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Marvel Netflix shows we need:

  • Black Widow
  • Hawkeye
  • Howling Commandos
  • Maria Hill
  • Coulson
  • Loki
  • Falcon
  • Peggy Carter (I know we had a show about her, but we need more!)
  • Hulk
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
  • Steve and Bucky’s life before the war
  • Bucky’s life during Hydra (dark and sad I know.)
  • Budapest
One Last Goodbye (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengera

Warnings: Death, mourning. 

SUPER SAD!!!!!!!

Request: hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x avengers where the reader died during a mission. Fury give Tony a USB key and told him to watch the video with the rest of the avengers. on the video the reader is talking about how much she loved them and tells each avenger little facts that she loved about them and she thanks them for being her family. I don’t know if that make sense.. sorry I’m french :) thank you if you write my request. bye, I love you xx

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It had been a month.

You had gone on a mission alone. They didn’t have a specific time for you to come back, and you were undercover, so the avengers didn’t bat an eyelid when you didn’t call in and didn’t come back in over a month. But then they heard the news.

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Rhodey (Not writing for this character anymore)
Scott (Not writing for this character anymore)

AGENTS OF SHIELD  (Not writing for this character anymore)


AGENT CARTER  (Not writing for this character anymore)

DEADPOOL (Not writing for this character anymore)


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Preference #1

How he reacts to seeing you for the first time:













I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for stories where Clint and Phil fall in love when Clint gets caught in a building collapse or something (I made a cave collapse around him once) and then gets pulled out by his teammates and there’s lots of hand-wringing at the hospital but he’s okay and Phil is the one who worries the most, and when Clint wakes up and sees Phil sitting by his bedside all exhausted with worry he just falls right then and there in love.

I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for stories where Clint helps Bucky rejoin the world and they fall in love over video games and pizza and angry shooting range sessions.

I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for stories where Clint and Bruce are hanging out saying nothing to each other for months until they both realize they love hanging out and being quiet with each other and they start playing chess together or fixing each other tea and one day they both realize that they’re in love with each other because they can be quiet and still feel loved.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Natasha fall in love over the span of YEARS and then realize that it’s safe to be in love with each other, that the world is not going to kill them dead for allowing themselves this one thing.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Tony fall in love over late nights in Tony’s lab listening to too loud rock classics and trying to one-up each other in their various skill-sets (”So what you just invented a new element - look what I can do with a dart”).

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Laura fall in love over long nights in their favorite diner, drinking coffee and laughing and reassuring each other that they both deserve to fall in love despite what the world has told them.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Maria Hill fall in love over the course of SHIELD ops and safe houses and pulling each other out of fires and then collapsing on her office couch and curling up together to remind each other that even with their crazy SHIELD life they can carve out a chance to love each other.

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Steve fall in love over long motorcycle rides in the middle of the night, where Clint can wrap his arms around Steve’s waist and feel safe. Where Steve can confess to be overwhelmed in this new, modern world and know that Clint will show him the way and not make him feel like an idiot (except when he’s joking and trying to make Steve smile again).

I gotta admit, I love stories where Clint and Sam fall in love over long walks in Central Park and watching kids play on the rocks. Where they drink coffee and reassure each other that losing people doesn’t mean they can’t find love, and playing laser tag with someone who will laugh louder and harder than you might mean true love.

I gotta admit, I just really like Clint Barton falling in love.

Masterlist: The Avengers


Preference #1 - His/her face when he/she meets you
Preference #2 - How he/she tries to impress you
Preference #3 - When you make him/her smile
Preference #4 - How he/she kisses you
Preference #5 - When he/she is nervous around you
Preference #6 - When he/she sees you crying after a fight
Preference #7 - How he/she cheers  you up after a bad day
Preference #8 - When he/she sees someone else flirting with you
Preference #9 - How he/she hugs you
Preference #10 - How he/she makes you feel beautiful
Preference #11 - Your first date


Steve Rogers

Nice to Meet You

Pietro Maximoff

Dying to Be Alive

Wanda Maximoff


Show Me Love 10

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Awkward family dinners and Christmas day celebrations.  There’s nothing like the holidays.

Warnings: FLUFF, Maria is such a mom, Reader family fluff, CHRISTMAS, did I mention fluff?

A/N: More teeth rotting fluff!!  Though it isn’t anything like I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus.  I’m a sucker for this family, honestly.

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⬅️⬅️PART 9 ||| PART 11➡️➡️

Settling in was quick enough, and after quick - unfortunately, separate - showers to wash the feeling on airplane off of you, the two of you descended the stairs.  The table was already set while Peter and your father watched some documentary on TV.  Their voices carried through the house as the two geniuses discussed different theories and God knows what else, you could never quite keep up with them.  Neither could your mother, which is exactly why you found her in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.

“There you are!”  She chirps, pushing herself off of the counter to hand you each a glass.  “They’re at it again.”  She sighs, shaking her head with a smile and you find yourself swept up in her mirth.  You were beyond happy to be home with them to care if they were talking complete gibberish.  “All right boys, dinner!”  She announced.

Protests erupted from the living room, whines of ‘mooooom’ and ‘c’mon, Hillie’ prompting your mom to only raise an eyebrow.  Not a second later, the TV went black as it powered off and they made their way over.

The family fell into a natural rhythm quickly, speaking as if you hadn’t spent any time apart.  Your father asked about classes, your brother sheepishly asked about Natasha - to which your mother rolled her eyes.  Peter blushed horribly as Bucky broke out into uproarious laughter at his question.  He only mumbles something along the lines of ‘she’s like a sister to me!’ which convinces absolutely no one.  Your mother’s questions are slightly more pressing.

“So, how did the two of you meet?”

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unamedwatcher  asked:

At some point, assuming you haven't already, could you show us all your custom tsums and tell us who they're based on? Please and thank you. 😀

Sure thing!

Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and Quicksilver were made with a resin cast of Captain America. The Iron Man armors are obviously made with Iron Man (I get a lot of spare Iron Mans, so I just repaint them for variation.) The Destroyer is made from Giant-Man. Mr. Tiddles (Black Panther’s cat from the LEGO games) is made from Figaro. Ragnarok and Beta-Ray Bill are made from Thor, naturally. Scarlet Witch is made from Alice. Bruce Banner is made from Hulk. And MCU Vision is made from Classic Vision.

Ok but imagine Steve drawing his friends with wings tho

Of course he draws Sam with falcon-style wings. He apologizes for being so unimaginative, but Sam is pretty tickled regardless (Steve put a lot of work into making the wings realistic but badass) and puts it up on his fridge with his favorite magnet.

For Nat he goes with bat-style wings, since spiders don’t have wings and bats are along the same “vaguely sinister and misunderstood but totally amazing animal” line as spiders. Nat doesn’t say anything, but totally frames it and gives it to Clint and Laura for safekeeping. Eventually Steve steals the drawing back, and sketches in Clint with hawk’s wings, and Laura with magpie’s, and the kids with little hummingbird wings.

When Peggy dies, as a gift to her descendants, he draws her in heaven with angel wings; radiant white with full feathers, but they are huge and spread out behind her back, impressive and welcoming and intimidating all at once.

He draws Pietro with angel wings too (less stately but not as a joke either), as a gift to Wanda, whom he’ll draw with dragonfly wings. He did think of angel wings for Vision, as well, but ultimately sketches him with the wings of a butterfly. Thor gets dragon wings at first, and in later sketches he’s drawn after the winged creatures of Asgard. Bruce gets the wings of a bumblebee. Nick is drawn with the wings of a raven, and Maria with those of a crow.

To Tony he’ll give the wings and tail feathers of a peacock. Sometimes these are caricatures when he thinks Tony is being a douche, but other times he takes great care with the colors and plumage, and though Tony is flippant and sarcastic about it he sets his favorite sketch as his computer background. (Pepper is sometimes drawn in as an exasperated peahen.)

And Bucky? He draws Bucky with the wings of a phoenix. Some of his sketches are of a poor mangled half-skeletal bird-person drowning in a pile of ashes; those are their bad days. But on their good days, his sketches show Bucky aglow in orange and red, his wings fanned out triumphantly around him like a fiery halo. He puts the best one somewhere Bucky can easily see it, for those days when he needs a reminder of how far he’s come.

Then someone–he doesn’t know who–leaves him a sketch of himself as an eagle, and while he laughs because haha patriotism yes, there’s so much dignity invested in the drawing that he can’t help but feel a little more secure in how he thinks people perceive him, a little more proud of his identity not just as a symbol, but as a man of integrity.


Imagine the Avengers adopting You

You are two when the Avengers find you in an abandoned lab. You have unstable powers over emotions. With a simple touch you can make anyone feel any emotion you want. This makes it impossible for you to e placed in a normal orphanage.

So the Avengers adopt you.

On your fifth birthday Clint attempts at babysitting you.

On your sixth birthday Natasha shows you an empty room and invites you to decorate it however you want.

On your eighth birthday you pick up Thor’s hammer to get to a magazine underneath.

On your tenth birthday Steve takes you to a cafe and you both enjoy a quiet day together.

On your thirteenth birthday Bruce is finally comfortable enough to be around you.

On your fifteenth birthday you play poker with Maria and win.

On your twentieth birthday you get Nick Fury to laugh.

On your twenty first birthday Tony takes you out for drinks.

On your twenty fifth birthday Wanda has finally taught you complete control over your powers.

Show Me Love 9

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader


When you’ve got to keep your relationship a secret, the holidays can be a bit stressful

Warnings: FLUFFFFF, mentions of smut but like barely, a teensy bit of angst, aaaaaaand your parents are here!!!  Do you recognize them? 😜

A/N: This one is massive, just FYI. Like and this is just half of it.  I had to cut this into two parts. I can’t control myself when it comes to weaving in our MCU favorites, so enjoy my little crack family I’ve given you!!  Also, just LOOK at Seb in this gif.  He makes my heart do funny things and I can’t with his perfect smile.  FUCK.

IMPORTANT: My tag list in changing.  Go here for further instruction or risk losing out on my updates!!!

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⬅️⬅️PART 8 ||| PART 10➡️➡️

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To say the following weeks were a dream come true would be a grotesque understatement.

After grabbing coffee with Bucky that day the two of you defiled a classroom, you became practically inseparable.

You would hang out in his office studying when he was teaching classes, and when he wasn’t his hands and lips were all over you.  You’d had a rule, no sex in the office, but that went to shit after the stunt you pulled the day Tony walked in.  You lived for these private moments when you could love on each other without the fear of judgment from others.  Here you could be free to sit side by side, Bucky’s fingers grazing your arm unconsciously as the two of you worked.

Lectures were spent with two of you making bedroom eyes at each other - a fact that Natasha so excitedly pointed out on many occasions.  No one shipped the two of you harder than your best friend.  She would sigh dreamily whenever you told her of your dates, and the time he’d slipped a rose in your bag when you weren’t looking.  Of course, you made her and Wanda promise that no one else could know and you trusted them with your life.

Outside of these walls, you had to be more careful.  If you went on a date, it had to be a place that was believable where the two of you could just randomly run into each other and decide to catch up.  One of you would always arrive at a coffee shop or movie first, then the other would join, acting as if the encounter was completely unexpected.

These outings were stressful, with one of you always checking over the other’s shoulder anxiously.  Often, they would include some sort of small spat, but it was nothing that could derail the feelings you had for each other.

Contact was strictly off limits, as was blatant flirting, but you liked to push your luck.  If the table had a cloth that hid your legs, you would let your foot slide up Bucky’s legs, sometimes even being bold enough to kick off a shoe and stroke him with your bare foot through his pants.

The look he would give you would say it all, and you would find yourself looking forward to when he could get you alone.

The decision to move in together shocked both of you.  You were making coffee one October morning before class in nothing but one of Bucky’s shirts when strong arms wound around you.  “Good morning, handsome.”  A hum vibrated through your skin as he kissed your shoulder.

“Mornin’, gorgeous.”  He whispered.  “I could get used to this.”  You giggled as he grew closer, pressing his hard torso up against your back.  You press a kiss to his hair before wiggling your way out of his arms and making your way to the table.

“Yeah, well I’ve got to go home sometimes.”  You tease, sitting down.

“Well, maybe you don’t have to?”  You cast your eyes up to your shirtless boyfriend and smirk, knowing the article of clothing that he’s missing is currently adorning your otherwise naked body.

“Bucky, I do!  My clothes are there!  Plus Natasha would kill me, how am I supposed to do my part of the cleaning, and then there’s the lease, and -”

“What if this was your home?”  He spit out.

That rendered you speechless.

“What?”  The shock that you were sure was etched all over your face adorned Buck’s as well as the words registered in his own mind.

“What…if this was your home?”  He asked again, more sure this time.  His firm figure moved closer, but you remained rooted in your chair.  Chills erupted over you as he leaned down to your level, thick arms caging you on either side of your body.

“Buck, what are you saying?”  Your question lands upon the lips that are so close to yours.  A beat passes as you breathe each other’s air.

“Doll…I guess I’m asking if you’d want to move in with me.”  An answer isn’t spoken allowed, but the kiss you gift him with is answer enough.  It’s a sweet, sensual gesture that takes your breath away.

Never having enough of each other, Bucky drapes you over the table where you christen your now shared furniture.

Natasha certainly wasn’t pleased at first, but after promising that you’d sleep over all the time calmed her down quickly enough.  As did Wanda volunteering to pick up your lease and move in with the red head.  Many a girl’s nights were had after that, resulting in Bucky whining comically that the point of moving in was to actually live together.  

The nights alone shut him right up.

You realize very early on in your secret relationship that the holidays were challenging.

When Halloween rolled around, you were a little disappointed that you and Bucky couldn’t match. It would be a dead giveaway. You’d both agreed.  So instead you attended the campus Halloween party for the first time since your undergrad years just to spend some time with him.  You had to bide your time, making sure not to spend too much time alone what with Tony’s watchful eye and all.

For Thanksgiving, he gently turned down your invite to the Friendsgiving celebration at your apartment with Nat, Wanda, and their men. I already promised Steve and Sam I’d celebrate with them.  I’d invite you, but…  Dead giveaway.

You’d frowned at him, explaining that Natasha knew, so why couldn’t Steve?  The fight that followed left you crying alone in Bucky’s room while he spent the evening on the couch.  Friendsgiving was tough too as you were the only friend there alone.

Your wine was great company, though.

As Christmas rolled around, you realized two things. One: Your classes would be ending very soon, and you would no longer have a class with Bucky.  Two: You were going home for Christmas.

After what happened at Thanksgiving, you were nervous to broach the subject of holiday plans.  The two of you had let your families know you were going to be staying in town this year but didn’t tell them why.  Your mother was less than pleased, but you loved Bucky enough that a quiet Christmas in with him would be enough for you.  That didn’t quell the heart ache when your brother called and asked when you’d be coming home.  And it seemed that everything you and Buck did together only brought it to the forefront of your mind.  It was when the two of you were decorating the Christmas Tree that Bucky asked.

“So what’re we doing for Christmas, babe?”  He asked nonchalantly as if the last time the subject was brought up didn’t end in your biggest fight to date.

“I…I uh, dunno.  We could make hot chocolate and rent a movie or something.” You mumbled, continuing to hang ornaments.  “I didn’t think we’d do anything too big.”

“Why wouldn’t we?”  He chuckled but was silenced when you only glared in response.  “Right…Thanksgiving.”


“Look, Doll…I’m really sorry.  I just don’t want to lose you.”  You glanced at him, sighing when you saw him putting down ornaments and turning his attention to you.  Seemed the decorating would be abandoned for now.

“I’m not going anywhere, you nut.”  You teased, poking his nose.  When his serious demeanor didn’t drop, you knew he wasn’t playing.  “Why would you lose me?”

“Y/N, you know why.  Tony is very clear on his stance on student-teacher relationships.  I could lose both you and my job.”

Well, you certainly didn’t want that.

“How do you typically spend Christmas?”  He asks, quickly moving the conversation on from your terrible moment of reality.

“Uh, I go home.  Spend it with my parents and brother.  Sometimes more of my family comes over if weather and work permit.  What about you?”

“I spend it with Steve’s family.”  He mumbles with a soft smile.  “My parents died awhile back, so Steve’s mom has opened their doors to me and mine.”  He says, punctuating that last bit with a heated glance toward you.  

You ignore the shiver it sends down your spine.

“This year it’ll be Sarah, Steve, and Sharon.” You both giggled at the way he overexaggerates the S’s in each name.

“Oh?  Where’s that at?”  You ask, returning to the task at hand.  Chuckling at the perfect timing, Bucky turns the ornament in his hand to face you.

“Brooklyn.”  The city stares back at you as the Brooklyn ornament dangles between his fingers, and you can just feel your face light up.

“Wh-no way!  My parents live like 30 minutes out of the city!”

“No shit, doll?” He muses with a smirk as his face mirrors your own excitement.  You nod enthusiastically before choking the question down.  There was no way you could ask him.  “Well…if you wanted…maybe we could spend a couple days with your family?  And a couple with Steve?”

“You…you want Steve to know?”

“Doll, I want the world to know.” He breathes, sweeping you into his arms and pressing his lips softly against your own.  “We just have to wait a couple of months, just until you graduate.  How could I face my best girl if I lost my job?”

You feel like you can hear the ‘I love you’ begging to fall off his lips, but before he can say anything else, he bites his bottom lip and looks down at you.

“Doll, I want you to meet my family.  And I want to meet yours.”

“Then I’ll call my mom tonight and let her know.”  And with that, you press a kiss to the lips he had just been worrying at with his perfect teeth to bound off and fetch your phone.

Suitcases: waiting in baggage claim.  

Flight: landed. 

Family: awaiting your arrival.  

Nerves: on. fucking. fire.

The call home had been rather painless, and your mother was overjoyed that you would be coming home after all, though she had a funny way of showing it.

“Oh, so now you want to see your mother?  What makes you so sure she wants to see you?”  You groaned loudly into the receiver, dropping flat onto the bed.

“Oh my god, mom.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it at first! I’m sorry.”

“Uh-huh.  Why wouldn’t you have been?  You’ve always come home for Christmas, even the year there was that blizzard.”  You bit your lip, feeling your heart pick up as you neared your confession.

“Well I wasn’t sure, my plans have never been split before.”  You can almost see the way you know she’s squinting her eyes suspiciously.

“Split?  What do you mean ‘split’?  Are you bringing Natasha down?”  You’re almost hesitant to squash her hopes when she brings up Nat.

“Mom, I’ve, uh…met someone.”

The line is absolutely dead for a few moments as you bite your lip.


“You’re bringing his ass down here, right?  I get to meet the man who’s stolen my baby?”  The short clipped down has you barking with laughter, and you can just see the look on your mother’s face.

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“Yes, Maria, he’s coming with me.  And I’m not your baby!  I’m the oldest!”  Bucky chuckles as he passes you, catching only this line of banter with your mother.  She ignores your quip and moves on.

“Well good, maybe now Peter will stop moping around the damn house all day.  You really upset him, you know?”

“I know.”  You sniffle, fighting the swell of guilt.  “But could you not tell him?  I want it to be a surprise.”

“Sure, why not let him suffer some more?”  You both laugh loudly at that, shaking your head.  “Your dad’s gonna shit, his little girl bringing a man home.  So I’ll see you when you get in?  Do you need a ride from the airport?”

“Nah, we’re flying in on Christmas Eve, we’ll just grab a cab.  Love you, mom.  Can’t wait to see you.”

“Love you too, be safe Y/N.”

You drummed your fingers on your thigh as the cab entered your neighborhood.  You still had about five minutes, but you simultaneously anticipated and dreaded the moment that Bucky met your parents.  They would pick up on the age gap quickly, there was no doubt about that.

You also dreaded the moment that your brother would get his hands on Buck.  He could be such a little twerp when he wanted to be, and he had an uncanny way of getting under your skin…but you loved him, and you honestly couldn’t wait for him to meet the love of your life your boyfriend.  Aside from Nat and Wanda, he was your best friend.

When he finally decided he couldn’t take it anymore, Bucky reached over and squeezed your hand.

“I can hear you thinking.”  He chuckles, pressing his lips to your knuckles.  “It’ll be fine.”

“I know…I just can’t help but worry.  Besides, my family can be…a lot.”  His low rumble of laughter fills the cab.

“So  can mine.”  Your eyes find his, and instantly you feel the butterflies in your stomach dissipate.  You knew that everything would be alright.

“This is it.”  You alerted the cabby, fishing out your wallet.  A large hand on yours stilled your actions as Bucky handed his cash over.  With a wink, he stepped out into the cold New York air and busied himself with retrieving your bags.  You glanced up at the house, noting both cars were home.  A large smile broke out over your face as the door opened and out stepped your mother.  “Mom!”

“Y/N!”  She cried, open arms catching you as you practically tackled her to the ground.  Behind you, Bucky approached.  When you pulled away from her, you gestured to Bucky “Mom, this is my boyfriend, Bucky.  Buck, this is my mom, Maria Hill.”

At the sound of his nickname, you were gifted with the signature arched brow of Maria Hill.

“James Barnes, ma’am.  It’s so wonderful to meet you. If you don’t mind me asking -”  He began, gesturing to the two of you.  “Your last names?”

“When you run a major organization, Mr. Barnes, you don’t want to get into a name change.  Believe me.  Hill’s the maiden name and the Mr.’s inside.  C’mon, I’ll introduce you.”  Two sets of hands stooped down for the suitcases, but before your mom could even hope to help, Bucky was scooping them up all on his own with a smile.

“Lead on!”  The look your mom passed you could only be classified as nothing short of delighted.  Stepping inside, she gestured for the two of you to follow and shut the door behind you.

“Babe!”  She called out. “Come here, YN’s home!”  Before you could take two steps inside you heard the heavy footfalls of your little brother.

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

“Mom? Did you just say-”  Peter shouted, coming to a skidding halt at the top of the stairs.  “Y/N!!”  Before anyone could react, the lanky teen bounded down two steps before launching himself over the banister only to land right in front of you.  Strong arms wound around you before hoisting you into the air.  “I thought you weren’t coming home?”

“Peter!”  You cried, throwing your arms around your brother.  “Surprise!”  The two of you were all smiles as he set you down, his eyes suddenly meeting Bucky.  When he cocked an eyebrow at you, you introduced the two.

“Hey, sorry Hillie, I was in the garage.  What did you-” Wide eyes caught yours from behind thin glasses, and you couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face.  

“My daughter’s home.” Your father mumbled quietly, taking a moment to process the fact that you were standing right in front of him even after you told him you wouldn’t be home this Christmas.  “Hillie!  Y/N’s home!”  He shouted, the shock finally catching up to him as he lunged for you, his arms wrapping around you immediately.  “Oh, how’s my girl?”

“Hi, Dad.”  You huffed as the air was squeezed out of you.  You were not gonna tear up, nope.  Not gonna tear up.  “Uh, Dad, there’s someone I want you to meet.”  You began, pulling away from the much-needed Dad hug.  “Dad,  this is…my boyfriend.”

It was like the very air had been sucked out of the room as your dad turned to the man in question.  As your dad approached him, Peter scooted his way to your side, taking your father’s place.

“Bruce Banner.”  He offered shortly, extending his hand.

“James Barnes, sir.”  Beside you, Peter snickered until you elbowed him in the ribs and shushed him with a finger against your lips.  Bruce grunted in acknowledgment, glancing between the two of you.

“Oh, Bruce, knock it off.”  You mom finally cuts in, smacking his hand away from Bucky’s.  “You’re not nearly as scary as you think.”  She winked at you and your brother, causing the whole family to giggle.  Bucky, bless his soul, was standing there looking lost.  “C’mon tough guy, let me show the lovebirds to their room.”  Raising an eyebrow at your mother, you followed, not daring to ask the question in front of your father.

“You two will stay in your room.”  She said as she opened the door for Bucky.  “I would put one of you in the guest room, but my sister’s coming in.  Besides, we’re all adults here.  You two can do whatever you want.”  She pinned Bucky with a hard stare, and at that moment she was far scarier than your father had been.  “Just not under my roof.  Clear?”

“Crystal.”  Bucky choked out.

“Wait, Pepper’s coming in?”  You asked eager to move on from the tension hanging heavily in the room.

“Yup!  She’ll be in sometime this week, probably after Christmas.  She’s swamped at work.  Anyway!”  She clapped suddenly, causing the two of you to jump at her sudden shift in mood.  "Dinner’s at 8!  Don’t,”  She warned, eyes finding your boyfriend once more.  “Be. Late.”  And with that she was out the door, leaving it open behind her.

“…I think they like you!”



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