banquet scene

“ ‘I have said this before,’ said Piero Strozzi austerely. ‘You have no sense of responsibility. Look at those titled louts at the end of the table who will not sit because they have not been brought wine. Do they not realize that pages cannot pass between the tables if they move about and meet their friends and slap one another, laughing?’

‘We have wine?’ said Lymond.

‘Yes. And some of us have had too much of it. Let us pass it,’ said Piero Strozzi, picking up two of the willow-covered flasks standing before him, ‘to those more deserving.’

The two bottles sailed through the air. ”

From The Hotel de ville Banquet scene, Checkmate, Dorothy Dunnett

anonymous asked:

sorry i would like to ask when the banquet (where yuri got drunk) happened? was it before or after he refused to take a photo with victor in ep 1?

Hello! The banquet likely happened after Yuuri refused to take a photo with Viktor.

- ji

I was thinking...

(it’s about Victor’s forgetfulness)

In episode one, when Yurio is angry at Victor because he forgot about his promise -the one according to which he was meant to create a program for Yurio’s debut in the Senior category-, Victor laughs it off letting him notice how a forgetful person he is.

And then, in episode ten, we see how surprised Victor is about Yuuri forgetting what happened during the banquet after the previous year’s Grand Prix Final -when we know he asked Victor to become his coach.

So, yeah, Victor is a forgetful person, but he didn’t forget that.


“Skeletons in the King’s Closet”

A performance art piece based on Act III, Scene IV of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.Combining the themes of biology and Shakespeare, six skeletal-painted actors represented the scene using a series of five plateaus performed inside of a display case.

In descending order:

Macbeth, Banquo’s ghost, and Ross.

Lady Macbeth and Ross.

Macbeth and Ross through the glass.

Banquo’s ghost.

Artists work on skulls of Macbeth and a lady’s maid,

Lady’s maids and Lady Macbeth through the glass.

Lady’s maids and Lady Macbeth.

Lady’s maids and artist.

Photographed by Kysa Willemsen.

Emma McCann & Tory Daamen, 2013.

Τετάρτη Μεσοῦντος/ Τετρὰς ἐπὶ δέκα/ Τεσσαρεκαιδεκάτη, XIV day
From today’s sunset: fourteenth day of Gamelion.

Third day of Lenaia (most probable period)- theatrical competitions.

The fourteenth day of each month is called “the most sacred” because “(Hesiod) praises the fourteenth day both as the day of the opening of the jars and as the best of all; in fact, the lunar light is rich..the moon reaches the middle of the total distance into which accomplishes her journey…since in the middle, in relation to the circle, perfection is found…”
Scholia Erga, 819

(Banquet scene from the Casa dei Casti Amanti, Pompeii)


Act III, iv aka the banquet scene