because I like that kind of thing. ;)  All of them are whole shows, except Saskatoon and Chicago (where security decided to be awful and make me stop filming >:( ) and Asheville (where my plane got in late, but at least I made it!)  Where should I go next?

Saskatoon, SK @ TCU Place 9/09/16

Winnipeg, MB @ Centennial Concert Hall 9/10/16

Milwaukee, WI @ The Pabst Theater 10/20/16

Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre 10/21/16

St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant 10/22/16

Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore 11/03/16

New York, NY @ Theater at Madison Square Garden 11/04/16

Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE 11/05/16

Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club 11/06/16

Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club 11/07/17

Richmond, VA @ The National 11/09/16

Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel 11/10/16

Atlanta, GA @ The Tabernacle 11/11/16

and also

Torres Supporting Tegan & Sara, Fall 2016 LY2D Tour


Banter Theatre #2345

Humble and lovely Marcus compliments the audience’s politeness towards the opening acts.  + Timshel. Then, as is inevitable, there is talk of sweat and Marcus clarifies that sweat in his eyes does not mean he’s crying.  + White Blank Page.  


Banter Theater #42204 wherein Winston lets you know which Beatle he thinks his bandmates correspond to and wherein Marcus lets him know what he thinks of that.


Banter Theatre #40035 wherein we all just settle in with Mumford & Sons for a bit of a chat and learn about the linguistic gifts of our dear bandmates.  Ted, in particular!  

+ a really nice version of The Cave.


A Very Wee Banter Theatre #35 wherein before a beautiful version of Timshel, Marcus treats us to an unexpected, though perhaps obvious, fact about the lyrics. 


Some actual Mumford and Sons.  In light of Marcus’ recent (and gracefully recovered) forgetting of the lyrics in Awake My Soul, Marcus tells about forgetting the lyrics in another high-pressure performance.  


Banter Theatre Marcus Falls Momentarily in Love with a Swiss Dude But Just Not Quite Enough To Involve Paperwork #??? 

Wherein…THAT, of course and Timshel.