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also i’ve been thinking about writing some marvel one shots because i’d die for any of the current mcu (except thanos fuck that guy) so if you have anything you want to see or some suggestions feel free to message me!! (yall know i’m writing something about good ole’ sparkles here tho… look at those arms)

Nine Lords gave their final breath,

Nine were taken by the stain,

Nine Lords died the second death,

And only I remained.

Long they lingered in time-lost tombs;

Now at last, the Tenth returns, 

To seal the shadow that consumes,

And re-forge a Light that ever burns.

The strong shall stand, heads held high,

Despite the Darkness drawing near,

When Iron shines before the blight,

The Dark will quake with fear.

Sorrow-forged from kindred slain,

Gold it blazed with heart-ache’s flame.

Now begins its second reign:

Our brightest Iron will rise again.

- The Second Forging // Lord Saladin