Best Customer of the Day

Someone came into work today and grabbed some Avengers cupcakes I made. She looks at me, then the cupcakes, then this conversation happens: “I know this is weird to ask, but do you happen to ship Stony? Or Thunderfrost? Bannerhawk? The rings on these…”
“Um. Yeah. I do. that’s why they’re like that.“
“OMG you are now my most favorite person who works here! ”

We chatted for a bit, then she went on her way after making a point of telling my manager how amazing I am.

so for all those people who say big superstores don’t intentionally ship, think about the employees who do. And purposefully make it obvious.

Bannerhawk Drabble.

“We have so much in common, yet we’re so different.” he said quietly.
Bruce gave him an interested look, not quite understanding the seemingly random comment. “How so?”
“Well…” Clint paused, choosing his wording carefully, scratching the back of his neck. “We both have travelled the world. We know so many languages.”
“How does that make us different?”
“The reason you’ve travelled so far and speak so may languages is because you help people. You help them, heal them. You learned to speak to aid.”
Bruce nodded, still not understanding.
“We’ve even travelled to the same places. But the reasons I’ve gone to those places is so different,” he hesitated, “because while you were sent to heal, I was set to kill. To take away the lives you may have tried to save. To end life while you restored it.”
“Oh.” Bruce understood, and he watches his boyfriends face carefully, seeing the discomfort the realization caused.
“And we walk these two paths, so close together, yet they feel so far away. At times I wonder why hey even crossed at this point, but it makes me happy it they did.” He looked at Bruce for a quick moment, then away again. He almost felt ashamed at the fact.
“Hey.” Bruce spoke softly.
Clint looked over again.
“Don’t be upset. We both had our jobs, even if they were different, even if our skills are opposing at the very core of them, don’t forget that those same skills that set us apart are the ones that brought us together.”