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How did you make your icon?

alternative title: i am broke and am too afraid to torrent

1. i use to create my icon art !! it’s free (yay webapps!!) n easy to navigate !! u have to sign up before using it,,, so go do that first

2. figure out a color scheme!! here are some resources for inspiration (x x). (lazy hint: pastels/muted tones generally make pretty foolproof color combinations)

3. find a subject! google images is your best friend. for the banner of this tutorial i chose a kikki k planner (here’s my reference image) and simplified it a bit. note that anything with uncommon shapes will be a bit more difficult to do based on canva’s relatively small shape selection. (ex: things like notebooks are easy to do in canva because they’re rectangular, but,,,,,say,,,, a starbucks cup might be a little harder because it’s a unique shape)

4. go to canva and click “custom dimensions” !! i generally have my icons around 400x400 px but it’s up to you! just make sure the length and width are equal 

5. click on “background” > “document colors”. pick a background color from ur color scheme,, note that if you have a darker background you might want to have a lighter subject to create contrast and vice versa 

6. click on “elements” > “shapes”. if you chose a rectangular subject like i did, then this should be rly simple – just pick the square and tweak it following the rough proportions of ur reference image. you can change the color of the shape by clicking it and selecting the square top left icon in the little toolbar that pops up !! 

if you chose something a bit more complicated, like a pen, then use a combination of the shapes available and layer them on one another to form the shape. (ex: if i chose a basic pencil, then i might use the rectangle shape as the base of the pencil and the triangle as the point.) there’s no polygon tool or anything close to it in canva, so this is rly not a good time,, but alas. feel free to msg me if u need help !! 

7. great great u got the base of ur subject down !! add a back shadow behind it! do this by selecting the shape(s) you just made and copying them !! select the copy and change its color. to access the color panel, select the new shape(s) and click on the little colored square in the top left corner. 

now,, what color do we make the shadow? 

in these icons, i make my shadow hue by copying the background color (go to “document colors” to find the bg color of the doc) and decreasing the original background’s brightness enough to make the subject “pop”. then, select your shadow and click “arrange” > “back”. now, offset the shadow– i generally just move it a tiny bit down and to the left of my subject. you’ll know when it looks right when the subject appears to have some depth.

8. add details to your subject !! here, you want to add anything on the surface of your subject !! some examples of things i have added to various subjects on this step are brand labels on stationery, lines on paper, buttons on a calculator,,, etc. play w it a bit !! 

9. (optional) add a shine to your icon or object! go to “elements” > “shapes”. i generally have my shape cut across the center of the object/icon at a diagonal, so the triangle or circle are usually the best to use for this !! select whichever u choose and change its color to white. then, change its transparency by clicking on the upper-right checkered button. i usually choose a transparency anywhere between 10% and 30% !!

10. save!

i hope that was helpful !! feel free to shoot me an ask/msg if u have any questions ♡

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Happy birthday, Taylor! ღ Could you possibly point me in the direction of a tutorial for how to make a banner/header that incorporates both an image and a gif? Thank you so much, lovely!

I think you can incorporate a gif into any header/banner if you know how to incorporate a gif into an image but here are some tutorials for making headers that you can just set the gif into it.

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I need to make a banner for a convention in a few days, but I just can't figure out what material to use to make one! I don't want to buy one for like $50+ just in case I want a different one for other cons once I see it! Please help!

Kiriska: My very first convention banner was acrylic paint and marker on a giant sheet of butcher paper. You can also try fabric paint on a plain fabric. If you’re feeling extra crafty and it fits your style, you can make some letters out of cardstock and hang them from string along the front of your table or from the two towers of a grid cube setup.

Nattosoup: I wrote a tutorial (on BuildaSign and standing banners to promote your comics) about this very thing!  I’ve written MULTIPLE tutorials :3  Like this one on multiple types of banners.  This tutorial is great- it covers making your own banners at home as well as ordering banners in various sizes.  And here’s one from my Artist Alley Essentials under $30 on inexpensive signage.

I work with Buildasign, usually pay around $20, and set my own grommets, and you can read all about that in my tutorial about multiple types of banners :3

Thanks to a request from a dear anon, here is how I made the two banners from the December’s Colours and Goals page from my journal. The pictures are dark because I took them at night, but otherwise I hope you like it! It’s pretty simple, I tried to break it down and explain as much as I could. :)

Ok so here’s the basic banner:

1. It’s better to draw in pencil first so you feel more safe, and even if you make a mistake, things work out. Use a ruler for better results! Draw a rectangle in the size you think looks better.

2. Draw two short parallel lines, one coming out of the middle of the box. The distance between the lines is the same as the height of your box. Connect the bottom line with the box.

3. Join the two parallel lines, and connect the bottom left dot of the the box with that bottom right corner, as shown bellow.

4. With the ruler and a black pen (or any of your preference really, I used a black Stabilo Fine 0.4 mm) go over the straight long lines.

5. And finish it off by hand, as shown bellow. It depends now: if you like banners rounder, don’t be so strict on the shape of lines and improvise, if you prefer straight clean banners, focus on the ruler work.

That’s it, well done!! The basic banner is perfect for one word subtitles/titles or topics.

This one was pretty simple. Now, the second one is the double banner! And it goes like this:

1. Repeat the previous banner.

2. Draw another rectangle but a bit bellow it and to the right. Preferably, with the same dimensions as the other one. (On insight, I drew the rectangle a little too much to the right. But try to put it where you feel it looks better.)

3. Remember the parallel lines and the connections? Do them in the right side of the box this time.

4. Now join the two rectangles with two diagonal lines, as shown bellow.

5. It’s ready now! Time to go over the straight lines with the pen and ruler.

6. By hand, go over the other ones.

7. To finish it off, paint the connection sections, shown bellow. 

And voilà!

That’s the tecnique, now it’s up to you! Don’t forget practice makes perfect, even if you suck at banners. Good luck!

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claudia i know you were gonna make a tutorial on how to make gif banners at some point have you made it yet? i've figured out how to do it with all black fonts but when i go to use a font like dk meshuggeneh it messes up it ends up just changing the black part of the font instead of the white part i'm using gimp 2.8 i've looked up tutorials but no one does one with fonts like dk meshuggeneh

using gimp and pixlr :)

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Requested by gabbiki back when I was still accepting sketch-requests in instagram! <3 Been wanting to draw these three actually, and I liked the request too much that I had to render it :p Hope you like it! <3 (SORRY FOR BEING SLOOOW)

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I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. What kind of diys do you have for that? Thanks!

Sure thing, here are some of my recommendations:

DIY Harry Potter Wall Art

If you need some fandom-fueled motivation in your life, this might be a fine addition to your room or office.

DIY Harry Potter Cardboard Mirror of Erised

If you’ve got the time, the resources, the room, and most importantly, the motivation (maybe with the help of the wall art above?), this would be more than awesome to have in the house. Greet your guests with this. Why not?

DIY Feather Pen

Ink pots and spills not required. 

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

If you enjoy my blog and would like to support me further, my Amazon Wish List is available here!

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Your graphics are so cool!!<3 May I ask how you make them? I'm trying to make some banners for studyblr masterposts but I have no idea where to start~ thanks!! ♪( ´▽`)

hello, thank you!! (*~▽~) i use photoshop cs5. here’s a tutorial-thing on how i made the icons:

I HOPE THIS HELPS EVEN A BIT have fun making banners!! i look forward to seeing your masterposts around ♫꒰•‿•๑꒱

hello again, i see a lot of newbies who are trying to be succesful on the studyblr community, even us who are been here for more than a year, sometimes we have strugles on waht to post and we don’t have any idea.
i see that they want to post their original contect, but they don’t know what to post, really you don’t need nothing expensive, fancy or aestheticaly pleasing, because you are starting and learning about it the community, but if you already have all that “studyblr essentials” (i don’ judge if you want to get it, i just get muji pens and mildliners, and i love them) use them to your favor.
you don’t need a pretty neat handwriting, mine is not neat, and you can practice, practice and practice to make it perfect (for you, not for me)

but the point on this blog is, that i make a list of some ideas, that you can do to create your own original posts, and get people to know you.
the first and more important tips is: we want to know about your day, about you, we love that, i do love it

here are some simple ideas for you

-planner/bullet journal
-study space
-planner essentials
-study essentials
-favorite books
-what’s on my pencil case?
-what’s on my backpack?
-planner routine
-cute notes
-favorite pens, pencils and why?
-any tip that help you to study
-relaxing tips
-coffee or tea
-favorite studyblr blogs
-diy project
-mind maps
-back to school haul
-favorite apps
-banner/decor tutorial
-coffee shop date
-study guides
-flash cards
-post it notes
-a review
-color coding
-organization tip
-productivity videos
-healthy study snack
-your bedroom or dorm

i hope all this can help you, it help me sometimes so i know what to show you.
all the love. t.
Tutorial: legacy banner

Since it’s been highly requested, here’s a little tutorial that shows how I made my legacy banner! It’s a pretty simple one but hopefully some of you find it helpful.

This tutorial uses Photoshop CC but should work with most other versions of Photoshop. If you use or gimp, you may be able to produce a similar result, but the keyboard shortcuts, etc. will be different.

Step 1: draw your shape

Here I’ve used the Rectangular Marquee Mool (M) to select roughly half of my canvas. Once you do that, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, name your layer, and select the color you’d like to use.

Step 2: add the border

This is the part that made the tutorial take so long - I was sure there was a more elegant way to do this than I’ve used here but well, at least it works.

Draw a box with the Rectangle Tool (U) that goes slightly around the original box you drew, then use shape options from the top bar on the photo above, and from the photo below to match your dotted border to mine (or change it as you see fit!).

Like I said, not very elegant, but at least it works!

Step 3: add a pattern (optional)

If don’t want to add a pattern to your shape, skip to step 4.

CTRL + click on your shape’s thumbnail in the layers panel to select the shape. You should have the “marching ants” around your shape as in the picture above. With the selection active, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern, to create a pattern layer in the same area as your shape.

Once you’ve created your pattern layer, set it to a layer style like Multiply, Overlay, or Soft Light, depending on how you would like the colors of the pattern to show through. Try a couple layer styles out just to see which looks best. Here I’ve chosen Multiply.

Step 4: add your text

If you’ve ever used the Type Tool (T) in photoshop before, this is a piece of cake! Simply type out the words you’d like to use on the banner, then use the text options on the top banner to choose your typeface, font size, and color!


You’ve successfully created your very own legacy banner. Now just save the file as a .png to keep the background transparent, and you’re good to go!

Hopefully, this helps some of you make your own banners! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Alright guys, I’ve finally made a big note-taking guide! I had some extra time this afternoon, so I sat down with some Arrested Development and made this. This guide was made with my new Staedtler pens, which are a treat to work with! It’s not a guide on how to take notes with good content, just notes that are visually appealing. :)

Also, I learned a lot of what I know about note-taking from other studyblrs, so I’ve linked some of their tutorials down below.

Title fonts: I’ve been doing the blocky text for a while now but recently I found this tutorial on fonts from pensandmachine, which made me want to try that cursive font and explains how to write fun fonts really well.

Banners: I don’t remember where I first learned how to make banners, but this tutorial from othertypist is incredible for drawing a bunch of different banners.

Brackets/Underlines: A google image search for “fancy underline,” “fancy swirl,” or “fancy bracket” is your best friend here. There are an incredible number of different things to check out.

I hope this helped someone take more fun notes! I had a great time making it. :) And a huge thank you to all the other studyblrs out there who have been my inspiration and my guides in becoming better at studying every day. 


I was asked by someone in Instagram to make a tutorial on banners and headers. Since I’m not that good with words, I decided to show you guys how to do it instead. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope that you find it useful. :)


Tutorial on how to make a really nice futuristic banner~ Hope it’s going to be useful!


Great video on Wavedashing via Super Smash Academy


Procrastinating with the essay I have to write so I decided to take a leaf out of since-he-was-eighteen‘s book and make a banner! 

Here is her tutorial: