bant hexproof

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Yooo you're so cool! Plus bant is the best <3 is there somewhere to find the deck list of your modem deck? :)

I literally just wrote it up. I know, I know, no Kor spiritdancers. I know thats a 4 of in most hexproof decks, but I find that if I am ever going to run them, then I’ll need a play-set of aqueous form to make them unblockable.

Annnyway, here’s the list. I call it: 


because I’m a huge nerd. 


Magic: the Gathering - World Cup Qualifier Swag

All World Magic Cup Qualifier participants will receive an alternate art Geist of Saint Traft promo and Top 8 competitors will receive an exclusive World Magic Cup Qualifier Top 8 playmat.

I loved my Bant hexproof deck when the Geist rocked standard.  Original art by Igor Kieryluk with promo art by Izzy. 

The playmat hints that Liliana’s Chain Veil (artifact) or Liliana of the Veil (Planeswalker) may appear as a card in the Magic 2015 core set.  Here’s hoping!