banquet for ghosts

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I disappeared for holidays and actually didn’t draw any personal sketch/work in 2015 yet, BUT I will share with you the illustration I did in december for a zine called HAUNTED HOUSE ZINE. The zine in black&white that will take you through the rooms of an haunted mansion. every room is illustrated by a different artist! I had to draw the Dining room A_A 

not on sale yet, I’ll keep you posted when it will be!


Matthew Mayfield…THE most amazing independent musician, His new album “Banquet for Ghosts” is FINALLY out today , please check him out! He raises the money himself for every album, by doing things like hand writing his lyrics for his fans or sending you a message in a bottle.  More then anyone he deserves to make it big…but i almost don’t want to share him :)  I have had the privilege of meeting him twice ..and he is unreal live…there are no words.. how his music touches me.