Cinnamon Roll

Pairings: Bucky x F!Reader, Stony


Hi! First of all, I’m in love with your chatrooms. Thank you for them. They are brilliant!! Can you do a chatroom where BuckyxElemental!Reader hate eachother, Bucky acts harsh on her, but with the help of the Avengers they realize they actually love eachother and care for eachother so much? And I’d love to see StevexTony moments!!❤️(Stony is cute haha) And and and fun time with Thor and Loki :) Also I’d be so happy if you’ll add Matt Murdock too :) I’m so sorry I asked to much but that’s all 🙈    (a/n: <3 you are so sweet, thank you, no problem!)

A/N: the chat title menu grows, now serving cinnamon rolls.

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Loki, Natasha, Clint, Bruce. 

Thor:  END THIS!

Bruce: End what?

Thor: This awkwardness… it is almost tangible.

Bruce: What?

Natasha: Bucky and Y/N have been glaring at each other for 2 hours straight and we’re still 3 hours away from the compound.

Thor: I cannot withstand this anymore!

Bruce: Ohhh, that. Sorry I was watching cat videos. Didn’t notice.

Loki: May I suggest throwing Barnes out the jet and watch on as he plummets to his demise? That would surely end the tension.

Thor: Brother, you can’t just use murder to solve all your problems!

Loki: It’s worked in the past!

Natasha: Bucky is at fault and I’m starting to like Loki’s plan…

Loki: See, Thor! Natasha agrees! Lure him to the door and I’ll push him out.

Thor: We are not murdering Sir Barnes despite his dishonorable words towards Lady Y/N.

Clint: Why did Loki even come on the mission?

Natasha: We need to do something. They’re always fighting and I can’t take it anymore.

Bruce: Why don’t we get Bucky to apologize?

Loki: Why don’t we THREATEN HIM WITH VIOLENCE to apologize?

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Of course! The more, the merrier ꉂ(・∀・ゝ ≡ ・∀・)ゝ