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Hey, hey, hey! here are some klance headcanons no one asked for!! Enjoy! ;)

-Keith was totally the first to realize he didn’t actually dislike Lance. As a matter of fact..his eyes were kind of pretty…and his laugh is really cute? Wtf?
-Their rivalry eventually just became playful banter bc Lance realizes he can’t actually dislike Keith! There’s just something about him that makes Lance wanna gravitate to him (Spoiler: that’s called “you like him” dumbass)
-Their banter is just flirting tbh and only Lance doesn’t realize it.
-Hunk talks to him one day and is like “bro. You totally like Keith.” And Lance has a Crisis bc HE’S RIGHT
-“OH NO I LIKE HIS MULLET AND HIS STUPID VIOLET EYES KILL ME” and Hunk just pats his back and is like “there, there you poor child”
-Lance is actually very wary when it comes to love and so he tries to push the feelings away
-Keith notices the change and gets a little worried bc Lance will just randomly get really flustered around him and leave
-Shiro literally cannot mind his own business and teases Keith by gently prodding at Lance

-Shiro, smiling innocently: “So Lance, just out of curiosity, do you only like girls?
-Keith dies a little because he knows what Shiro is doing but really wants to know
-Lance, smiling brightly: “I like boys too!! I’m bisexual!!”
-Shiro and Keith: *insert Good Shit Right There Meme 👌👌👌*

-Training is rough for Lance because he’s already easy to distract but Keith puts his hair up in a Lil pony tail when he trains and it’s INSANELY ATTRACTIVE and so Lance ends up getting flustered and distracted and loses
-Pidge enjoys watching them dance around each other like nerds and also engages in teasing
-Hunk is kind and is moral support for both of them
-Allure disproves at first and actually pulls Lance aside and is like “It’s not wise for Paladins to become..involved with each other Lance” and Lance is heartbroken
-They’re defenders of the universe, Lance can’t let a stupid crush get in the way of his responsibility as a paladin
-So he avoids Keith
-The team actually sort of suffers because of it, because usually the blue and red paladin team up together, but now that they aren’t communicating, they are lagging behind
-Keith finds Lance late one night, sleepily looking at the stars, wrapped up in his blanket he brought from his room
-And Keith sits by him and they both sit there in silence for a while
-Then Lance sort of leans into his side slightly and Keith wraps an arm around him
-Lance, tiredly: “I miss you.”
-Keith heart is about to burst in his freaking chest and he tells him he missed him too
-Lance ends up falling asleep, cuddled in his side and Keith carries him back to his room.
-the next day, Lance can’t remember if the kiss he felt on his head was a dream or if it was real…
-But they’re both more smitten than ever


Where babies come from...
Wynne and Alistair
Where babies come from...

Wynne: Alistair, may I have a word?
Alistair: Of course, anything for my favoritest mage ever.
Wynne: It seems you and our fearless leader are inseparable these days; joined at the hip almost.
Alistair: That’s a bit of an overstatement, don’t you think?
Wynne: Well then, now that you’re in an intimate relationship, you should learn about where babies really come from.
Alistair: Pardon?
Wynne: I know the Chantry says you dream about your babies, and the good fade spirits take them out of the fade and leave them in your arms… but that’s not true. Actually, what happens is that when a girl and a boy really love each other….
Alistair: Andraste’s flaming sword, I know where babies come from!
Wynne: Do you? Do you really?
Alistair: I certainly hope so!
Wynne: Oh, alright then. Ooh, look, you’re all red and mottled. How cute.
Alistair: You did that on purpose.
Wynne: Now, now, Alistair. Why would I do such a thing?
Alistair: Because you’re wicked… that frail old lady act? I’m so not fooled. I’m on to you now.

@nbcsvu With all these scenes it’s law Barisi becomes canon now. I will not be teased like this. 

“Prompto, you’re up!”

Here is all of Prompto’s Techniques…in one place. lol Younger and Older Prompto, Non Critical Versions (green bar) and Critical Versions (yellow bar). If I only included one version of the tech it’s cause it was the same for him younger and older.

All the lines are typed out behind the cut below. I love older Prompto’s version of Snapshot. He freaking shoots the enemy after he takes a picture of it lol

@moquall, I believe this is what you were talking about? So I went and did it lol

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‪TRANSLATION: “Bad stuff happened to me, so I want bad stuff to happen to other people! I’m 82 you know!” ‬

On Dorian & Banter

I just love Dorian’s banter so, so much. There are so many beautiful little pieces of character writing in there.

Cassandra: You’re smiling a great deal these days, Dorian.
Dorian: I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth.
Cassandra: Do you always do it while staring dreamily into the distance?
Dorian: It depends how long until dinner.

God, you two. It always makes me happy to see my favourites getting on. And oh, Dorian. This is why I miss the old Origins options where you could just pull your companions aside and have your character give them a good snogging. Because believe me, my Inquisitor was tempted. Dorian’s deflecting with humour because of his depth of feeling, and how afraid he is of showing it.

I actually love Cassandra and Dorian’s slow-build friendship in general. Their banter is lovely. Her quiet understanding after the mess with his father, her eventual approval of him and the Inquisitor, the way he finally stops laying into her about the Seekers because he understands being ashamed of the people you thought you knew (”Knee-jerk defence of your former comrades? I quite understand,” he snarks at the beginning, but that comes to be sincere), and that they both understand the gilded cage of being nobility in their respective homelands… By later in the game, he grandstands less with her and obviously respects her, and I love it.

His sarcasm is rarely cruel - it only tends to come out that way when he’s baited - and when it is, he usually knows when to step off. For instance, he’ll ask the Inquisitor if he teases him too much, and I respected and loved him so much for this:

Dorian: So, I hit a nerve with the whole “murderer Grey Warden” business.
Blackwall: Are you speaking to me?
Dorian: Yes, you. “Blackwall,” or whatever your name is.
Blackwall: “Blackwall” will do.
Dorian: I’m saying I understand wanting to atone for one’s actions.
Blackwall: Is that so?
Dorian: Enough to know when I’ve stepped in it. So I apologize.

And later:

Blackwall: It was wrong of me to lump you in with peers you hardly resemble.
Dorian: Truce?
Blackwall: Gladly.

I love his surprising friendship with Sera and the way he genuinely seeks to understand her - he does that with everything, a true scholar in the best possible way, right from the beginning. (“How does that work, exactly?” he asks the Inquisitor, who has just closed a rift, when they meet.) He’s constantly asking questions and actually listening to the answers, following up on them. He’s curious and open-minded. It’s an utter joy to go round on quests and hear the constant mutters of  “Fascinating,” in that hushed tone only a true geek can manage, and his musings on the Veil, spirits and demons.

And most of all, he’s kind. He may sometimes cover it with snark, but loss of life seems to greatly upset him in any form. In Crestwood, when everyone else is focused on vengeance and wanting to throttle the mayor, it’s him and Sera who focus on how upsetting the whole thing is. If I recall, his take on it is: “What a sad mess.”

He’s far less haughty than he pretends. He cares, even if he wasn’t allowed to show it so much back in Tevinter and is trying to get out of some unhealthy conditioning. (It takes him a long time to call the Inquisitor a friend or pursue a romance with them, because he means it and he’s afraid of leaving himself vulnerable.) After all, his people “have no reserve - not in war, and not in love.”

Today On A Special Mauritius Plotdale...

Plotdale - The Very Special Mauritius Episode

[Sandra’s hospital room with Robert, Aaron, Chas, Liv and Sandra]
CHAS: *gives Aaron a big hug* Oh love, it’s so good to see you. I’m so sorry the plot kept me from being there when you got out of that, in the end, completely pointless prison storyline. I hope you weren’t tortured to much.
AARON: It was pretty bad. It’s my own fault for crying so well. I missed you too though mum.
CHAS: (LUCY: It’s so nice that all of our time off converged to screw up the plot more and allow our characters to spend this time off screen together)
AARON: (DANNY: Yep. It really was great timing. Hopefully when we get back the pace of the plot can settle down a bit)
AARON: *goes to give Liv a hug conveniently out of earshot*
CHAS: Robert *major side eye* I trust you haven’t told him about the incident yet. I mean I really want to tell him myself but the plot won’t let me.
ROBERT: Don’t worry Chas, even though I was totally going to be honest with him at the prison, once the plot stopped you it also stopped me. And it’s only gotten worse from there.
CHAS: Worse how, Robert?
ROBERT: I’m sorry, Chas, the plot says you have to stay in the dark about this one too. I’m just going to look panicked and shifty around you for this entire trip.
CHAS: Perfect. I love watching you squirm. Especially now that the plot has destroyed all of our relationship development and I hate you again. I’m just going to give you evils the whole time you’re here.
ROBERT: I would expect nothing less.
AARON: It’s so great to see you Liv. I’m so glad the plot gave Robert a reason to rush us off here. And when I say rush, I mean it. Should have seen how fast Robert was driving out of the village.
LIV: It’s great to see you too, big bro. Shouldn’t you two be more careful when it comes to cars.
AARON: You’d think so. Don’t worry though, I think Robert’s Porsche has Plot insurance. I do really miss the Audi though. No idea what happened to that one. 
LIV: You know, just because my mum was a plot device for me to be off screen, doesn’t mean you had to drop everything and leave too.
AARON: Sandra’s a plot device for all of us, and I do want to be here. Thanks though, Sandra.
PLOT DEVICE SANDRA: No problem, anything for the plot.

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anonymous asked:

Oh I loved the Anders and Cassandra banters (though that word feels too light to describe what was really going on lol)! I loved all the banters you've done and I was wondering if you'd be up to writing Anders and Solas then? If not, totally ok! You've just captured everyone's voices so well, it's like hearing them in game - thank you!

Anonymous said: The companion dialogues you write are amazing! Something in the Cassandra/Anders dialogue caught my interest though…what would Solas and Anders have to say to each other? Would they like each other, or despise each other?

Thank you to both of you! Since you both requested the same banter partners, I’m answering both of your asks in the same post. 

Just like the Anders and Cassandra banters, I’m writing this under the assumption that Anders joined the Inquisition as a member of the Inner Circle. If he seems a bit more combative than usual, it’s mainly because of his circumstances after the ending of Dragon Age 2.

Anders: Do you have anything to say to me?
Solas: Pardon?
Anders: Everyone else seems to be taking the opportunity to condemn me. So what is this? The silent treatment?
Solas: I did not see the need to offer commentary. If you wish to know my opinion, you need only to ask for it.
Anders: I did what I did for people like you - like us. The least I could ask for is for someone in your position to show at least a little gratitude.
Solas: I understand your desire for action, Anders. You saw a problem and hoped to address it, no matter the cost. And while there may come a time in which the death of others is a necessary sacrifice to achieve a better world, I would ask you, truthfully - do you feel your actions in Kirkwall succeeded? Have you created the world you desired?
Anders: The Circles have fallen. The Chantry is scrambling to regain control. That should count for something.
Solas: The mages rebelled as an act of self-preservation in the face of Templars who now hold proof of every claim they have ever made against our kind to justify their abuses. They believe that apostates are dangerous, that their magic is a threat to innocent lives. You fulfilled those fears. You have become the embodiment of everything they claim to be true. You have not healed the wound that was already festering. You merely added more fuel to a fire that had been building for generations. Rebellion was inevitable. Your role within it was not.

Anders: I heard you have always been a hedge mage. Is that true?
Solas: Do you find it surprising that I might evade the Templars for so long?
Anders: Maker knows I don’t have much faith in their intelligence, but they always managed to track me down no matter what I did.
Solas: They were looking for you. It is far easier to hide if you never draw attention to yourself in the first place.
Anders: I didn’t exactly have a choice. My own father reported me when he learned I was a mage. I was only twelve at the time, but it’s not like that mattered to him.
Solas: No amount of sympathy can change or undo so intimate a betrayal - but I am sorry. No one should have to experience what you have. Not for the crime of merely existing as you do. Bearing a stronger connection to the Fade is not a curse. It is a gift. One that should be treasured.
Anders: (bitter laugh) Oh, the Enchanters would have gotten a kick out of you. I wonder how long you would last in a Circle before they locked you up for such talk.
Solas: There is a reason I never allowed myself the opportunity to find out firsthand.

Solas: At least these spirits will be at peace, once the rifts are closed.
Anders: Why do you insist on calling them spirits? These things we keep killing are clearly demons.
Solas: I would not expect you of all people to draw such stark distinctions between the two.
Anders: Have you actually taken the time to study demons? They clearly align with the world’s various sins. They may have been spirits, once, but they’re something totally different now. The Chant teaches that they-
Solas: I suppose it is only natural for your kind to fabricate a sense of order and reason, however artificial, to make sense of that which you do not understand. Otherwise, the Fade would seem entirely chaotic, would it not? Why not force the world to fit into small, comfortable definitions than accept the notion that perhaps your view is too narrow?
Anders: And a hedge mage is supposed to be more enlightened, I suppose? As if I haven’t spent years of my life studying the Fade?
Solas: You have spent years of your life studying texts others have written about the Fade. I walk those paths each night as I sleep. There is no comparing the two. I know that a spirit may become corrupted in the same way that I know a good man may convince himself to do terrible things given the right circumstances. Is he no longer a man, after what he has done? Neither truth is comfortable, but that does not make them less true.  

After All New, Faded for Her-

Anders: I am sorry about your friend.
Solas: Thank you.
Anders: I… know what it is like. To befriend a spirit, I mean. And to watch them become… something else.
Solas: Justice entered this world against his will, yet that did not change who it was. It was lucky, in that sense. Most spirits do not have that luxury… to hold onto that sense of self when the shock of this world overwhelms them. Justice… Vengeance… these names you give it are simply two shades of the same entity, the same driving desire to impose order where there is none. You may have played a hand in shaping him, but your actions are not the same as those who hurt my friend. You did not summon Justice. You did not bind it to your will, you did not enslave it. As I said to Cole, I will say to you - to both you and the spirit within you - what you become is ultimately of your own choosing. You either give in to that anger, to that driving need to repay pain with pain - or you do not.
Anders: And what if I… if we… I don’t feel like it’s something I can control.
Solas: Action or inaction - both are a choice. Both have consequences. You cannot escape a problem by running away from it. At some point, you must face it directly - or it will do nothing but continue to chase you.
Anders: But how? I turned my friend into a demon. I made him into this.
Solas: Begin by accepting that Justice is a spirit, a person unto himself - not some curse you bear upon your shoulders. As long as you hold on to the belief that a demon is something beyond salvation, something so changed that it is no longer a spirit - you will continue to shape it to fulfill that belief.

After an instance in which Vengeance takes over-

Anders: I tried, Solas. I tried what you said… but it didn’t work.
Solas: You cannot heal this as you would a broken limb. It is not a matter of will. It is a process that requires patience and diligence. It has taken years for you and Justice to become what you are. You cannot expect that to change in a matter of days.
Anders: What am I supposed to do in the meantime, then, hmm? Just go on like everything is fine, knowing I might kill someone if the mood strikes?
Solas: Trust those around you, Anders. We stopped you from doing any real harm. We will stop you again, should it be necessary.

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dating lili reinhart | (would include)

Originally posted by thebugheadfanatic


- lili always showing you her exorcist trick with her neck

- “baby no! i told you it freaks me out”

- taco bell -all- the damn time

- facetime

- lots & lots of texting

- dating the actual meme queen

- always running them by you

- “is this one good babe?”

- “its hilarious”

- because they always are

- spending majority of your time at lili’s apartment

- moving in

- movie days

- ordering in -most- of the time

- but when you don’t you alway cook for her

- “im good with taco bell babe”

- pet names -a lot- of them

- impromptu singing

- being absolute goofballs

- recording each other

- taking silly snaps

- insta lives -all the time-

- “yes yes i know my girlfriends super hot”

- stealing all of lili’s clothes -especially- her caps

- movie nights

- comforting her with her anxiety and depression

- staying in a lot

- especially when she’s feeling down

- you cancel your plans and buy icecream and tounsit on the couch and watch rick and morty

- singing along to the theme song -loudly- and defiantly off key

- cuddles in the bed

- and on the couch

- you literally cuddled everywhere

- even in between takes

- or when someone else is filming a scene

- proud girlfriend™

- flying to vancouver from la often because you miss your girl

- buying her flowers and surprising her on set

- letting her take you around vancouver on her days off -rarely-

- getting along with the whole cast

- especially madelaine and camila

- spending a lot of time with the three girls when you’re back in LA

- coachella with he riverdale gang

- lili taking you as her date to the wrap party

- drunken karaoke

- drunken makeouts

- “i totally ship beronica”

- always wearing each others clothes

- pet names

- long car rides blasting lady gaga

- lili’s lowkey obsessed with gaga

- having a special playlist thats filled with both yours and lili’s favourite songs

- dancing around your shared apartment in your underwear

- “you have a cute ass”

- going with lili to majority of her interviews

- pulling faces off screen to try and slip her up

- open relationship

- proud lili™

- going on joint photo shoots with lili & cole

- camping with the boys

- baking

- food fights

- bite watch reality tv

- watching ever episode of riverdale -multiple- times

- “did i mention how adorable you were in miss stevens?”

- banter!banter!banter!

- teasing -oh god- so much teasing

- pda

- forehead kisses

- neck kisses

- body kisses

- lili commenting on all your ig pics

- visa versa

- playing with each other hairs

- “i miss your brown hair”

- puppy dog eyes 24/7

- getting lili a puppy -well- mostly you because you get so lonely when she has to leave

- celebrating season two pick up on a flight back to ohio

- lili showing you around her home town of cleveland

- her family loving you

- her mum always cooking for you

- meeting her sisters and getting along really well with the both of them

- getting to meet her god daughter

- lili taking a butt load of pictures

- getting to baby sit

- “oh my god, my baby and my baby

- her freaking pups

- so much face licking

- so many cuddles

- happy lili

- cleveland lili

- more live streams

- airplane cuddles

- mandatory taco bell after the airport

- catching up with cami and mads

- girls nights w/ lots of wine and chocolate

- going to events with lili

- protective lili™

- slow dancing

- salsa dancing

- drunk at 2am dancing

- challenging her to a game of pool

- winning

- and being super stoked about it

- hikes

- long tiring hikes

- watching the sunrise

- lili finding a new love for photography

- always being behind the lease

- and all over lili’s instagram and tumblr

- beach days

- working on your tan

- “damn lili, you really wear that bikini”

- laughing -all- the freaking time

- cussing like sailors but not being able to control it

- watching sherk when one of you is feeling down

- “there literally nothing that icecream and sherk cannot fix”

- lili always being right

- stealing the camera from lili and taking a billion shots

- polaroid cameras

- having the film pinned up behind your bed

- photo booth strips

- giggles

- laughing so hard your stomach aches

- helping lili through the hate

- tweeting out and showing them who’s boss

- being a foodie and wanted to go out everywhere with the girls

- “i just want taco bell”

- “what about veggie grill?”

- “madelaine we aren’t going to freaking veggie grill and lili don’t even get me started on taco bell

- "im down with whatever”

- “thank you cami- maybe i should swap girlfriends”

- jealous lili

- apologetic girlfriend

- make up sex

- visiting museums together

- tagging along to mexico

- eating something that isn’t taco bell for a change

- helping lili read lines

- and prepare for press days

- trying to squeeze spoilers out of her

- “so do you know who shot fred?”

- “yes for the hundredth time yes- and no i will not tell you”

- “well does he die-”

- “baby i swear to god if you ask one more time-”

- coffee dates

- because lets face it lili gets no where near enough sleep

- trying new things

- because it’s good for lili’s health

- trying yoga together

- strong advocate for personal space

- your phone being filled with photos of her

- and the same with her

- her vancouver apartment is filled with photos of you

- hating long distance

- but being so in love with your girlfriend


“your backwards logic wouldn’t make it past the first round of the quiz bowl tournament.”
he takes a step closer to her. “my logic is what won my team the quiz bowl tournament. four years. in a row.”
she glares. “i hope your cat scratches your face tonight,” she deadpans. rose even mimics the claws with her hand. 

he grins like she gave him the best compliment. 

anonymous asked:

"Just a bit of banter" "I lost my trousers" -Me when I think of SAO & vocabularryonthemind. #powercouple #otp #besideslarry #iloveyousman

okay lissen…(actually first hi! omg stahp I’m blushing, thank you I love you too) but also…i saw these two quotes and thought to myself ohhhh no…I’m totally the ‘I lost my trousers’ one aren’t i? and then immediately after that’s so random anon, I mean u right, but that’s the randomest thing i’ve been likened to (probably).

THEN i had the bright idea to look up “Just a bit of banter” to see if it was like a thing and oh OH I WAS SHOCKED ANON…YOU DID THAT…YOU WERE REFERRING TO A MOMENT I HAD NO IDEA EXISTED:

and I was like….

and two seconds later i saw this:

and yeah wow… now I know. So, thank you for that anon! but I have no idea what you’re talking about, It’s not like this gif below is a 100% accurate representation of how I feel about her or anything:

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can I request an Isaac imagine where the reader and Isaac have a love/hate thing going on. Like when a bad guy comes around they'll protect each other bc duh, pack but other than that, its all banter, angst and HEAVY sexual tension.

Anonymous said to redbrickisaac: think you could do an imagine where the reader is like in the pack & has a love/hate relationship w Isaac? Like lots of witty banter & sexual tension, maybe add in someone else flirting w reader & Isaac gets lowkey jealous? Oh you would make my life

A/N: Not sure if this is me combining two different prompts or I just took so long that you had to ask for it twice. Sorry if that’s the case. I hope it was worth the wait.

Pairing: Isaac x reader

Word Count: Approx.1.6k

Musical Inspiration: “Mercy” – Shawn Mendes

You and Isaac rest side by side, leaning against the brick wall of the school building, both trying to catch your breath.

You can hear Isaac’s heart racing from where you sit and can’t help but think it’s a good thing that he trusts you in the field of battle even though he can’t seem to stand you any other time. Even if you normally put on a fake sneer and pretend to hate him back, he’d listened when you told him to duck when that omega wolf had tried to take him out with a sneak attack.

He glances at you sitting next to him, gaze unsure before it’s turning away again. “Thanks,” he tosses at you tersely, like there’s not even the smallest possibility of there being more to say.

“Yeah, anytime,” you answer just as shortly, with a shrug that’s meant to seem uninterested.

Your words say so little, but inside, your heart’s screaming for more. For you to inch just a little closer, to graze your fingers over his thigh, show some sign that there’s more behind your actions than just the protection of pack.

You do nothing and just sit there. Because as far you know, Isaac wants nothing more from you than this. So this is what you give him.


Derek isn’t happy about the sudden onslaught of omegas trying to take up residence in Beacon Hills. Patrols around the town at night become longer and more frequent. Training is kicked up a notch, too, so that he can be certain you can take care of yourselves, and each other.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Isaac asks with a smug expression when he knocks you to the ground, again.

“You couldn’t handle all I’ve got,” you answer as you stand up, brushing the dirt from your clothes like you didn’t just get your ass handed to you.

“OOoohhh,” the others goad and laugh as they wait their turn. They’ve become rather invested in this love/hate thing you and Isaac have going on.

“Oh, really?” Isaac asks, brow arched. “Then, show me. Don’t hold back this time.” He’s still smirking, which means he doesn’t believe you.

“Fine,” you agree loftily. “But when you’re the one flat on your back, just remember that you asked for it.”

“Not going to be a problem,” Isaac tells you with a sarcastic wink as he falls comfortably back into his fighting stance.

“We’ll see,” you retort, not wasting a second before you’re lunging at him.

He’s ready for it and easily ducks the move, trying to duck under your guard and get at you while your off-balance but you’re too smart for that.

This time, you match Isaac move for move, anticipating each attack and blocking him before he can claim victory. You we’re holding back before, and now he knows it. He grins, clearly enjoying the challenge of trying to best you now that he knows you’re on even footing, the other members of the pack cheering both of you on. You think you even hear Erica taking bets.

In the end, Isaac gets you in a choke hold. “Good fight,” he whispers in your ear still managing to sound superior. But that’s because he thinks he is, you realize, when he adds, “Still not good enough.

You grab his arms with both hands and pull down on them to loosen his hold a bit. Tucking your chin to your chest, you flex your knees, lean over, and pull him over your back, effectively dropping him to the ground in front of you and knocking the breath from his lungs.

As he stares up at you with wide eyes, you smile down at him and shrug. “You did ask for it,” you remind him as the other members of the pack clap and hoot and holler. Erica loudest of all. Clearly, she bet on the right person.

Isaac stares after you as Derek calls you over to him. You’re not sure if you should be pleased or wary about it. Though, you’re definitely wary of the pinched look on Derek’s face.

“You’ve had that in you this whole time?” He asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes?” You say, unsure if that answer is the one he wants or not.  He certainly doesn’t look happy about it.

Derek sigh, shaking his head at you. “You can’t hold back like that,” he tells you. “If we’re going to get better, stronger as a pack, we need you at your best. And that was the best thing I’ve seen from you yet.”

You can’t help the smile that blooms on your face at the compliment. “Thanks, Boss.”

Derek chuckles at the nickname, reaching out to touch your arm affectionately. “Now, let’s go show the others how to fight like that.”

Together, you turn back to the group where Scott and Liam are going at each other, smile still in place. Until your eyes reach Isaac’s glowering gaze.

He quickly looks away, pretending to be absorbed in the way Scott is pinning Liam to the ground. The tense cut of his jaw, the only sign that you weren’t imagining things.

Great, now he really hates you.


Erica calls for a celebration when the last of the omegas is run from town, a desire that Stiles vehemently seconds. That’s how you end up at a bonfire with the rest of the pack, surrounded by loud music, carbonated drinks, and joyous chatting and laughter.

You sit a bit away from the others. You’d been hoping that Isaac would show and you could maybe resolve this weird tension that’s suddenly between you. Because while Derek has been turning to you for your input more now that he knows your full capabilities, Isaac’s grown more and more distant.


A can of soda appears in front of your face and you follow the hand holding it to gaze into the face of your Alpha.

“Thanks,” you accept the drink, popping the tab and taking a swallow as Derek sits next to you.

“Doing alright?” He asks, eyes trained on the fire burning in the center of your little clearing.

You shrug. You seem to be doing that a lot lately. “I guess.”

Derek turns to face you think he’s going to call you out on your lie. In a way, you’re right.

“You should figure out whatever’s going on between you and Isaac,” he says.

“Oh,” you say dumbly. You didn’t know anyone had noticed. “I, yeah,” you agree because what else can you possibly say?

Derek turns back to the fire. “Now’s your chance,” he says, and you realize that he’s not looking at the fire, he’s looking past it. At Isaac’s retreating back.

“Where’s he going?” You mutter to yourself.

“Better hurry if you want to find out,” Derek says casually.

So you do, you leave your soda sitting on the ground next to Derek, and run to catch up with the boy that’s trying to walk away from you.

“Isaac,” you call, hoping to slow him down.

His shoulders tense, but his steps don’t falter. In fact, you’re pretty sure he speeds up.

“Wait up,” you yell, even though it’s obvious that’s the last thing he wants to do.

When you catch up, you grab his arm, stopping his movements and making him turn to face you.

What is your problem lately?” You ask, staring into Isaac’s scowling face.

Isaac rips his arm free of your grip. “Just go back to your boyfriend, (Y/n),” he hisses, starting his walk home again.

Suddenly, everything that’s been going on the last few weeks might make a lot more sense.

“Wait a second,” you stop him again, refusing to let go of his arm this time. “The cold shoulder you’ve been giving me, the snapping at Derek, the giant stick you’ve had up your ass… it’s because you were jealous?”

“Yes! Alright?” Isaac whirls on you, eyes flaring in his anger. “I was jealous.”

“What the hell, Isaac?” You ask because anyone with a lick of sense could tell that you and Derek could never be an actual thing.

Isaac takes a breath, all of the fight suddenly going out of him. “I wanted…” he sighs, “Nevermind. It doesn’t matter now.”

“No,” You immediately refuse. “I will not ‘nevermind’. Tell me.”

Isaac grimaces, drawing in on himself. “Don’t do this, (Y/n). It’s not fair.”

“You know what’s not fair?” You counter, incredulous smile on your face. “It’s not fair how I could possibly want an absolute idiot as much as I do.”

Isaac’s gaze rises to meet yours from where he’d been studying the pavement, forehead scrunched adorably in confusion. ”What do you—”

He doesn’t get to finish his question before you’ve wrapped your arms around his neck, lips pressing against his as you take a leap of faith.

Thankfully, your faith in Isaac’s feelings for you is completely justified.

He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, prying your lips open with his tongue so that he can lick inside.

You break apart after a few minutes, smiling at each other.

“So,” you say coolly, “communication is a thing that we probably need to work on.”

Isaac laughs, eyes crinkling happily. “You may be right about that.”

“Oh, I’m glad that you agree,” You say, a smirk growing on your face. “Because I’d hate to have to fight you on it. We both know I’d win.”

“Oh, is that what you think?” Isaac asks, playing along. “Because I’m pretty sure I was going easy on you last time.”

“Agh,” you scoff. “Liar.”

“Rematch?” He offers, laughter shining in his eyes.

“Oh, definitely.”

You win again. Isaac doesn’t mind, especially with all the consolation kisses that you give him for being second best. He’s totally content in the knowledge that in your heart, he’s absolutely number one.

So. Much. Banter! :D

Sweet Andraste, I love it when the party picks on Alistair <3

  • Wynne: Alistair, may I have a word?
  • Alistair: Of course, anything for my favouritest mage ever. 
  • Wynne: It seems you and our fearless leader are inseparable these days. Joined at the hip, almost.
  • Alistair: That’s a bit of an overstatement, don’t you think?
  • Wynne: Well then, now that you’re in an intimate relationship, you should learn about where babies really come from.
  • Alistair: Pardon?
  • Wynne: I know the Chantry says you dream about your babies and the good Fade spirits take them out of the Fade and leave them in your arms…but that’s not true. Actually what happens is that when a girl and a boy really love each other –
  • Alistair: Andraste’s flaming sword! I know where babies come from!
  • Wynne: Do you? Do you really?
  • Alistair: I certainly hope so.
  • Wynne: Oh, all right then. Aww, look, you’re all red and mottled. How cute.
  • Alistair: You did that on purpose!
  • Wynne: Now, now Alistair, why would I do such a thing?
  • Alistair: Because you’re wicked. That frail old lady act? I’m so not fooled. I’m on to you now.
“that’s not banter, stiles and lydia are just miserable when they’re together”

oh yeah i totally understand what you mean

look at how miserable they are

they obviously can’t stand each other

just look how much they fucking hate each other

and banter? they don’t do that! why do stydiots always make shit up?

“Holland’s favorite scenes with Dylan are the ones with banter. She loves when they roll their eyes at each other and when Stiles walks behind her trying to catch up. Eaddy asked what about when Malia came along, Holland said Lydia refrained more from it because she seems a little jealous.”


  • Wynne: Alistair, may I have a word?
  • Alistair: Of course. Anything for my favoritest mage ever.
  • Wynne: It seems you and our fearless leader are inseparable these days. Joined at the hip, almost.
  • Alistair: That's a bit of an overstatement, don't you think?
  • Wynne: Well then, now that you're in an intimate relationship, you should learn about where babies really come from.
  • Alistair: Pardon?
  • Wynne: I know the Chantry says you dream about your babies and the good Fade spirits take them out of the Fade and leave them in your arms...but that's not true. Actually what happens is that when a girl and a boy really love each other --
  • Alistair: Andraste's flaming sword! I know where babies come from!
  • Wynne: Do you? Do you really?
  • Alistair: I certainly hope so.
  • Wynne: Oh, all right then. Aww, look, you're all red and mottled. How cute.
  • Alistair: You did that on purpose!
  • Wynne: Now, now Alistair, why would I do such a thing?
  • Alistair: Because you're wicked. That frail old lady act? I'm so not fooled. I'm on to you now.

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What do you think of Peter Capaldi?

oh man i love him i love him so much both as a person and as an actor and as the 12th doctor oh man in no particular order

  • basically shut down any flirting/romance between the doctor and clara meaning their relationship is so much more interesting and multifaceted than flirty-wirty witty-makes-me-shitty banter
  • makes the doctor so abrasive and alien and he feels old
  • does more acting and emoting with his face in two seconds than ten minutes of moffat-written banter
  • good costume choices
  • had to basically lie to his daughter about getting the role and making it into a really funny story
  • giant doctor who fan who like david tennant wanted to grow up and play the doctor
  • cried on the set of the Fires of Pompeii
  • you cannot fuck him he has never been fucked he is unfuckable
  • won an oscar suck shit moff moff
  • seriously has enough clout as a writer and a performer to call moffat out on his shitty writing
  • embodies all the previous doctors beautifully
  • god whenever he plays opposite children i just want to cry
  • his doctor acts like an asshole but an asshole with integrity who faces consequences for his assholery which is SO IMPORTANT
  • loves his wife in real life so much
  • like he always wears his wedding ring even when he’s acting because she supported him through his earlier years ahhh
  • can act young and old and like eleven when he mentions river and one when he’s around kids and
  • DAD SKILLS i LIVE for the doctor as a dad and he’s my favourite doctor for acting as a dad don’t touch me
  • understands what doctor who is about and how it’s about different things for different people 
  • apparently would just hang round on set playing with shit because he was so pumped to play the doctor
  • look if he asked i wouldn’t say no and it wouldn’t be a reluctant yes
  • takes any material he’s given and elevates it 110% aka the unnecessary bits of “deep breath”
  • obviously respects the other actors esp jenna on the show and works with them well
  • brings the assholery of a time lord when the assholery needs to be brought and brings it good
  • “this is my planet too” and you CRY AND YOUR TEARS ARE PETER CAPALDI
  • like i can’t explain the relationship he and jenna have built up between clara and the doctor but it is my life
  • (for a good time filled with pcap love follow wefuckingtimetravelledshe’s the best and adores him)
  • praise be to the pcap as long as he’s happy on doctor who i’m happy with doctor who and the doctor peace out anon i’ve got to write about nigerian pentecostal practises

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okay so I'm gonna be upfront and say I absolutely do not ship skyeward at all, I cannot stand ward, but I was just wondering if you could explain to me why you do?

[cracks knuckles] ah yes, of course! warning: the last aos related post i wrote was close to 1,000 words so i apologize in advance tbh (this is close to 2,000 whoops). also i’m writing this on 5 hours of sleep and in half delirium (but this is a v important topic to me). that aside, okay. lets begin.

[pulls out binders, power points, pictures]

up front i want to say something: i have a trope. everyone has certain tropes that they enjoy, whether that be from childhood friends to lovers (as my friend willliamherondale so adoringly loves) to dysfunctional villains and head strong heroines. i have a type, and that generally includes the anti-hero and the heroine. typically said anti-hero (or villain tbh) ends up falling in love with said heroine, which sort of blows everything out of the water  generally looks at her like she’s hung up the moon. (ships similar to this i’ve fallen for include: captain swan, darkling/alina, etc.)

ward/skye falls into this category for me, so within this context, i already have an affinity towards their dynamic as a whole (also: i caught up with aos after ward’s reveal, so i knew what angst i was signing myself up for - as i had only seen the first four eps back in 2013). also double agents? hello, this is a trope i am here for. okay with that out of the way!


lets start with grant ward:

okay, i’ve already stated it, but i’ll reiterate: i love anti-heroes. i find them very compelling narratively, and add a lot to the scenes they’re in. i like suspense and action, and typically these characters are good at getting my heart going (re: what will they do next?). additionally, god above, i have a weakness for hot morally grey characters. ok so thats anti-heroes (and arguably villains), so why grant ward

[to read: grant ward fic that changed my life]

on a villain/anti-hero scale, grant ward is a fantastic character to watch: one of the reasons i love rewatching aos is because you can compare scenes to what you know after the fact. for example, besides ward getting the best skills since romanoff (which of course, doesn’t include the fact that he’s duping them the entire time), you can also see all the subtle foreshadowing to his allegiance to garrett. it’s done so tactfully, man. additionally, towards the end of season 1 we really get to see his full capability of a specialist, and the overall threat he can be. season 2 also demonstrated this. he’s been modelled into a weapon, and precisely because of this, it’s also a reason why he’s such a complex character to look at. 

ward’s history isn’t a secret within shield. the only thing that was hidden was the offer garrett made him to join hydra, and even that was juxtaposed by garrett’s survival speech. in all, ward suffered abuse by his parents, his older brother (yo fuck maynard christian), and then as a fifteen year old faced trial (tried as an adult) or join this super sketch, faceless organization under such vague terms such as ~the hardest thing you will ever do. like if the kid wasn’t already messed up, that + being thrown into the wilderness for years without any companionship other than a dog and sporadic visits from an experienced manipulator, man, that would do it.


how his past, his loyalty to garrett and his time on the bus has shaped and conflicted his ideas of who he is, what is he and who he should be is incredibly interesting as a character for me to watch. i think 2x08 said it really best, when ward not only admitted to accepting his actions, but also addressed the fact that he was hollowed out, not just by his family, but by garrett and also shield (ok but really, shield’s protocol on dumping 15 y/o in the wilderness ?? fury control ur kids - ok we all know theyre shady af tho, the avengers has proven this). the latter episodes of season 1 we can really see him wrestling between being unwaveringly loyal to garrett (and his belief that he does in fact owe that man everything: he ‘saved’ him from his past, he redefined his life’s purpose) and also this newfound connection he’s made on the bus ( i like to believe predominately between the ot4, aka the kids, aka fitzsimmonskye). 

[additionally, as i know he gets called out on it a lot/was actually addressed in the show: if ward truly wanted fitzsimmons dead, i believe they would be. he’s a top ranking specialist. and as he said to fitz, ‘he expected me to kill you. … i gave you a fighting chance’. note: this does not excuse his actions, however, it is important to address especially in the light of ward reassessing his view on garrett]

as far as season 2 goes, i’m glad they haven’t jumped onto a redemption arc too soon. [wiggles eyebrows: anti-heroes ammiright] its also a painful and dark journey (like the rest of the season and also the dark af lighting in all the scenes - k we get the symbolism but the gifs @ aos post-pro). we’ve seen a lot of good things come up: willingness to live again and acceptance. also getting to see the ‘real’ grant ward, which is more snarky than stoic (although, i’m betting still half of that is a facade: in the ~business of liars and spies!) on a more shallow level (bc i’m part of the #scruffcrew): beard!ward? beard!ward. lets just revel in this shall we: 

his relationship with skye is a hot debate that often is pointed out as unhealthy, and while i definitely think they’re not ready to be in a relationship, the potential and overall dynamic is what pulls me to them this season. i believe that ward needs to identify and rebuild within the debris of events, and that the slow burn of these two characters is what i’d like to see develop. beauty and the tragedy. i think the lines ‘one day you’ll understand’ and ‘maybe you two could be monsters together’ will come full circle, ayo.

okay okay, so skyeward:

lmao oh god, how do i even begin here. i’ve already talked about it being /my trope/. like my ultimate trope, when i think about it. so i’ll try to state my points as objectively as possible. 

  • first off: the idea that it was literally a fuck up on both their sides (more so on ward’s overall, lbr here). for skye, ward represented the big brother institution SHIELD was: cold and unflinching. shall i refer to the fever!dream pilot? ways down the line, after miles and her secret was revealed to coulson, i believe she did garner a slight crush on her S.O, but you know, may/ward. for ward? lmao big fuck up. i mean, BIG fuck up. he was supposed to keep tabs on her as her S.O, and here this hacktavist is, worming his way in, and becoming this unbearable weakness for him. he pursued may on - can we argue semi-romantically? - level to disarm her as a threat. in the end, skye disarmed him. on a side note: garrett literally calls him out on this in 1x18. 
  • ‘the heart wants what it wants, you can’t control everything.’ — grant ward comes across something, or someone, that makes him lose control. 
  • I think Skye has seen a part of him that he hasn’t allowed himself to show to anyone else,“ Dalton says. "I don’t know why exactly it’s Skye as opposed to Simmons or even Fitz, because there have been some moments with Fitz that have been touching and kind of brotherly. But we don’t decide the people that are special in our lives, they just are.”  // thank you brett dalton
  • fucking //seeds// 

  • 'YOU CANT CHOOSE TO FEEL.’ 'USUALLY I CAN. ITS DIFFERENT WITH US'  // ‘i don’t hope for me, i hope for you’ // ‘someday you’ll understand’ // ‘my shoulder is free’ // ‘did you just give me a compliment?’ ‘what? no. i made a comment’ ‘yeah, a kind one!’ // ‘you need to fight that weakness inside of you’ // ‘you don’t have to shut people out’ // ‘who are you going to be when i next see you?’ // ‘and dont tell me to just sit here while ward is out there’ // ‘it wasn’t personal’ ‘it wasn’t personal?!’ // ‘my impatient boyfriend’ ‘i like that cover’ // 
  • you see this more within s2, but they share a lot of the same expressions. this can be especially clear during 2x10 when they’re both kept in that room, and cal dismantles the guard. additionally, 1x04 they do so similarly. (◡‿◡✿)
  • height difference

  • both have had come from terrible pasts: both have experienced loneliness, rejection and pain, despite different origins. neither have truly experienced ‘family’, or probably a true sense of security when it comes to love. while ward is guarded (not just because of his allegiance beforehand), skye is open, and i think that strikes something between both of them. alternatively, one can argue that ward now (or, well, did) wear his heart on his sleeve for skye, while she became closed and guarded. [aggressively sings get down on your knees and love me] two sides of the same coin. 
  • proVIDENCE BASE: aka the time (i truly believe) ward was being genuine in his feelings to skye, and ‘what i want? is to stay here with you and pretend that the outside world doesn’t exist’. (((and all its angst-driven glory in the current events that were on-going bye))) 

  • ok ok but listen: skye/ward as a lethal power couple. holy fuck, right. 

  • he knows her so well that he knows how may’s been training her
  • i dream of a time where dark!skyeward happens (or relative dark!skyeward?). i believe 2b will explore the alienation skye feels with her gift, and a later meeting with a certain specialist that involves reckless decisions, snarky banter (oh hello imagine the banter, just sit and imagine the banter will you), awkward first steps ‘i really loved you’, and understanding. i feel like this season we’ll see a hint of: ‘you can’t love someone you don’t understand’
  • how in season one, skye made him question himself and his actions for possibly the first time. 
  • skye picks up the obelisk and his reaction isn’t one of fear. he later goes on to gently touch her knee while untying her, demonstrating that his feelings are still resolute despite what could alienate her from others. [additionally, what fitzwcrd says: “rmr his face when she held the obelisk like: holy shit skye BUT ALSO hooOOLY ShiTt Skye”]
  • the trope: love is weakness. 'hey we all have our weaknesses'  [slam dunks with emma swan quote] loVE IS STRENGTH; 
  • garrett literally calls ward out on his feelings for skye, and calls him romeo, calls skye his candy crush, and he doesn’t even deny it. this man is literally the most obvious mother fu ck —
  • well taylor swift wrote 1989 as a skyeward album, idk what else to tell you about that tbh

  • on a side note: brett dalton and chloe bennet are fully fledged captains (although chloe sometimes gives us reasons to fret on occasion). on a side-side note, being a ward fan also brings u closer with the nerd that is brett dalton. i literally do not know if i love brett dalton more or grant ward. but honestly, please, for the sake of humanity, appreciate the gift that is given to us by brett dalton.

it’s going to the the slowest burn but i am here, i am here for it. i think they have the potential to really explore an interesting dynamic, that could take some excellent narrative turns, but then end with a great resolution (and hopefully, a happy ending). and i’m going to end there because it’s been almost 2 hours since i’ve begun writing this, but i’ll be here tomorrow, folks.