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requested: Can you possibly write something we’re the reader can feels other emotions by touching them and look into their memories and of course read their mind and newt need his wounds tended to so the reader is like yeah and so when they touch his scars she starts experiencing the fear of the beasts that injured him and she freaks out and the sisters and Jacob have to explain all of this to newt and h gets super sad but does his best to comfort them 

warnings: none, one moan I guess 

notes: so, yes here it is i changed it slightly

word count: 2,246

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“Welcome to Asgard”

@borderline-person requested:  Hi, steve or bucky fic (you choose) where he and reader goes to asgard with thor (undercover mission or something) and he thinks reader is beautiful wearing asgardian clothes, he has feelings for her for awhile now and confess to her? Either fluff or smut, thank you so much!!! Love your writing!!! :)

Author’s Note: I hope you like it! I LOVED this requests. If you want, I could do a second part *wink wink* Now I’m writing another piece with Sebastian so stay tuned! Tell me what you think!

Warnings: None. 

Words: 2,622.

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“Are you sure, Y/N?” Steve was looking at you, concerned as you packed your belongings on a bag. You looked at him with your brow raised and a smirked on his face. Steve raised his hands, smiling, and moved away from the door, where he was leaning. “I’m just saying…”

“It’ll be fine. Tony and Bruce need that material and Thor is willing to travel with us”


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TTB -- The Lost King

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— The Lost King  

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Language.  Fluff.

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It had been five years since you had married Thorin, since you had become Queen under the Mountain.  You still were used to being called that.  You never wore your crown, but neither did Thorin.  It was nice to just walk around in trousers instead of some stuffy dress, frankly.  

You settled into the roll nicely though, your ‘take no shit’ attitude keeping everyone in line. Well, everyone except…

“FILI! KILI!” This was now the third time you had to chase them out of your kitchen with your wooden spoon in hand.  “This isn’t for you!”  

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Bloodlines - 10 (Callum Lynch/Reader)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine

@superwholockstringpuller this is what happens when you write angst…you pushed me to everything that happens after thissssssss….

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You sat next to Cal on some fold out chairs a few weeks later. You smirked a little at his fidgeting as he looked toward the horizon, “She’s going to make it.”

“I know…” He nodded a little patting his hands on his legs. He licked his lips finally looking at her, “It’s just she said she had this hitch in her foot yesterday…”

You reached over taking his hand getting him to stop for a moment, “She’s going to be fine. You trained her and you were trained by Aguilar, in person no less. She is going to be the best on the field.”

He smiled giving your hand a squeeze, “She is, isn’t she?”

You laughed a little to yourself, as he turned back eagerly looking for the class to appear. Everyone in the town had been sitting in the morning sun for an hour now waiting for their return.

Finally, children screeching from the lookout post alerted them to someone approaching. You smiled as Cal and several other fathers stood up looking for the potentials to return. You stood with him leaning over ever so slightly, “You know…regardless of the outcome…”

“I know…” He looked down to you, “She’ll be magnificent either way…”

“I was going to say there was still cake at the house…happy cake or sad cake…just remember that when she gets here.” You winked as you looked back to the field. You pointed, “I see someone.”

His eyes looked back toward the horizon as a small form appeared racing toward the finish line. A big grin came to his face, “It’s her! She’s going to make it!”

“It’s not that simple…” You told him with a sigh, “This is the final push…she’ll have to get past the last defense.”

He looked to you, “What do you mean?”

You moved closer to him so he could follow where you pointed, “There’s an assassin in the field. He’s been there all day. There’s one closer to us too.”

“Can you tell who it is?” He frowned making a fist.

You nodded crossing your arms, “Julian and…Sam.”

He looked to you worried then back to the field, “I didn’t know…”

“She’ll be fine.” You reassured him, though you had some doubts yourself.

Everyone watched as Risha pushed through the tall grass field running toward them. This is where young potentials made their mistakes. You could only hope for her now as Julian began to move toward her.

“She sees him.” Cal whispered.

“How do you know?” You glanced at him.

“You’ll see…” He smirked a little never taking his eyes off the field. You followed the girl across the field as Julian made a move to take her feet out from under her.

Risha moved like a river over rocks placing a firm hand down onto Julian’s face pushing off before she rounded off her landing with heavy blow to his back. The crowd winced for him as he let out a loud yell before she took off running again.

“I don’t see him.” Cal whispered scanning the area for her final opponent.

“That’s the point…Sam’s a master at infiltration…” You frowned, “He won’t be seen until he wants to.”

Risha ran for the finish until she began to slow down. Everyone in the crowd began to mutter as other potentials began to catch up. Cal looked her over carefully trying to read what she was thinking.

“Cal…” You whispered anxiety reaching you.

He shushed you as the crowd went silent. Finally, Risha ducked down as wooden blades shot at her. She was quick to move toward where they were coming from. More shot at her as she ducked and rolled out of the way. Never once did she stop moving.

Finally with a loud cry she leapt into the air throwing her feet out in front of her making Sam retreat from his hiding spot. She landed hard on her stomach making Cal flinch toward her, “Get up kiddo…”

Sam took quick steps toward her grabbing her by the hair. She let out a loud cry grabbing his hand. You reached for Cal’s hand as he made a fist. You’d explained that people got hurt during this, but it was still Risha.

Risha reached back grabbing Sam by the ear yanking hard enough that he loosened his grip. She took the moment to maneuver her way to face him. She grabbed his arm for support as she climbed up his body with her feet wrapping her legs around his neck. Using her momentum, she landed him down on his back before throwing her hand back she as if she had a blade on her wrist. She cried out as she slammed it down over his heart.

Sam stared at her letting her hair go he nodded. She turned quickly for the finish line. Cal couldn’t contain himself any longer as he rushed over to the finish line with many others.

You watched the pair of them light up when they made eye contact. Risha pushed herself faster running into his arms. You smiled as he lifted her up into air as everyone crowded around her, the seasons next assassin.

Cal put her down and she looked at him breathing hard, “I did.”

“You did.” He smiled cupping her face with his hand affectionately like a father.

You walked over with Eli and Ren. The children gave their big sissy a hugs as you held out a bottle of water to her, “Well done.”

“Thank you.” She nodded to you before downing the entire bottle.

Once everyone settled down and all the potentials were in. The elders gathered in front of everyone, “We have these opportunities to prove ourselves…to better ourselves…to ensure the safety of our people and the world. Today Risha…a girl who’s dealt with so much loss, has proven that she is more than just a girl…she is an assassin.”

Cal smiled giving Risha a wink. She smiled from behind the elders. He leaned over to you, “When she makes her declaration…she’s going to pick music. We should get her a piano…even just a small one.”

You smiled and nodded, “I’m sure we can work that out with everyone.”

“Now…as is our custom Risha will come forward and declare what she desires. No matter how big or small…it will be done.” The elder turned to her, “My dear…”

Risha swallowed and stepped forward looking at everyone. She cleared her throat, “Um…I know it’s become a custom to ask for a skill that we could be trained in…and I had intended to do just that, but…”

Cal’s mouth dropped open surprised, “Has she said anything to you about changing her declaration?”

“No.” You shook your head as Risha went on.

“It’s a little short of a year since my father died…and I miss him.” She smiled sadly, “But I’ve been given such a gift already. Callum Lynch and Y/N L/N. They have given me a home. They have given me food…siblings…and so much that I can never thank them enough. Know that I will be thanking them for eternity.”

You felt a hitch in your throat as she went on, “My declaration isn’t for a weapon…or a skill set. Today I’m declaring that Cal and Y/N are my parents. I will no longer call them by their names…but by the loving roles they have provided for me…Mom and Dad.”

Cal sniffed as a tear rolled down his cheek. He took your hand tightly as she continued, “While I will have a different name…I will honor all traditions of parents with them. Every mother’s day…every father’s day will be theirs from this day forward. I will honor them like I honor my birth parents, with love and respect.”

“You are sure that this is what you want?” The elder looked at her.

“I don’t need anything material…” She looked over to the pair of you crying together, “as my parents provide everything I could ever want.”

She moved away from the elders and walked over to you both. Cal stood up embracing her tightly like a father should, “Oh Risha…”

You stood up looking at them wiping another tear away as Risha took your hand, “I love you guys.”

Cal final let her go and she moved to you hugging you tightly. You smiled kissing her cheek, “We love you…we always love you. You will always have a home; you will never be without.”

After the emotional scene everyone broke for the large banquet that was set up nearby. Many mothers walked over to you congratulating you on the gaining of another child. Fathers did the same to Cal.

You watched Risha carefully as masters approached her to discuss the next portion of her training. She had a long road ahead of her and you worried. Becoming an assassin required so much sacrifice.

Cal came over with a couple of drinks and sat down next to you, “They’re never going to leave her alone are they?”

You shook your head taking the drink he handed to her, “Nope…they want her to be ready.”

“She’s more ready then most assassins.” You both turned looking at Sam. He shifted a little on his feet taking in a deep breath, “Never seen someone move like that.”

Cal looked at him, “We came up with a few new things…to give her an edge.”

Sam smiled a little and nodded, “Well it worked. You’ve got well-disciplined daughter, Cal.”

Cal nodded slowly looking at him, “Thank you.”

“That’s why this really sucks…” Sam took a step closer them, “That I have to break up your new family unit so soon…”

You looked at him and frowned, “…you’re sending him on a mission?”

“I’m not…I don’t think he’s cut for it yet…” Sam licked his lips, “The council thinks he’s a fit for this job though.”

Cal swallowed and stood up stepping closer to Sam, “…When?”

“In three days…overseas.” Sam told him, “That’s all I can say here. Council wanted me to let you know…so you could settle things before leaving.”

“Alright, thank you Sam.” Cal sighed watching him turn walking away. He took a deep breath before looking at you, “Y/N…”

You shut your eyes to try and stop the tears of worry. It didn’t work, so you quickly put your hands over your face. You felt him put his hands on your knees as he whispered your name. You looked at him tears dripping off your nose to his face, “Cal…I can’t…”

“You won’t.” He smiled at you shaking his head taking your face in his hands, “You won’t. I’ll be back…”

“Cal…” He wiped the tears from your face before silencing you with a kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered resting his forehead against yours, “That love will bring me home.”

“I was thinking outdoors?” Josephine’s smile shines like the sunlight, and Cassandra cannot help but smile back.

“An outdoor wedding would suit me very much, as you know.”

“I thought so.” Josephine turns back to her eternal paperwork: lists, maps, schedules. “I think perhaps the east garden. They have such a beautiful view–”

“Of the sea.”

“Yes! And there’s the rose gardens there; we have time to set up a trellis, to train over the climbing roses, and the arbor blessing….”

It is a romantic image. Cassandra sinks into it, a little: Josephine, glowing, radiant, in her demesne, in the gardens of the house that will be hers, in the spring sunlight and by the sea-cliffs and with roses and arbor blessing all blooming.

“And of course there is plenty of room for everyone,” Josephine continues happily, “especially if we can convince the Verani family to lend us the east meadow to set up banquet tables.”

Cassandra is momentarily nonplussed. “Banquet tables?”

“Well, yes, of course.” Josephine looks back up at her, lovely and earnest. “We must feed everyone, of course, and I do wish everyone to have something that pleases them–not everyone likes Antivan food, as much as I do adore it! We will need Orlesian food for the Orlesians, and Fereldan food for the Fereldans, although my understanding is that Cullen’s family will be happy if I roast a druffalo haunch and give them plenty of bread to sop up the juices.”

(This is the moment when Cassandra realizes that her wedding is going to be a much more elaborate affair than she expected.)

“Cullen’s… family…?” Cassandra asks, faintly.

“Naturally. Of course we were going to invite him, and I have been in correspondence with his elder sister Mia for some time–you know that.”

Cassandra was not, in fact, aware of that, but she does not volunteer this.

Josephine continues, “And of course if I invite her I must invite her husband, and if I am inviting the both of them it would be unkind not to invite the rest of his siblings.”

“I… see. And who else are we inviting?” Cassandra asks, though she is more terrified of this answer than she is of ogres on the Storm Coast.

“Oh, not too very many people. My family, of course.” Cassandra realizes, with a sinking feeling, that this comprises at least seventy-five people and probably more. “I would invite yours, only I suspect you would prefer I didn’t.” To this she can give a definitive nod. Josephine goes on, ticking off her fingers: “Our friends from the Inquisition, and their loved ones and children. Dorian, by the way, has already insisted on being permitted to oversee your attire, although  you may refuse him with my blessing. My friends and… useful acquaintances from Val Royeaux and their loved ones and children. Local families and friends from Antiva, of course. People to whom my family owes a favor. People to whom my family would like to owe a favor. Oh! And old schoolmates of mine.” She looks enquiringly at Cassandra. “And whoever you would like to include, of course.”

(This is the moment when Cassandra realizes that her wedding is going to be a much larger affair than she expected.)

“I… ah… that seems… sufficient.” There may be people that Cassandra might wish to add to the list, old Seeker friends and contacts, but at this moment the enormity of the thing has boggled her beyond sense. “But it seems a bit early to be thinking of the guest list. We haven’t even discussed how the ceremony should go, or who should officiate.”

Josephine looks at her, then, with the first moment of genuine surprise of this afternoon. Indeed, her elegant eyebrows climb toward her hairline.

“I thought you would have expected,” she says, carefully, “that it would be my best friend, and….?”

(This is the moment when Cassandra realizes that her wedding is going to be officiated by Divine Victoria.)

I’m giving my first ever presentation in a conference setting tomorrow and I’m freakin out, it’s like a whole banquet/official setting, but I just have to think that this is such a cool thing that’s happening! As soon as its over I can say I presented at a NASA funded program! It’s only 8 minutes and I’m going first thing in the morning, and a bunch of other people are going as well so I think it’ll be good ^-^ Just gotta be excited rather than anxious!!! This is also a good luck to everyone where the end of the semester is the most stressful time ughdfghfds only 3 weeks and I’m a graduate!! 

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Imagine: Sirius surprising you with dinner after having a long day at work

A/N: A sweet mini drabble of our handsome lade Sirius and for @goblackhatwithme, because we all need a little Sirius to brighten up our day


“Don’t come in yet!”

The door pulls itself close and you lose grip of your keys, watching in disdain as they jingle to the now closed door.

“Heeeyy!!” you squeal in annoyance. Then you smile. If doors were randomly slamming in your face that only meant one thing – Sirius was back from one of his missions with James and Remus.

“Open –” You start to yell before the door slowly opens, exposing your clean apartment to you. “Up.”

You finish, walking into the space. You had been working double shifts at the Ministry, trying to sell your cover to the many men and women that worked there, that the apartment was slowly turning into one large clothes hamper.

Now as you looked around the small space, everything had been cleaned and put back into its place. Candles floated endless in the air, giving the room a feeling of warmth and safety. Your turned, your eyes falling into the small space you called a kitchen where Sirius was finishing the final touches of dinner.

He looked up at you, his dark eyes pouring into yours and smiles.

“I didn’t think you’d be home this early luv.” He flits his wand, placing the turkey on the small dining room table where a small banquet was set, along with your favorite flowers and endlessly more candles. Though Sirius could be nothing but sarcastic, you forgot that he had a soft, romantic side that he only allowed you to see.

You run across the small space, jumping into his arms and bringing him closer to you. It didn’t matter that you were surrounded by ignorant, muddled minded wizards who knew nothing beyond what they imagined for hours a day. It was him – the people you both had in your life, your love – that made it all worth it in the end.

He chuckles, his strong arms bringing you closer to him in a hug before pulling away and looking at you.

“Miss me honey?”

You narrow your eyes though your lips never stop smiling and you shake your head.

“The longer you are gone – the harder it is to remember why we are doing all this in the first place.”

He gives a weak smile, his eyes suddenly becoming distant before he clears his throat and kisses you on the forehead.

“No need to talk like that luv.” He whispers against your skin before looking down at you. “All that matters is that I’m here now.”

“Yea…” you smile, pulling at his dark shirt, your hand trailing down its length. “How ‘bout we make up for lost time?”

He gives a cheeky smile before lifting you up, leading you both to your bedroom.

“I couldn’t have said it any better.”

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Since you've mentioned how Cal has a hard time reciprocating feelings due to her upbringing, what if she was in a scenario where she feels down about something and Jaal, being the nice angara that he is, decides to comfort Cal with a hug? What would her reaction be to that hug.

Cal wasn’t hiding so much as she was… avoiding being seen. That she was doing this while activating her tactical cloak, waiting for the load time to refresh, and activating the cloak again was beside the point.

It was all just… a lot. She’d messed everything up with her brother the moment she got a chance to ‘talk’ to him, babbling the truth when what he probably needed was a little gentle hand-holding. Of course, she always figured this out after the verbal diarrhea. Never before. She’d basically given him a seizure. Dr. Carlyle didn’t say as much, but she was pretty sure she’d set Percy’s recovery time back weeks. Months, maybe.  

Not to mention she’d had about three point five seconds to recover from her father’s death–sacrifice–before the drop-kick straight into a deep end she had absolutely not prepared for and even more absolutely did not want.

She’d come to Andromeda to explore. On a team. To study. Not to lead.

Instead, she had a gun in her hand far more frequently than she had datapads and books; she had the Nexus leadership and the angaran leadership and every single person desperate to find a livable habitat watching her every move; she had SAM, whom she liked, but who made her doubt whether discoveries, thoughts, inventions were even hers anymore.

“Don’t answer that,” she said aloud. SAM didn’t answer. Probably knew before she said it that she didn’t want to hear from him.

And what was it all for, anyway? The dream of a better life? As soon as shit hit the fan, people ran off and recreated not the Citadel, not Thessia, not even Earth, but the drug-running, murderous, ugly hellpit of Omega.

She hated Kadara port. She hated it.

Leaving her tactical cloak alone, she leaned on the railing, looking down at the bustling port traffic. She heard Vetra laugh and brush off some human who’d obviously pushed her for something she didn’t want to give—or who’d offered a price way below asking. 

“You are unhappy.”

Cal shrieked, hand immediately dropping for her pistol before she realized it was Jaal who’d crept up so silently beside her, who’d spoken so softly.

With her adrenaline cranked up to eleven and her heart thudding in her chest to wake the dead, Cal put a hand to her forehead. “Jaal. You can’t do that. Sneak up on someone. You’ll get yourself shot.”

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Choose Your Mistakes #8B

Part eight B of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to climb the chimney.

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Anti had said not to hide, hadn’t he? What could you do in the doll store other than hide?
He didn’t say anything about getting off the ground. He was probably expecting you to keep running street.
You dashed into the open town hall. The large empty space was dominated by the banquet table, set out for two dozen people and a seasonal feast. You hurried past it, noting there was no food to be seen, and all the glasses were empty. Who the table was waiting for, you had no clue.
From the street, you heard a door creak open.

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The SummerSlam Annual Gala

The gardens and entryway of King John Cena’s grand castle estate were looking utterly immaculate in preparation for his annual ball. The entire castle staff had been working endlessly for weeks now to ensure that everything would be ready in time. The flowers growing in the royal gardens were in full bloom, a stunning array of vibrant colours and smells. The cobbled pathways through the gardens had been swept, and the moss and ivy growing on the stone walls around the estate had been trimmed back.

Within the palace, everything was decorated in a colour scheme of orange and deep green. King John loved his bright colours, and every year for the SummerSlam ball, he would decorate the castle in a different colour scheme. From the carpets that lined the halls to the curtains adorning the windows, the elegant tapestries decorating the walls and the tablecloths beneath the banquet platters, everything was beautifully coordinated, just the way he liked it.

King John’s ballroom was the grandest in the Empire, even moreso than that of the Emperor himself. It was technically comprised of two rooms - a banquet hall and the actual ballroom - but the wall separating them consisted of a dozen or more elegant arches that barely acted as a divider. A second floor balcony wrapped around both rooms and ran across the top of the dividing wall, allowing those upstairs to gaze down upon both the ball and the banquet.

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I was wondering what you think/know about onsen geisha. Slowly the western communities interested in the kagai are learning more about kyoto's geiko. Some old stereotypes are fading with more information about the kagai becoming easier to learn about. People like yourself are pillars in that movement! Still in many documentaries (and online information) onsen geisha are still really stereotyped as... well people in the coitus industry. What do you know about them?

Onsen Geisha have a tainted reputation as they often worked along side with prostitutes and some were even double registered as such back when it was legal. Prostitution ended in 1956, yet like the mizuage issue it’s one that still carries large misconceptions. Think of it like massages; until recently most massages were done in seedy places that almost always doubled as houses of prostitution. Today the title of “masseuse” or “massage therapist” isn’t stigmatized or lumped together with sex as the people who do massages (and massages only) have managed to distance themselves from the old stereotypes.

Onsen geisha today are very talented artists who just happen to work in busy tourist towns. Their clients are a bit different from the ones in Tokyo or Kyoto as onsen towns, like Atami, cater to tourists who stay for a short time, so they don’t have many long term customers. Also unlike Tokyo or Kyoto they often entertain large groups of people in banquet settings rather than small ozashiki, and these parties pay enough for a woman to be a part time geisha if she doesn’t wish to do it full time. This doesn’t mean that their artistic achievements are diminished as they still have high standards, but that a woman can work as a geisha for a few years, save some money, and then go do something else. This sort of behaviour isn’t frowned upon like it would be in Kyoto, but is just accepted a way of life. They do have many geisha that have been in the profession for decades though and also hold their own odori, so they should be given the same respect as any other geisha ^^

Oneshot: A Mammalian Match

So in Platypus Onesies For All, I made a terrible error. I did not actually write about the glory that is Heinz Doofenshmirtz in a platypus onesie. This oneshot is a kind of a sequel. 

It was Dress Up Like An Animal Day. This year, the day happened to coincide with the dinner party the American division was hosting for the international branches of the OWCA. The most recent memo encouraged dressing like an animal instead of the formal attire of years past. 

While Perry would’ve gotten away with just his fedora, he felt terrible leaving Heinz hanging. Matching was much more fun anyway. And he was touched that Heinz bought a little ocelot hoodie that even came with a fake tail just for him. It was much cozier than the stiff material of a suit. 

Perry also allowed Heinz to apply kitty whiskers with a thin paintbrush. There were three black streaks on each cheek, easily washable of course. 

“I can see why this is so popular,” Heinz said, flipping the bill of the onesie over his fedora. “You wanna feel? It’s really fuzzy. Hopefully not too fuzzy though. You know how when you’re wearing winter socks and the fuzz gets caught between your toes? That’s what it feels like.” 

Perry ran his fingers up and down Heinz’s arm, chattering as he felt the material squish in his hand. 

Heinz grinned. “I know you like it too. We don’t have to leave just yet. We can totally get away with being fashionably late. Why do they call it that anyway? What does fashion have to do with an inability to show up on time?”

Perry tugged him to his feet. They were going to arrive on time, and that was final. 

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Choose Your Mistakes #8C

Part eight, round C, of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you haven’t already, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to climb the chimney.

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Dolls? Oh no, dolls were creepy. Besides, hadn’t Anti called you a doll? That seemed ominous.
You hurried into the open town hall. The large empty space was dominated by the banquet table, set out for two dozen people and a seasonal feast. You hurried past it, noting there was no food to be seen, and all the glasses were empty. Who the table was waiting for, you had no clue.
From the street, you heard a door creak open.

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Hi sorry to bother you but I hoped you could help me, in my drama group we have to create a piece and long story short I'm the George iv as the Prince of Wales/regent and I was hoping you could give me any tips on things to say or do that would help build his character and me to act like him in this. Thanks in advance.

If you’re going to be playing Prinny/George IV, remember to exaggerate and make every line really dramatic, but at the same time make them sound poetic.

It depends is any of his mistresses is being featured in your piece, but if there it happens to be Maria Fitzherbert, make sure you admired and look at pretty much any other woman. If it’s not Maria, pay 95% of your attention no matter what is happening to the mistress mentioned if she’s around.

However if it’s a scene between Maria and Prin privately, be incredibly affectionate, without forgetting to call her “my angel” and other things of a similar multitude.

Food and drink. You should probably feature a good lot of this if you’re going to portray the Prince of Wales.

You will probably want to be act quite sensitive, quick to tears and always proclaiming that you feel faint and need to be bled, or that you need some laudanum again.

Make as many references to Caroline being smelly, awful, ill-mannered and generally unsophisticated as you can, and if she’s featured in the piece, argue to your heart’s content.

If any of George’s siblings are featured, be the sweetest and most considerate brother you can. Prin was a really good brother, particularly close to his sisters and Frederick.

Boast. Boast as if you have one hour left on this Earth.

If George III is featured in the piece, make sure to do almost everything you can that would annoy him. Quarrel, continue to drink, ask for money and for debts to be payed, hang around all the Whig politicians ect.

Never forget to mention what you (as George) would do as King, and throwing in not always so subtle hints about the fact you’re still waiting to be King.

Life of luxury and leisure! Dining with Whig politicians and/or Georgiana’s (Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire) Devonshire set, banquets, balls, expensive foods and wines, mentions of art and fashion, garden and /or saloon parties, opera, theatre, always make sure you have tons of mentions to these!


yuri!!! on ice, victor pov

at the barcelona gpf banquet, victor and chris have a bit of a conversation while victor contemplates his fiancé  

based on item #15 of this prompt set


the banquet is in full swing, a toned down version of last year’s, but still more fun than these things usually are and victor smiles to himself as he takes it all in. sponsors and skaters and coaches and isu officials all mingling and having a nice time.

he takes a sip from his glass of red wine and looks around the room, searching for his fiancé.

yuuri had been more or less kidnapped by phichit earlier, the younger skater citing “bff bonding time” while cackling and pulling yuuri in for selfie after selfie. victor couldn’t help laughing a bit at his beloved’s face, an adorable mix of fondness and exasperation and happiness, as the two walked away.

he finds them eventually, in a corner on the other side of the banquet hall, whispering to each other and giggling, yuuri’s face and ears almost glowing pink, the slightly embarrassed expression and the way see seems to be fiddling with his ring telling victor what they’re probably talking about.

‘if you could see the look on your face,’ he hears, and he tears his gaze away to face his friend. chris looks at him with a fond little smirk.

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