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playlist: please love me back

  • “story of another us” by 5sos
  • “fool for you” by kilter
  • “someone to you” by banners
  • “dive” by ed sheeran
  • “black butterflies and deja vu” by the maine

finishing up playlists :-)

Forgive me if this has already been said about the Dragonstone episode, but i didn’t see anything about it in the tags so here we go:
A lot of people were wondering why there was a random group of Lannister banners (and Ed Sheeran) in the riverlands, and they’re afraid they aren’t as innocent as they seem. I think, however, the whole point of this scene is to show the other side of war and how Lannister armies are not all sinister, but maybe just some boys wanting to get away from Casterly Rock for a little while like they said. Arya probably doesn’t see them after this because i think the bigger picture is that they were going opposite ways and a lot of people are fearing Arya is going down a dark path killing everyone in her way, and we can see her considering at least taking advantage of the men when she glances over to the piled up swords left forgotten and she hesitates to take anything from them. Its very similar to what we see in the very next scene with the hound as we remember what he did to the man and the little girl who were nice enough to give them food and shelter. Arya sees their kindness and chooses not to take advantage of them despite knowing she could which is the opposite of what we saw in the hound in his darkest hour with the man and his daughter. We see she is not going down that path of vengeance and not knowing right vs. wrong. She’s choosing to go after the people who wronged her specifically, like the Freys, and not just anybody she could see as a threat or an asset.
We also see this character arc clearer in the hound in the next scene because we just witnessed it with Arya. He’s regretting taking advantage of those who showed him kindness and slowly seeing right from wrong again. He doesnt have it right, not yet, but he’s clearly on his way.

Okay so I just got my laptop back from the repair shop so to celebrate I am dong ships and videos.


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Another Hiccstrid Playlist

You know, for science and such. 

Here’s my previous hiccstrid playlist if you feel like checking it out. Hopefully my lovey-dovey pop music doesn’t scare you off ;) 

Army - Ellie Goulding 

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri 

Bright - Echosmith 

Crazier - Taylor Swift 

Die a Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Hold Each Other - A Great Big World 

Kaleidoscope - A Great Big World

Lego House - Ed Sheeran 

Little Things - One Direction 

Never Be - 5 Seconds of Summer 

Photograph - Ed Sheeran 

Stand by You - Rachel Platten

Start a Riot - BANNERS 

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran 

Wasn’t Expecting That - Jamie Lawson 

Young God - Halsey 

I haven’t been reading as much fanfiction lately, but these talented ladies deserve some love. 

Service With a Smile by @astrxd

Young God by @oh–you–pretty–things

Star Wars HTTYD AU by @funkytoes

Good to Be Home by @e-wills

Legless by @dragonescence

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