bannermans castle

Along the Hudson River

This is simply a wonderful spot on the face of the earth—we’re north of Cold Spring, New York, along the Hudson River, at Breakneck Point. Metro North still stops here, mainly for the benefit of hikers who want to explore the rugged landscape in this area. The “station” stop is just north of here [”Breakneck Ridge”] with a few trains making stops each way, each day on the weekend.

The land mass visible behind the southbound train and to the left side of the frame is called Pollepel Island, and structure thereon is called Bannerman Castle. Across the river, not seen in this image, is the dramatic and massive form of Storm King Mountain.

And the locomotive is interesting as well—the EMD FL9 was a unit designed specifically for this line and Grand Central Terminal, the destination for this train at the time. [I believe all Amtrak trains traveling the water-level route currently end up at Penn Station.] This unique engine is diesel-electric but also has a pick-up “shoe” for the electrified third-rail. This way the diesel prime-mover could be shut off or at least idled when in the tunnels under Madison Avenue and in the bowels of the massive terminal itself.

This image is by Richard Koenig, made in the fall of 1983.

I was taking the train home and always pass Bannerman Castle on the Hudson and always think of this blog when it goes by. Not the greatest shot, but the final sunlight through the windows seemed like a nice touch so I thought I would pass it along.