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“Thank god we finally get to take a brake from all that training,” you said in triumph, flopping down on the couch, resting your head in Sean’s lap. “What movie do you want to watch?” you asked, peering up at Sean. He gazed up to the ceiling in thought, taking in a long breath.

“How about,” he started, looking down at you, “we watch a movie after.”

“After wha-” you didn’t get to finish your question, already receiving the answer once Sean’s lips plummeted for yours, taking you into a slow, breath-taking and passionate kiss. I guess the movie could wait a little while.

  • Stiles: This doesn't seem so bad.
  • Lydia: It's not the town. It's the plan.
  • Stiles: What's wrong with the plan?
  • Lydia: Stiles, this could be the stupidest plan you've ever come up with. You're aware of that, right?
  • Stiles: I'm aware it's not our best.
  • Lydia: We are going to die.
  • Stiles: You saying that as a banshee? Or just being pessimistic?
  • Lydia: I'm saying it as a person who doesn't want to die.
  • Stiles: Ok, then we should restrict talking about death to any bansee predictions.
  • Lydia: This plan is stupid and we're going to die.
  • Stiles: Oh, thank you.

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so why, exactly, does lydia scream? at first she only did it when people were about to die/ have just died, but now it seems sort of all over the place. the banshee mythology on tw definitely isn't concrete but that's kind of the basis of it, right? her screams are really ambiguous now. so why did she scream in the car in last night's episode? does that signal that someone died/is about to die, or could it be something else?

She was screaming when death was near/happening.

Now she seems to be using the actual physical act of screaming to hone in on her powers. When she screamed for Kira, she immediately figured out what the buzzing was, it almost cleared her mind.

So I think the screaming in the car could be 1. stiles’ possession by the nogitsune was stronger than ever, and stiles is finally aware of who/what is possessing him. since she seems to be linked to stiles’ mind, it could be related.

or 2. it was what happened to kira. she was hearing the clanging even as she was leaving, but couldnt focus her powers until after she screamed. so when she did - whatever happened, happened offscreen, and we know she will ‘figure it out’ offscreen sooooo

well see next week.

Last Night’s Episode Went a Little Like This… (The Dark Moon Edition)

And were back with a whole new season of Teen Wolf! Let’s get started shall we!?

Lydia and Stiles in Mexico

The Sass in these two is amazing, I swear!

Stiles and Lydia walk into the club like…

Bullet with a Skull

Mob boss Lydia and Stiles!

“What makes you think we came alone?” And then the shots of Malia, Kira and Scott.

Kira and Malia dancing together

“I wonder why, when you and your friends have suffered so much loss, you would risk it again for someone like Derek Hale?” “Because we don’t like to lose.”

Kira and Malia being total Bad asses on the dance floor.

Wolfs bane Smoke!

Flashback to Lydia using her Bansee Powers

Lydia doesn’t know if Derek is dead or alive

Araya wants Lydia to tell her who is going to die in the square

Malia wanting to leave Lydia and that whole interaction with Stiles

Araya killing the guy

If Scott doesn’t give answers then Kira is going to have to electrocute Lydia instead

Stiles kissing Malia 

For the non Stalia shippers!

For the Stalia shippers!

Lets just Zap this mofo up to ten so that Scott can figure stuff out

Derek in the whatever the heck that is

Araya tells Scott that when he makes his own wolf she’s gonna come for him.

And Braeden shows up all badass like

They brought the Jeep to Mexico!

Summing up who Kate is to the newbies

Araya and her people gave Kate the blade to kill herself but she didn’t use it

“What kind of shape is sociopathic bitch?”  

The Jeep breaks down

“Go” “Not without you”

The Scira interaction

Scott goes off with Braeden

Malia finds a huge claw in Stiles jeep

Braeden and Scott talk about Werejaguars

Stiles would never leave his Jeep behind

Scott has Derek’s scent at the church

Stiles being completely out of character and telling Lydia to be less terrified

Malia bolting after the Shadow in the woods

Braeden asking Scott about if he’s with Kira and if they die if he would regret not kissing her

And we have General Grievous emerging from god knows where

And the jeep is alive!

Malia would never leave Stiles

Again, Anti Stalia Shippers

And Stalia Shippers

Scott using his alpha powers

And we see Scott breaking a wall and a hand reaching towards him and Braeden, but Oh My God? Why?

Derek has been deaged!

And that is it for this weeks reaction gif recap! I hope you all have a great week and see you again same time next monday!