banner submission

Imagine if Loki accidentally turned himself into a bunny through some sort of magical mishap, and, not being able to properly care for himself, he kind of awkwardly nibbles on things and writes out what happened with the shreddings.

Tony is in hysterics, Bruce is really curious as to how the mighty trickster got himself into the predicament, Natasha is snapping photos like crazy, Steve and Bucky don’t know what to do, and Clint is being a malicious little shit and talking about how tasty fresh rabbit was in a stew.

To everyone’s great amusement, Thor seems to be the only one concerned with Loki’s strife. Not only that, but he’s also the only one who knows how to properly care for his rabbit-brother.

The only thing is: Thor constantly wants to dress Loki up in cuteie-patootie costumes like a mini sailor uniform, a tiny nurse/doctor, policeman, etc. And to everyone’s even greater shock and bemusement, Loki actually /let’s/ Thor dress him up in the cute little outfits. He shows clear favoritism to the ones that involve large bows around his neck.


Submitted by anon; Helloooo fellow Brit! <3


  • Loki: Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Bruce: Yes.
  • Loki: I was hula-hooping. Thor and I attend a class for fitness and for fun.
  • Bruce: Oh my God.
  • Loki: I've mastered all the moves. The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.
  • Bruce: Why are you telling me this?
  • Loki: Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Bruce: You sick son of a bitch.
  • Steve: Why did you even rope me into this?
  • Pietro: [points at Wanda] 'Cuz she roped me into this!
  • Wanda: [points at Clint] Well, him over there, he roped me into this!
  • Clint: [points at Nat] Well, she roped me into this!
  • Natasha: [points at Bruce] What about me? He—he roped me into this!
  • Bruce: [points at Tony] Well, that one over there roped me into this!