banshee deputy

Marrish Social Media AU [1/?]

Over Summer break, not only did Lydia convince Deputy Parrish to get snapchat, but they spend their time not looking for supernatural anwsers goofing off. 

Stiles: [ in a crowd and can’t find Lydia ] This calls for drastic measures
Stiles: [ uses his hands as a microphone ] STYDIA IS THE WORST SHIP EVER AND TOTALLY SUCKS
Stiles: Lydia?
Lydia: *Too busy talking, laughing, drinking medium americano black with handsome and good deputy after exercises.*

Kiss Me (Marrish Fic)- Chapter 1

The Bait

-You need a ride Home?

Lydia glanced at Malia who was calling Stiles to pass the news to the rest of the pack.

-No, we’re fine- she replied trying to sound as natural as it was possible in the current situation.

Parrish nodded his head, disappointment running through his features. As he closed the door Lydia released a breath she didn’t even know she was holding.

It was so close.

Lydia opened her laptop, rereading the second part of the dead pool.




It wasn’t a phantasm she had hoped for. Deputy was on the list.

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Malia: [ in a crowd and can’t find Lydia ] This calls for drastic measures
Malia: [ uses her hands as a microphone ] JORDAN PARRISH IS ONE OF THE BAD GUYS
Lydia: [ from across the room ] what THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY
Malia: There she is