Audi and The Avengers: “Striking” - Extended Version + New Footage


 1. Have AdBlock (you can get it here for chrome and here for Firefox- don’t worry it’s completely free)

2. Right click on Coppy, scroll down to the AdBlock option and click ‘Block This Ad’

3. When the window pops up move the slider to the right

4. Click ‘block it!’

5. Never worry about it again

~~~pro tip: this can be used on the Tumblr ExecutiveSuite banner as well

'STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS' trailer to be released with 'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON'!

Tumblr ExecutiveSuite 2016; All You Need To Know

If you logged onto your tumblr today, you’ll be greeted with that big banner that says tumblr ExecutiveSuite: Productivity Edition 2016 that screams click me like a cereal killer in a horror movie. So what will happen if you click that banner?

Once clicked you’ll be redirected to a page with  a video player that seems to be an advertisement about the suite that tumblr is releasing. The video clip reminds me of those 90′s advertisement. It’s all over the place and sloppy but yes funny! Bad advertisement tumblr.

But then strange things will happen once you go back to your dashboard. The post icons will change, a reminiscent of those tacky windows icons of the past. Your tumblr name will also change.

New post type will also be added to your list of icons; the data post type. It’s like a spreadsheet within your dashboard. 

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staff why can you put together an elaborate prank for april fools day but yall couldn’t be fucked to even put up a little banner for mlk day

I find the banner funny because tumblr mobile in the browser actually is a lot faster, has way more features, doesn’t ever crash, and looks a lot nicer than the tumblr app lol

Interviewer: What’s the most amazing or adorable cosplay you’ve seen of either you are your team?

Clint: A group of kids running around shooting suction-cup arrows at random people shouting “I’m Hawkeye! I never miss!” Great work, guys. Need to work on the stealth a little bit, but otherwise, perfect. Perfect. [smirks]

Tony: Uh, some girl made a kickass operational version of my suit. Wait, I mean, not operational operational, because then it would have been extremely dangerous and not kickass, and I’d’ve had to arrest them or some shit, but the faceplate lifted and some little pieces popped up and it had pretty neat sound-effects. Like Star Trek sound-effects. I hired her to SI like, immediately, because I definitely need creativity like that in the company. The world needs creativity like that in the company.

Steve: [grins] They’re all pretty great, I love all the Captain America costumes. The most adorable one I saw, though, was a little boy dressed like Doctor Banner. Not the Hulk, but Bruce. This little kid with these too-big glasses and a too-long white lab coat and name tag that said “Bruce Banner”.

Tony: [nods in agreement] That one was pretty damn cute.

Thor: Someone dressed as my hammer with a cape. It was very strange … [smiles] but I did like it.

Natasha: [lifts eyebrows] There was someone who dressed as the quinjet. It was quite impressive, if a bit bulky.

Bruce: [still blushing from Steve’s comment]… Yeah, I liked that one …

Natasha: Also the kid dressed like Bruce.

Bruce: [drops his head with a sigh]

aw-blog-no asked:

Imagine one of the other Avengers finding out about trans man steve's awful cramps, and silently offering lots of chocolate because they want to help and show their support but they can't come up with an appropriate response.

A/N:  Today is Trans Day of Visibility, and as a non-binary trans person, I thought it was fitting to post the next segment of the trans!Steve verse that I’ve been working on.  More posts can be found here and here.

“It may be none of my business,” Bruce said, standing at Steve’s door.  “But I’ve been told chocolate helps with cramps and cravings.”

“How do you know?” Steve asked, pale and wary.

“Rumor around here is that I’m a genius,” Bruce teased.  “But seriously, the only thing I care about is that you’re in pain.  What’s between your legs is none of my business.”  Steve sagged in relief, letting Bruce inside.

“Have you considered surgery?”


“Genital reconstruction.  I’ve seen you without a shirt on, so I don’t think you’d need a mastectomy, but a hysterectomy would get rids of the periods and cramps and would allow you to get a phalloplasty.  But then again, I’ve probably run my mouth and butted in where I wasn’t wanted.”

“Wait…surgery?  They…they could fix me?”

“The first female to male reconstructive surgery was just a year after you went into the ice,” Bruce said softly.  Steve’s expression looked miserable, and Bruce put a hand on Steve’s arm.

“I know someone.  If you want to look into it.  She’s an expert in her field.  She’ll be able to tell you everything.”

“Thank you,” Steve said thickly.  “I…Thank you.”  

Who could forget Miduhyo?

What are songs you want to sing now? 

Jaejoong: Miduhyo, O, and Found You X

Who could forget

the rumors of rotating/splitting them up and tears that were shed about 10 years ago X 

The thundering chants of Miduhyo after JYJ accepted DBSK’s Best Asia Star award in 2009 X

and of course all of the Miduhyo banners

Miduhyo!  I believe!  

Jaejoong has definitely not forgotten it and i’m sure the members haven’t either.

Tonight's AOS recap

1. Bobbi vs May(may totally would have won that one let’s be honest)
3. All these flashbacks, yet still no more love for the “new SHIELD”
4. The cabin pt 2: it actually belonged to Banner
5. Skye is the new avatar
6. *FitzSimmons rises from the ashes*
7. Phil having the magic elevator
8. Gordon what are you doing you crazy little sneaky potato
9. Izzy being undead
10. Simmons-who couldn’t lie to Sitwell in season 1- just tricked one of SHIELD’s best agents